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terrible work life balance. classic new york churn and burn culture. if you want to have your head on straight i’d recommend staying as far away as possible ;)
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Interesting and fast paced work but toxic culture

I learned a lot, worked on interesting projects and partnered with great and intelligent people on the business side, but the CFO teams foster a toxic work environment. Long hours with little work life balance and zero concern for employee wellbeing. Managers from Geller are in serious need of people management training.
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Long hours, decent pay

Expected to work 10+ hours, even if just sitting at your desk. Resources for travel/investigations was decent for a select few. Pay above average - and they never let you forget it.
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Inclusive encouraging environment that makes you look forward to going to work each day.

What is the best part of working at the company?They are totally supportive of all employees. They are respectful of individuals and participation is encouraged. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The stress mostly comes from dealing with the public but those factors are not in control of the company. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Inclusive, rewarding and encouraging. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Working as a team to deal with a different landscape everyday.
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Great place to work

Great place to work, but there are pockets of toxicity. Choose your boss wisely, because they can make or break your experience. Great benefits and great cafeteria.
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I use to think this would be a good place to work however it wasn't all that good to much courses update courses had decided to move on one and for al
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Diverse workplace with free snacks

Great people, free snacks, very diverse in some teams, flat organizational structure so everyone works together in cubicles which feels very “fair” but sometimes confused about the leadership hierarchy for some teams. Lots of people have worked there for decades, while for some it is a stepping stone
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Fast pace with good life work balance

Good pay and great benefits. Work life balance is also good. Free food provided for breakfast and lunch. Opportunities to get involved in a lot of different areas.
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Fun workplace with little growth

excellent company to start your career with . The middle management leaves a lot to be desired. Depending on your team theremight be limited or no growth opportunities
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Great place to be

It's a fun environment to be in, I specially like the people as there are many different teams to choose when you join so you're bound to find something that fits your style!
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Great place to work

Lots of growth opportunities as a software engineer. You’re given autonomy to make decisions and lead projects. The philanthropic bend of the company is also inspiring. You’re able to participate in volunteer activities as an employee.
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Great place to work

Hybrid work, great pto and benefits. Bloomberg pantry for food at the office. Good dynamic within teams. Rather flat structure among the company so not too many positions to move up into.
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Great benefits and work-life balance

Great healthcare benefits and good work-life balance. 401(k) match is somewhat outdated. Annual discretionary bonus that's typically paid out at par.
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Great culture, work/life balance and compensation

Loved my time at Bloomberg. Great company culture, give you all the tools to succeed, competitive compensation and upward mobility certainly available.
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Strong Culture

Bloomberg takes care of their staff. Lots of opportunities for professional development and great benefits. Salaries are OK but work life balance is excellent
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Productive workplace with good perks

The company reallly invests in personal developments with apprenticeship schemes and chances for certifications. The culture is very supportive and everyone is there to bring you up to speed.
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I had the bare minimum training, then told off because I didn't know certain things. People were friendly but clicks were hard to break into for a newcomer.
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Resources Available to Investigate

The company has $ to spend on investigative reporting, which means you can dig into stories. Only the favorites get to do this though so be prepared to kowtow.
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Average job with average salary relative to market

It's an OK job with mildly competitive salary and competitive benefits. If working as an analyst, there is not very much to contribute to since most of their engineering is siloed with a group of specialists who never receive true quality control input. They just deploy if it runs. That means analyst just validate the data, the workflow and UX feel after products launch. Additionally, some large data management takes place as an analyst, but it's mostly about acting as a functional glue between tasks that cannot be automated.


management style from 1980's, see 'Taylorism'.
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Disorganized & Poor Communication

There is very poor internal communication which leads to a lot of disorganization. Upper levels execs sometimes micromanage. It is very hard to get good raises about living wage increases. Not a great place to work if you aren't a reporter or salesperson.
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