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La verdad fue un placer trabajar para cpk

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Pues yo en lo personal aprendí hacer pizza 🍕 y muy bien en estos años trabajar en el California yo fuí muy feliz trabajando con mis compañeros duele que esto se termine la verdad. Pero sabemos que todo lo que comienza algún día terminará
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Fun job, god-awful management

Super toxic work environment- multiple S-harassment complaints went ignored until HR got involved, and personal information was not kept private at all.


Good money, fun if you like fast-paced serving jobs


Management sucked, you were guilted for calling-in sick
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Just like any other restaurant job

This job was cool, made a lot money there but can be stressful because of people acting entitled. Management at the time was terrible. Food is decent but overpriced. If you like serving people this job is perfect for you. Just don't expect much.


Free food, great tips


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Bad management

Bad management. Hosting is simple but their hosting procedure is terrible. They made us walk around constantly, looking for open tables. How about have the wait staff tell us when their guests have left instead? Plus, they had TWO hostesses and they wouldn't necessarily communicate and tell the other person if there was an open table. It's better to have ONE hostess. It's such a bad process that customers have to wait much longer than they should. I really disliked working there.
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Good management and good experience for a hostessing job

I enjoyed my time working as a hostess at California Pizza Kitchen. All but one of the managers were very organized and kind. You got a free meal with every shift which was great!
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Love it here. So fun and chill. The managers are nice and the rest of the staff is kind as well. Fun place to work if you’re just starting in restaurants. Everyone is patient.
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Good people

Lots of opportunity to learn. Came across amazing ppl. Corporate is the issue. Things not being fixed right to be able to run business efficiently..
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Gran lugar donde he aprendido mucho y que se puede seguir aprendiendo más.

¿Qué es lo mejor de trabajar en la empresa?Siempre aprendes algo nuevo, puedes explotar tus habilidades.¿Qué es lo más estresante de trabajar en la empresa?Tener que llegar siempre a las metas de ventas y mantener un excelente nivel de servicio.¿Cómo es el ambiente y la cultura de trabajo en la empresa?El ambiente de trabajo es bueno, y siempre están involucrando a la gente para que se pongan la camiseta.¿Cómo es un día típico para ti en la empresa?Un día típico es revisar las áreas del restaurante, revisar los pendientes, pedidos, calidad de los alimentos, asegurar el montaje del salón, enviar reportes que necesiten los jefes, buscar oportunidades de ventas en eventos o fechas especiales.
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Upper management is not good.

As a pizza place, you would expect the pizza oven to work. You would also expect the AC to work in the middle of the summer. Anytime anything started to break or fall apart, the regional managers and other upper management would do nothing instead of getting it fixed. This went on until they decided to shut down the restaurant and give everyone 3 weeks' notice. Terrible company
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Fast Paced Environment

The location is in a popular mall, so we needed to work in a fast manner while carrying full bus bins. In the beginning my body wasn’t used to the hard work, but after the first few days I was able to get used to the work.
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Great environment

The management team was so great to work with!! Absolutely loved the environment and everyone was super friendly and welcoming. Great place to work!!!
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Fun place to work

No complaints, good food, mostly clear expectations, communication and direction from ceo is frustrating and inconsistent. Turned into a fairly negative company after gj hart lady as ceo.
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Great work team, poor management

I would suggest working here if you’re looking for a job on the side, or if you haven’t worked in a day in your life and need somewhere to start. It’s not super fast paced unless you’re working a busy day. Mostly pretty chill, and good food
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Wouldn’t recommend for someone who cares to provide exceptional customer service. Some managers would ignore customer complaints with one in particular being stretched thin trying to hold everything together. Fast money if that’s what you’re looking for
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Disorganized Management

Management communication was a constant issue and they didn’t hold people accountable for their actions when something was wrong. You’re being ping ponged between managers with their own interpretation of what’s right and wrong and nothing of the higher level gets done.
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It was a job

It was a job, nothing particularly special but it did pay the bills. I did not use the benefits package at the time so I can’t say anything about that.
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Dont do it

This is a miserable place to work and a sinking ship. There is no future here due to upper management overleveraging the chain and there are no benefits offered. It is an understaffed nightmare and you could do better at many other chains.
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Great first job to have! I really enjoyed meeting new people and learning from my co workers. This job allowed me to gain the necessary communication skills needed for my current profession.
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Fun, exhausting, rewarding, stressful

Worked for the company many years it’s a regular run of the mill restaurant, but it’s what you make it because corporate will always tie your hands. Many ups and downs but what makes it worth it are the staff and guests that become family.
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Fun and fast paced

Not for the faint of heart. This is one of the few CPK’s with a full bar so you better know your drinks. As a server the CPK way of doing things is pretty tough. You have to know every ingredient of every item on the menu before you step one foot on the service floor. If you can manage all that you can make some money. If you get out-of-towers. The other issue is that people in Bako DON’T tip! So working at this restaurant is kind of a perfect storm of s$&t. It’s really hard and even if you do all the work it may not even be worth it. BUT…..the environment is very fun. Young, hip management and service staff.
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Decent work place

I’ve been working here often on for about two years. Shift can be busy but a lot of times management isn’t cooperative. Yeah, the money is hit or miss.
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