Brown and Root Industrial Services
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Acerca de la empresa

  • Director general
    aprueba el desempeño de ANDY DUPUY
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  • Tamaño de la empresa
    51 a 200
  • Ingresos
    100 mdp a 500 mdp MXN
  • Sector
    Servicios de construcción, reparación y mantenimiento
  • Oficina principal
    Baton Rouge
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    Sitio web de Brown and Root Industrial Services

About Brown & Root Industrial Services

In 1919, Texas brothers George and Herman Brown joined their brother-in-law Dan Root to start a construction company. Ever since then, Brown & Root has been making things and making sure they work.

We built the first offshore oil rig. We carved roads through parts of America few human beings had ever been. We made more than 700 ships from the ground up for the United States Navy in World War II. We designed and built industrial plants around the world that perform some of the most complex processes human beings ever conceived of.

Along the way, the name Brown & Root became the gold standard. Our company is recognized as a symbol for dependability, know-how and a commitment to get the job done right.

And though we never went away, we’re back now. And we’ve renewed our promise to make it work. Just as it always did, the world can count on Brown & Root to build it, fix it, maintain it and keep it running right.

Forged from the past. Engineered for the future.

That’s Brown & Root.

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