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Es un buen lugar para trabajar, buen ambiente de trabajo, sea hace buen dinero, y es fácil. Lo único malo es que cuando baja la temporada haces poco dinero o no lo suficiente. Los managers te ayudan, y son buenos
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Ambiente laboral donde los gerenciales hostigan a los empleados le faltan el respeto

La peor empresa para la que he trabajado el ambiente laboral es incomodo los gerenciales no respetan y si no les ries las gracias te hacen la vida imposible hasta que renuncies
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Don't do it, but not absolute worst but you can find something much better

Unless you are working the weekend, it is terribly slow and you won't make any money. The business model amd location are sold as nice food for cheap prices, and you get many customers who are just trying to pay for thr meal and not tip very much at all. I had a few regulars but other than that itnwas pretty rough. They give the servers much more work than I have ever had to do working in other restaurants. Had to clean the kitchen after closing many times for around a hour or more. Unpaid of course. Waiting to get your cash for the night took forever because the manager would talk to all the female employees in the office forever. But, it helped me get through college. Would never dream of working there again though.
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Laid back, flexible, decent pay

They really take the time to train you vs just throwing you into the fire. There’s really no micromanaging, but managers still take their job very seriously. Honestly, might be the best group of managers I’ve ever worked for. One time I spilled hot soup on my hand and they were more concerned for my safety than for the wasted soup. Opportunities for advancement if you work hard. Encouraging work environment. As a server I make an average of around $16-$18 an hour. Some nights I can make up in the twenties and on slow days like $11-$13 an hour. This is the most flexible job I’ve ever had.
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Would not suggest working here.

What is the best part of working at the company?Weekly pay, and a decent starting wage.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Dealing with management that doesn't care about fixing issues.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?The work environment is toxic. People always trying to stab one another in the back. Gossip is horrible, and the work ethic amongst staff is poor.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Constant, often without breaks or adequate staffing.
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nice place

good management, decent money , decent work staff. employees can be toxic but if ur j there to make ur money then it is what it is. weekends are def good but can also be hit or miss but holiday time is very good
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Decent place to work if you’re looking to work in casual dining. Most stores are short on managers and not very clean. As with most restaurants it really depends on how good your area Director is.
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Decent for the pay

Management is okay. Most of the servers aren't very nice people and the bussers are very underpaid. Usually didn't even hit minimum wage on a slow night. Met some nice people and the hours are decent.
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Fast paced but fun place to work

Work place environment was always fun as long as you did your job and kept up with your side work. Coworkers and management were pretty respectful minus a few but that's everywhere. Money was okay I guess but you can make better at other restaurants in Danville due to their menu. Other than that, this is a pretty good place to work.
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Darden is a good company but this location is lacking.

The managers are very self centers. I had multiple occasions where managers said rude things about employees almost to the point of bullying in some cases. The benefits are good but the overall atmosphere has gone very downhill recently. They cannot keep servers because the business is slow and the tips you do get aren't enough to survive.


Easy schedule, easy money, good benefits


Managers are unprofessional, not enough scheduled hours, horrible turnover rate.
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Very good culture. Great management, friendly staff. Amazing overall. Definitely a place that can help you grow if that is what you want. Be eager to work and they got you
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It’s a server job

If you’re a good server then you’ll make money anywhere you work, they were very flexible with scheduling, towards the end of my time there the management had piled on twice or three times the amount of extra work servers were supposed to do , which is unreasonable to ask if you pay 2$ an hour , just my opinion
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Toxic Environment

Managers were incapable of looking at time off requests and some servers were very demeaning. Hours were very short as they cut you off early daily. Overall terrible place.
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Chill Workplace

Working at Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen as a server offers a laid-back environment, but the clientele can make tips unpredictable. The job's ease is balanced by the challenge of inconsistent tips, creating a mixed experience. The friendly atmosphere and team camaraderie add to the positives, but financial stability depends on the day and customer attitudes. Overall, it's a suitable gig for those who enjoy a relaxed work setting, but the variable tipping culture may impact job satisfaction.
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Good starting job

This was my very first job and i liked it a lot, it wasn’t too demanding except it could get busy on weekends and around Holidays. Managers were pretty attentive and helpful when needed
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Working at Cheddars was an unforgettable experience. I learned a lot of things that I will take with me wherever I go.Management is chill and laid-back for the most part. You won’t have to worry about anybody breathing down your neck.
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Was a decent place to work, management managed well. However don't feel like I was brought to attention when they had conflicts with my schedule which is
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Overall it's like a lot of other concepts. But if you're not internal you're not welcome. Benefits are good. Foods good. Team Members are nice. Training sucks




No accountability
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I've met a lot of good people here. I've become a much more skilled dishwasher since starting 1.5 yrs ago

What is the best part of working at the company?Positive atmosphere, and very busyWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?It is a high volume restaurantWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Good morale, very positive coworkersWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?I'm normally busy from the time until I leave
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Fun workplace Poor management

Fun place to work, but management was poor. Didn't make much money there either. It is a good job to get your foot in the door with serving but I would take your experience elsewhere.
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fun workplace, flexible schedule

The managers were very easy to work with at the time of employment. The staff was easy going while a lot are very young they did their jobs well. The hardest part was some of the customers going in and not being nice.
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