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Buen ambiente de trabajo

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Se aprende de forma dinámica gracias al buen ambiente de trabajo. Muy buenos compañeros


Mucho aprendizaje con buen ambiente de trabajo y excelentes compañeros


Salario menos competitivo
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Empresa en la que sólo ven por la utilidad y no por los empleados

Esta empresa explota laboralmente a los empleados, en realidad existe mucha rotación y la mayor parte de la gente no dura más de un año. No es una empresa en la que yo recomendaría trabajar.
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Not fun at all and workplace bullying

A Good and professional Company.There's a lot of backbiting and gossiping in Corporate Services Department. A hostile work environment created by coworkers (Especially CXXDY FXX - good at being a fake nice person). Colleagues are refusing to help, not supporting, bad attitude and without communication.


Professional firm


Hostile work environment
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Good benefits, employee perks but compensation lacking

Compensation doesn’t seem to be fairly considered, great employee perks & benefits though such as pto policy, etc. which keeps me staying here. Good morale too.
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Meaningful and Productive Place

I learned a lot during my one year stay with the company. - everyday is quite different because you'll be handling multiple clients - everyone is approachable -adjusting to handling many clients at a time
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Good people and fun work culture

Pros:Summer Fridays and various firm holidays off Good cultureGood benefits, Random care packages with goodies, 401K is decent Cons:Typical public accounting - long hoursOutdated systems
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Stressful job, work culture not good

6 days working with no positive work environment.. Not good leaders at the top who can train the lower staff..some are just to create problems and harass employees. Also, an uhygienic place to work. No cleaning is done at work place washrooms and pantry lot of cockroaches all around.
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Interesting workplace

It was fun and I learned a lot and made new friends. The work culture was good but the team itself isn't too friendly. The work is do-able and they give enough time to complete it but are very critical of work and don't give constructive criticism


Past paced environment


team spirit was lacking
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Ambiente de trabajo

Es una excelente empresa para laborar, ya que te apoyan mucho con las capacitaciones/crecimiento, siempre se te brinda tiempo para vida personal
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Okay place to work overall. The benefits are good. Vacation time was generous and they celebrated birthdays with cupcakes. The office is also right next to penn station.
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Growth mentality

Baker Tilley is growing rapidly and they acquired my accounting firm where the morale was really high. I don't know much about the other divisions, but morale stayed reasonably high at my division.
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Si la bienveillance compte à vos yeux et que vous ne supportez pas l'hypocrisie, osez ... passer votre chemin

Comportements et paroles en totale contradiction avec les belles valeurs affichées. Le seul objectif = le profit.De là , des managers qui parlent mal, absents, qui n'interviennent pas si vous vous faites malmener ou insulter par les clients. Si celui ci est insatisfait, c'est sur vos facturations que les ristournes sont faites, sans vous prévenir. Des feuilles de temps au quart d'heure, des comptes à rendre si vous passez trop de temps à faire vos mails ou lire de la doc.
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Great people, great teamwork and culture

Learning culture. It is a busy environment particularly during your typical accounting busy seasons - this is offset by summer Fridays off. Focus on mental health and working on building work life balance. Great advancement for those that want it. CPA support and ongoing training year round. Great benefits and banked overtime that can be used as time off or paid out is a great perk. Lots of variety of work and you can build a focus if you would like.
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Belle entreprise

Belle entreprise , bonne ambiance, avantages intéressants
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Management respectful of employees

Work is remote so knowledge of internet and software technology is necessary, Fast paced and intense work. Need to be able to self-discipline and complete tasks in timely manner.
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Great Company, Compensation Could Be Better

Loved who I worked with while at Baker Tilly. All of my clients seemed to enjoy our teams working on sight. Busy seasons seemed to be a bit much given staffing on teams being on the lighter side, and compensation didn't seem to align with the work load.


Culture, People.


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Could be better

Could be better. Depends on office location. Too many mergers to keep up with streamlining processes. Management acts awful if they are jealous of you, etc.
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Bedrijf zonder identiteit

In het begin een leuk bedrijf, maar doordat ze gefuseerd zijn met andere locaties merk je dat collega’s over elkaar roddelen.
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Great company with flexible working environment

I like working at Baker Tilly, I feel like the company continuously tries to improve as the workforce keeps changing in 2022 and I appreciate the amount of flexibility the firm gives each team to both live and work!
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Environnement de travail très diversifié

Pression peut être très forte et l'avis des salarié n'est pas forcément pris en compte.La direction ne se rend pas compte de la réalité du terrain.
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People were very nice however there was no work life balance and jobs were understaffed. Partners kept signing on to new jobs but no one was hired to fill those jobs.
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