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Heavy grind but good money

The grind of this job is real, expect 55 hour work weeks and never plan on seeing a full bonus, that being said the starting salary is well above industry standard
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Helpful and fun

At this particular job I was in charge of the sauté/broiler station. I was in charge of restocking the low boys with pastas, meats and vegetables at the beginning of every shift. I would work 4 stoves at a time efficiently and quickly to knock out as many tickets as possible under  10-15 minutes each. I would lay down large quantities of chicken on a large baking pan, season and bake in the broiler, make large batches of garlic bread and sauté while maintaining my cleanliness simultaneously. I was also in charge of the broiler/grill station on alternate days grilling prime rib steaks, cooking Parmesan chicken and broiling ribs. When it came to breaks, I would cover both stations for my co-worker and vice versa. Towards the end, the entire line cleans their station individually and usually I finish earlier, so I would also clean the floors while they’re finishing up to get ready to wrap it up. (Great place to work if you can handle the pressure and sometimes people at this location)


Easy and manageable


Very fast paced
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Get in and get out

It was OK at first, but customers aren’t always the best managers will sometimes help if they feel like it coworkers can sometimes exclude you purposely, and be very rude and derogatory towards each other so just get in and get out get your money and go.
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Fun place to eork

I love working at Bjs I love all my co workers and I always have a good time just because of the people I work with. I feel respected and taken care of here. Money is decent too!
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Line cooks

Some days could be busier then other always expect that. Management is questionable, nothing good or noting bad. Lack of breaks unless told by manager. The people I work with were always good to work w once you get to know them


Free lunch


Short breaks, over worked
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On your feet all day but flexible job

Things run smooth for the most part management can sometimes be lack luster and you may run low on hours to work because of favoritism and the amount of people that work there but it does keep you busy and the tips are ok
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Flexible and rewarding workplace

Worked for 8.5 years in Jantzen Beach before they shut down as many businesses in the area did. Flexible work schedule, 401k, PTO. Staff was always like family. Highly recommend.
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Pros & Cons of BJ's

Typical food industry job, co-workers sleeping/dating one another, so much drama. The turnover rate is horrendous. Can't keep a host or a server for more than a few months. There are only a handful of workers that have stayed but for the most part everyone is new and continuously new. The best and only thing I love about BJ's is the availability. It's a great second job. I can choose the days and time I work, request off and always approved. I'm not required to work weekends. The only reason why I still stay at BJ's. Employees do get a discount when dining in, and receive 1 free meal off the Team Member menu (which isn't many options) when working a shift. The employees are also not allowed to drink at the bar/cocktail right after their shift. We have to change out of uniform and wait 2 full hours to enjoy an adult beverage at BJ's. At that point, might as well go home. BJ's lost a lot of sales because of this rule.
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Busy, mostly fun, but poor management

Worked there for about 6 months and was let go because no one was able to cover my shift when I became sick. Managers always acting better than employees, passive aggressive. Other than that decent pay and nice coworkers
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Good Place to Learn and Grow

Great place to learn and grow. Came with little knowledge operationally I’m full service restaurants and left with an abundance of knowledge. That allowed me to grow my career and understand the nature of the business better. Could use a better manager structure. Should look at closing with both a FOH and BOH manger to ensure cleaner restaurant and reduce the workload of closing with a single manager.
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Excellent Co-workers and Management

Excellent Co-workers and Management but minimum wage sucks for how much a busser actually does. Could use a bigger kitchen but all in all a good place to work.


Awesome environment


Minimum wage
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Great experience

It's a good job as a first time in a restaurant and very fast paced. It can be a bit tiring but the pay is good especially if you work during the rush.
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It’s fun

Great environment cool people good money Managers look after their employees Staff works together and help eachother No complaintsWould work again (most people do come back)
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Great people and decent job

Job could be stressful, but the people were awesome. I made many friends over my time here. There was opportunity for advancement if you wanted it. The Jantzen Beach location will be missed!
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Great management

employees are great, fantastic management, fun and welcoming place to work, very flexible, easy but rewarding job, works well with your needs, good training
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Good place to start as a line cook

Good place to start management is very needy from employees they schedule you even tho you requested off. Free food usually people I work with are very nice
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Fun workplace

Everyone works as a team. The managers are super nice and accommodating to their employees. Little to no stress and no drama. It is a great place to work.
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Good coworkers but mid managers.

Every corporate place depends on its managers. At the Sparks NV location I went thru 5 GMs during my 7 year period. Each one progressively caring less and it showed. With other managers being past servers who had an ego trip. We constantly would be out of half the menu and that was stressful. But the environment and coworkers is what kept me there for 7 years.


Fun people around


Bad to no benefits
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great first job

the pay was great super simple tasks, only took an hour to fully clean the restaurant, great for introvert people only con is having to go early in the morning or after midnight
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Not good

Decent job defiantly room for advancement but people who have been here for years get easily upset when you don’t get something because your new. Get ready to work!
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