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Buen aprendizaje de nómina y SAP system

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Buen ambiente laboral, cultura empresarial positiva y enfocada al trabajador. Salarios muy bajos de la media en Praga.
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a job

It was a decent job your typical customer service setting answering questions regarding payroll entries and benefits. My manager was good the workplace culture was good you learn a lot while working in this industry.
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Excellent Growth Opportunities

There is a ton of internal mobility opportunities. The training programs are phenomenal. They have a problem with hiring HR professionals and then treating them like call center employees and micromanaging them.
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Fun work environment

ADP is definitely a good place to get your foot in the door and start a professional career. A very fun environment but work can be hard at times. However it is a work hard, play hard atmosphere.
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Not the best but not the worst

ADP has an old-school office feel where everyone is encouraged to stay in their lane. When I was there, they took down the cubicle walls and replaced them with little partitions so everyone could see and hear what everyone else was doing. Not a lot of privacy or opportunity to fully focus on detailed work.
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Looks good on resume

Worked as an intern. Project manager seemed to have a power struggle at times and was not always clear on objectives. Projects were somewhat meaningful and I had the chance to boost my presentation skills. Company looks good on the resume.
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Great workplace and excellent team environment

When ADP came to Phoenix, I was hired as a bilingual tech support technician and I loved working there. At the beginning we were given enough time to solve customer problems and all was perfect. Two years down the road and a change of management and it became a regular call center with ridiculous metrics and everything changed.
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It was a hybrid role

It was a good way to learn about sales however some managers were lacking in their training and compensation is entry level. Good benefits, high matching 401k
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Great Support

I never feel alone on an island - leadership is always willing to step in and assist. I have a great work life balance. I am in charge of how I structure my day.


work life balance


hard to sell
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Great foundation to move on from

ADP is a dated PR technology company. It has best of breed sales training and set me up for success. I do not regret working here but do realize I should have left for better, sooner.
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Solid job but can be overwhelming

Account managers are expected to have a very good understanding about pretty much everything that goes on. Job can be a bit call center like at times and it will be overwhelming. Overall not a bad job and management seems to care about employees
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Great work environment

Great work culture. Fast paced environment but the support from above and fellow coworkers makes it all that much easier to thrive!! Highly recommend!
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Great Company

ADP has a great company culture that rewards performance and encourages career growth. I appreciated the flexibility of management for allowing me to work remotely after moving out of state.
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good company to work, good work life balance and learning, nice workculture and provides cab facility and allowances for different shifts, its good company for freshers.
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They will play favorites and that will affect your sale territories. Must keep up with sales quotas or they will let you go. No thorough training, especially in payroll and tax law, so you are left on your own if a client has too many questions.
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Heavy workloads

Little help from peers. Unmanageable workload. Very little client interaction, more of a call center type job. Management is your best friend as long as you are making them money
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Nice place to work overall good experience

Good experience but I did not receive growth so bit disappointed Employee centric But sometimes due to wrong leaders you are frustrated and leaders change a lot


Free meals on several occasions
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Low pay, low promotions

The company makes a point when you are hired that they promote within when that's not truly the case. New job openings are hush hush and by the time you know about them, most of your co-workers are already interviewing. Those that do get management promotions are unqualified.
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ADP is continuously innovating and has really good management at the top.

Long commute to Roseland didn't help. People are professional and helpful. However, it was difficult getting to know people and collaborate on projects. Always seemed like the work I submitted just disappeared, never got any feedbackj.


Good established company, good upper management


Lack of communication among employees on team.
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Great workplace culture!

Leadership is very supportive of new moms and moms with young kids. New moms get 45mins to pump. And this is aside from your regular lunch time and the two 15min breaks.
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Solid company with great people

I love the fact that I can proudly explain what I do and what my company does to my toddler or my grandmother. ADP has a straightforward business model that touches millions of families around the world. Work can be challenging but there's always a strong support network around you. The pay is fair once you adjust for low risk and high work life balance.
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