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Acerca de Apria Healthcare

As the nation's largest provider of home healthcare products and services, Apria Healthcare helps thousands of Americans live healthier and feel better every day. We are determined to exceed the expectations of those we serve and demonstrate our high clinical standards and compassion in care. Apria is the leading healthcare provider of home respiratory – 
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Our Mission | Our Values

Our Mission: Improving the quality of life for our patients at home. Our Values: Patient Care: Our top priorities are the care and well-being of our patients which we express through compassionate service. Ethics & Values: We believe honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, and accountability are embedded in everything we do. Service Excellence: We strive to make a difference every day in the lives of our internal and external customers through superior service. Sense of Ownership: We empower employees to take initiative, take ownership, and perform their best. Collaboration & Teamwork: We believe working together with employees, customers, and vendors is critical for success

Hiring Our Heroes

Apria sees Veterans, reservists, and their spouses as great assets to fulfill our mission and get the job done. Find out if we are the right fit for you to join our ranks.