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Diversidad cultural y oportunidades de crecimiento professional.
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Great place to work

A lot of incentives and perks as an accenture employee since i’ve been with this company year 2018 until present. Also the managers are good as well as with the Team leads
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Its been just 2 weeks that i joined Training is going on wellLets see how every goes ahead They take time to solve the query if you have any . Overall
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Do care about employees. You are only your ID #

Been with company MANY MANY years and people who walk in the door make more than me. No OT. No paid holidays. Expected to use PTO on holidays. So much more stuff I could say but I'm not wasting anymore time.
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It's a great company to work in.

A typical day has calls and task assignment.The day can be smooth depending upon no production issues.It's a good place overall to work in. I have been in the same project for 2 years now. The client is also good.


Benefits and compensation (sometimes)


No promotion if no visibility
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Un ambiente de trabajo bastante acogedor y profesional

Trabajar allí supone una gran diferencia con respecto a otras empresas Muy amables tanto los jefes como los empleados/as
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Good Place

t's been an incredible journey over the past year, and I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this wonderful company. The warmth and camaraderie among the team have made each day a joy, and I feel a genuine sense of belonging here.
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Fun working place

Good for beginners and very friendly environment there a lot has to learn from it I recommend everyone to join Accenture as it is very good for learning and a best place for self learner go for it
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Great management

Great benefits. I was fortunate enough to have great managers and colleagues. This is a great company if you want to start out and build your CV. A lot of learning opportunities.
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Great environment, great people, great system

It’s a great place to work at. If you see a problem and report it to your leads, they will fix it. They make you feel like you matter. The job is challenging and it takes a while to get used to, but the rewards are worth it.
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Great coworkers and interesting assignments

Talented co-workers and excellent training if you can get it accomplished while maintaining your billable % required. We work on all the cool projects, truth is we are passionate workaholics
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Empresa boa com alguns adendos

A empresa têm bons beneficios e cultura de um modo geral. O que me pega é a avaliação anual. Processo extremamente cansativo e chato, pegam no seu pé por qualquer coisa, que muitas vezes nem é um problema crítico. Você não consegue se defender em nada, se você têm uma avaliação ruim porque simplesmente inventaram alguma coisa para falar mau de você, você simplesmente tem que aceitar e "tentar" melhorar e eles te arrancam todo o bonus de final de ano como uma maneira de te castigar. Como se não fosse pouco, te trocam de projeto, colocam em um projeto mais difícil ainda para você performar.


projetos desafiadores


promoção, avaliação anual, PLR, salário abaixo do mercado
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lots of policy review, tests, quality weekly tests. if you failed quality 2 times in a month you were put under review and possible termination. alot of stress and not enough pay for the tasks at hand


lunch, drinks, team building


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Fun workplace

They provide good trainings. I trained for backend development using Java and Spring Boot. They also have internship program where you will learn nihongo
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just okay

it is ok to work there pros- structured process- hybrid work setup -benefits are okaycons - salary is quite low- management could be better- career progression due to many people
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Stressful and hostile work environment

What is the best part of working at the company?diverse projects , and cross functional breadthWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?no work life balance ,at onsite or in Delivery centers.In India some of the HR policies are worse, they dont even pay for sick leave! you have to book 9 hours even if you work more than 12 What is the work environment and culture like at the company?stressful, and always like on a firefighting mode ..people dont respect time or leave to call /email team members...this culture is top drivenWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?start with emails ,to end of day calls ,only when you are not at billable work you get respite or a 'normal day'in India delivery center,you have to lot of useless paper work
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Good place for career growth

Accenture is both pro-client and pro-employee. It has a plan suitable for the employees goal without sacrificing the services they have for the clients.Tip: Be extra proactive and learn to gain network and all possible learnings and grab all offered opportubities within the company
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Good !

I like it. Everyone is friendly, god job environment, good salary, not easy to pass the interview, but you will love this work ! Interesting and comfortable work
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cuando quieren que te vayas no te dan trabajo y te dejan de valorar, es teletrabajo, ahora obligaban ir a la oficina pero no tenian el servicio necesario para absorver tanta gente
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Buen lugar para partir

Entre como junior , es un buen lugar para partir dependiendo de el cliente donde entres , pero buen ambiente y todos muy amables.El seguro de salud es lo mejor.
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It's ok

Typical multinational company, salaries are not great, benefits depend on the project. Medical insurance and pension benefits. Management is not good, do not care about the people and hr is not good either.
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