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3,3Equilibrio vida personal/laboral

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Atareado siempre, poco crecimiento profesional

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Estresante a veces , les hace falta personal, poco crecimiento profesional
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Great pay if you want to be overworked.

The job itself wasn't necessarily hard, but 99% of the machines performed poorly and were hardly fixed and we were told to just deal with it. Very understaffed and we were Mandated everytime we had a day off. Seems like management was hiring underqualified people that would quit every week forcing actual decent employees to get slammed with mandates. HR wasn't great with communication and I was often thrown in circles between them on several matters. Most leads are subpar at best and barely know their departments. Overall if you want to be overworked and love a rough setting with little to no support or training for decent pay Amcor is all for you!
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Well organized company with the best focus on safety first.

Amcor has a fabulous focus on employees safety and quality for their customers. Without hard working loyal employees and customer focus, the company can lose their sustainability as a leading container supplier in the industry.
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Stressful and unfair

Good pay and a great schedule. Management from the top to the floor leads are inept and lack any communication skills. Unethical matters are handled with disregard. Work load is extremely unfairly divided and seemingly enforced to be this way.
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Good pay and benefits poorly managed

Wile working here the folks who stood around and watched others work were promoted and applaused .seems as it you were never getting promoted for hard work unless you were the supervisors buddy . They tend to fire people when others are appreciated for the same things . You pose a risk if you ask for equality.
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Good place to work for a person with no life outside of work.

Great coworkers, great pay. But they have a High turnover rate which leads to mandatory over time. The month of days and a month of nights back to back is pretty rough.
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Loved working here

I loved working here, only reason I left was because I was moving. It was a great company to work for, good pay and good people.
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Great pay, but your forced a lot of overtime.

Management is a revolving door so you can have a great supervisor and then in a few months have a very unprofessional and disrespectful one. Work days are 12hr only and sometimes you can split shifts to 6 hrs. Work is easy, but fast paced and crazy because machines are always acting up and causing issues 50% of the time. Other coworkers when I was there were really good people and helped each other out most of the time. Lots of money minimum family time.


Great pay and benefits


You live there and management is hit or miss
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A Miserable Experience

Pros: The pay is really good for a mostly entry level manufacturing gig.Cons: Basically everything else.If you want to have absolutely zero life outside of work and make really good money that you'll never have the energy to spend, work for Amcor. Until you accumulate vacation time, get ready to never actually get all of your days off that you're supposed to. The plant only carries exactly as many operators on each shift, and you're expected to cover any vacations taken by people on your sister shift. And that happens a lot. Most of the people there are a good lot, but even with them, you're only in for misery.
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The worldwide leader in packaging

Amcor is a company whose actions are consistent with its values. For example - they consistently say that workplace safety is their #1 value, and it's not just lip service. All employees all the way up to senior management are focused on it.For their size and resources, senior leaders could definitely be pursuing bolder and more creative ideas, but they somehow seem content to keep plodding forward.
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Toxic work environment

I have never been treated as poorly as I did. We I spoke to HR I was told the they were aware of this persons manner but that just the way that person was.


Toxic culture
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It’s a good place to work

Things could be better but it’s a good place to work schedule and pay is good. There are a lot of good people here that are fun and enjoyable to work with.
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This place is not a good place of work

The company cares about the customers and not about the employees. Most of the employees are bitter and mean to all the new people and try to tell supervisors bad things about you. They just lost 11 people and that’s why they are hiring bad. people don’t want to work because of how they are treated. everything may seem good but in the end you will hate it there. it’s decent money but not decent enough to be treated like trash.
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Good place to work

Good place to work, but a lot of forced overtime. The training is not where is should be, but they do have great people there that help you out when needed.


Great people working there


Mandatory Overtime
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Good pay and room for growth

Good pay and room to grow. Job is not too hard but it is fulfilling. The recent change in management has been a plus, and positive changes are being made regularly.
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Entreprise démotivante

Si vous voulez courir partout pour un smic dans une ambiance délétère, ce poste est pour vous
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Treater Operator was fun and challenging

Contract worker Treater Operator - Centerville, IAFelt like I couldn’t learn and performed my full potential. Felt like was trained the minimum, uncomfortable environment. Not all was friendly, maybe 9% was helpful and friendly. Love the job as a Treater Operator. You know, you feel. Was not a good fit for me, STRESSFUL and DISAPPOINTING. Got to do BETTER. Amcor, Centerville, IA
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Productive and helpful environment

I was a paid intern there, and the full-time team was extremely helpful to me. Management had lack of vision and was unsure what tasks to give me, but the other team members did a great job. Seek tasks for others to give you, don't wait around and expect projects to fall into your lap. Take initiative.


Great Workplace environment


Lack of vision from Management
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Environnement de travail agréable

Environnement de travail agréable personnelle a l écoute
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Excelente empresa

Muy buen anbiente laboral y buena estabilidad posibilidad de quedar fijo segun tu desempeño
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Poor place

Working with chemicals for 12hours.No bonuses. Very low pay rates.lost so much time here.Everything is colour and promises.Good points - short and long week. Pay on time.
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