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3,7Equilibrio vida personal/laboral

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Buen lugar para trabajar sin embargo mala dirección por parte de los gerentes de operaciones

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Un buen lugar para trabajar , hay desarrollo, pero deja de ser un lugar en donde el tiempo y la vida personal estén en equilibrio , en capacitación falta demasiada organización , horarios laborales con jornadas muy largas , y falta de transparencia en los salarios!
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Could have been a wonderful place to work

The management seems to not know how to run a business very well, they seem to focus more on socializing rather than enforcing a efficient work place
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doodoo job, doodoo pay

The workload is way too high and the pay is insultingly low. You technically get breaks, but it's impossible to find the time to take more than a few minutes off because there's too much to do.




the job
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Fast-casual dining that hasn't adapted

As a manager I was scheduled for 50 hours a week. My schedule was quite irregular and frequently stretched seven or more days in a row without a day off. While the company has a wealth of resources, I was not given the time or support to effectively utilize them.Every shift I spent working at least one, and sometimes three hourly floor positions while also handling all the management duties. Despite my feedback that the current strategy was exhausting our staff, they continued to prioritize keeping labor numbers low rather than training, maintenance, or customer service.It was bad enough that I left the company and quit the industry.


Food is decent and there is a ton of training and planning material available to staff


Typical fast-food mentality of numbers first.
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Fun Place/Team, Bad Management

The team consists of mostly fun people with a good vibe. Clientele is very entitled and you will be tested and feel very stressed almost every shift. Money is “ok”, not great. Availability/requests often ignored. Managers care about their bonuses a lot, so they will keep you understaffed at most times; chaos happens. 6/10 place
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Enjoyed my time working here for almost 5 yrs

This was the second serving job I ever had. I think its rare to say you actually enjoy the management and your coworkers but I honestly did. It was a lighthearted environment, and of course as with any restaurant job there is a focus on upselling and guest experience, but it was never stressful except on busy days where we would get slammed. Overall the guests were really nice and I made good money. It wasn't a lot of running around, and the side work was easy/minimal. I had so much fun and was sad to leave.
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Un ambiente de trabajo divertido , fresco y muy col

Tienes mucho crecimiento laboral ,te apoya la marca en todo horarios flexibles , y motivación personal
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Great place to work

The team here is like a family, they are all helpful and goal oriented. If you're looking for a fast paced, fun work environment this is a great place!
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Really great people before they hired new higher ups

Great company! Really had a great experience there is not much room for growth or GM spots open. Really has to take a long time for raises. Very drawn to those who seek approval, compliments, and friendships over hard work!
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It was okay

Coworkers were mostly great. Management could be wayyy more supportive. Tips at my location were horrendous and it was in an expensive mall. Plus side was the flexibility of hours and shift coverage.
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Restaurant industry

I will say that management is the best i’ve ever had. very supportive and understanding. Will work with you and your needs. Place can get very stressful but it’s like we can all lean on each other when in need.
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Typical restaurant job

It’s a typical restaurant job. Some managers care others don’t. Nothing too bad/good, drama with coworkers was the most annoying part. Lots of younger workers but nothing to unmanageable.
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Good environment encouraging staff

Really organized work environment manager is very encouraging once the best for us and for the restaurant. Will definitely have the employees back over the customers LOL which is a good thing
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Fast-paced environment with great tips and opportunity

Tables are assigned fairly, the harder you work, the more opportunities you will receive. Very high tips, especially in cash. All employees are extremely outgoing and eager to help their fellow servers. Management is very helpful, very direct in order to help you growth.
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Rude management

Get mad and guilt trip you into working when they are short staffed. Won’t let you take off days but then managers are on vacation every other week. Not great money either
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A lot of drama between servers who are over 25 yet act childish. But most people are chill if you stay out the way and mind your business. They work with your personal/school hours and if you need time off. Easy money but sometimes slow
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Very fast paced coworkers are like family

Day shifts are slow, weekends busy. Overall alright place to be at, but there’s always something to do. Stay busy all the time, very fun place to be


Friendly people.


Busy busy busy
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Hard work like all Service but pays off

Like most serving jobs, there are going to be days when the crowd is really slow and especially if you’re a newbie in a bad section, you might leave a 6 hour shift with $20/30 in your pocket. Weekends are great money though. However, compared to working at smaller family friendly niche Italian restaurants, there were way more customers in this restaurant who felt comfortable tipping NOTHING regardless of how great service was. Very clean workplace however and it was very organized in terms of job requirements for food runners, bus boys, hosts, dishwashers, cooks, and servers. I’ve worked at restaurants where hosts were also food runners and bus boys which made the pace of service chaotic. It’s definitely very organized here overall.
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Pagan poco piden mucho y no pagan horas extra, alemos cuando trabaje para ellos en 2017

A los meseros le va chido pero cocina es lo más trabajoso y estresante que hay, mucha gente poco lugar y no respetan tu antigüedad
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Standard server job

People are great, managers are fine, but overall it’s a basic serving job with good pizza. Not much to complain about that’s specific to this company.
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Can make money on shifts but they are stressful. Also not enough hours to part-time servers.

The job can be fun and social but as with any job you have to be careful who you trust. It’s possible to make good tips depending on the location however hourly pay is low and sometimes with part-time employees there are not enough hours to go around. Management is okay depending on the manager, some are better than others. But if you voice your concerns you have a chance of being heard.
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