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Buen ambiente laboral pero mucha argolla que casi no le permití crecer a uno

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Costaba una vida para que ofrecieran vacaciones, los clientes en su mayoría muy molestos e incómodos
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Always room for growth

loved working there!! My manager always made sure we had everything we needed to grow and be complex. to bad we lost business which resulted in job loss
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Good place to work, need work for growth

I enjoyed working for cap one however it's not lost on me how they really aren't interested in your development as a person especially as you promote. For example, they will help you develop Professionally, but don't have any personal life things come up. It's almost as if it's strange to have life come up. They give some interest early on but as time goes on and they need you more it starts to wane. For me it was death in my family. The first one they were caring and concerned and gave time, the next three they expected me to have the same enthusiasm for the role with out ever helping me through depression. As an escalations manager it's paramount the company ensures support for your mental health. Nope! They could care less, during the holidays when customers got aggressive and would berate you it was a get back at it! You'll be OK! And meanwhile managers were depressed and having a hard time. No one cares. Oh and if your systems don't work expect to be blamed. I went back and forth with tech till the point they knew me by name and voice. I paid for the highest internet speed package through fios and still have connection issues on their side (capital one). Sigh we had a good run but there are definitely places for improvement.
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Partisans of least effort

Terrible culture both from a risk management and performance management stand points. You will be punished for pointing out problems that require real long term solutions.
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Career advancement

Working for Capital One was alright. The pay was not great but they gave decent benefits. The staff were friendly and family oriented. Overall a good place to work.
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TDP program was great

Stack ranking can be hard, but reasonable. Work life balance is decent here compared to other places. Make sure to promote the work you have done to make it visible.
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Best place to work

I always look back fondly at my time at Capital One. They had a great work/life balance, tons of perks, competitive pay, and driven to innovate technology.
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productive fun workplace

I've had the privilege of working at [Company Name] for a substantial period, and I can confidently say that this organization stands out as an exceptional employer. The work environment, the opportunities for growth, and the supportive team dynamics have made my experience here truly rewarding.From day one, the onboarding process was seamless and comprehensive. The company invests in ensuring every employee understands their role and how it contributes to the larger picture. The inclusive culture fosters collaboration and innovative thinking, encouraging everyone to share their ideas and insights.
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Pretty okay

Even after the pandemic and a lot of companies are going back to working onsite, they are still engaging in work from home setup which was really helpful to those people that had a lot of responsibilities to do at home and it also saves you from travelling.
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Above market pay, smart people, awful performance management

Most people are smart and decent. Work life balance is good. Great if you can stomach the kool aid. Frequent reorgs. Stack ranking creates a cutthroat culture where employees compete with their peers or get PIPed.
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Awful place to work

Terrible management and treatment of staff. People leaving due to poor mental health bought on by bullying.The bullys get rewarded with promotions. Not a nice place to work. Does have good facilities but it is frowned upon if you use them - for example, the gym.The support for poor mental health is not good.




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Good Place for entry level DS

Good Place for entry level DS. However, due to the current economic environment, team is not expanding, which forbids IC moving up to people managers.
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Productive workplace

The facilities are nice as well as the people. I enjoyed my time working for the company. Capone also has many perks such as their HMOs and they offer competitive salaries.
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Great company that valued there employees

IPH is the only obstacle other than that it really is a great place to work. Even if they let you go the pay you and help you look for another job you can't beat that.


Pay, team effort & supply, benefits immediately


Nesting has not enough support, and time on task is difficult to make everyday
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Culture has changed

Micro management, excessive work, bar is constantly changing. Expectations and competencies are not consistent across management. Constantly moving work overseas, thus reducing overall domestic staffing needs




Expectations, advancement opportunities
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Good company in not-so-good industry

If you want a corporate environment, they'll probably treat you as well as or better than anywhere else. Just, corporate environments aren't my jam. A lot more aliveness out there than a big office and corporate ladder climbing can bring.
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Good place to work

Capital One was a great place to work. Good benefits and healthcare. Great raises and opportunities to move up. Also has great products. I recommend it for employment as well as being a customer.
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Productive & Fun workplace

CapitalOne Philippines is indeed one of the best companies you should work with. From its policies and management's decision-making, they always ensure benefits of their employees for as long their commitment is not being compromised while delivering the utmost customer service to clients.
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Great benefits but associate annual and mid year reviews

Great benefits but associate annual and mid year reviews can be extremely difficult. Typical politics as usual. Work 2 or 3 days from home during the week, but workload can be crazy
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Overall my current company is a very cordial and productive place to work.

Managing daily Scrum meetings, demonstrations, iterations, Sprints, presentations to upper-level management and collaborative leadership projects.Collaboration, Teamwork, good communication and respect for different opinions. Coordinated and managed dependencies across multiple scrum teams within or across multiple sprints.Respect, Openness and inclusiveness.Facilitate discussions on conflict resolution, team building and product development / enhancement within an Agile environment. Monitoring the execution of Agile best practices for teams culminating in a very high average sprint goal result whilst being on target, on time, on schedule and on course.


Discussion breaks


Ensure Teams are on the same page.
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Great benefits difficult to advance

Can't beat the benefits but hard to move up in the company despite what they advertise. Was consistently ranked as a top performer but still never got an interview for another positionGood work life balance as well
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