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3,4Equilibrio vida personal/laboral

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Ambiente tranquilo y muy acordó ados y unidos en el trabajo

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Simplemente excelente excelente personal muy unidos
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Great culture

Great pay. Great environment at the time I was I working there. I know the company was bought out and if I have ever gone back now for dinner. It is different
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Loved it at first. Until they started forcing me to work doubles every Friday Saturday and Sunday or be terminated for refusing shifts. Management is young and plays favorites. You’re only allowed 3 tables per corporate. TONS of side work. Hard to get checked out at end of shift bc managers are stretched too thin and are simply too busy. Leadership is very disrespectful all the way up to headquarters.
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Productive and fun work environment

I love working here, the managers are amazing and I feel valued as an employee. The cooks are clean and gets the food out fast and easy, the bartenders are very good at what they do.
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Stressful sometimes but overall decent

Good hours they work with youre schedule but most of the time would be short staffed management was okay depended on the person but liked my coworkers
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Fun fun

Great place to server if you can handle it here you can handle serving anywhere it's tough but it makes you become a great server it is really good money in the fall winter and spring not so much in the summer but great place to work
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Flexible schedule

Very easy to get time off. Management cares about their employees. Can be vary inconsistent with having enough kitchen staff, which makes things stressful for everyone.
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Management problems.

The store suffers because there has been a lack in consistent and effective upper management. It’s on its 3rd MP within a 15 month timespan. Could be a great place to work and make money but it’s not. It’s inefficient from top to bottom.
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Fun Place to work

At my location the management was awesome they were really chill and did fun stuff. The clients on the other hand are not the best, this restaurant is a bit busier than other dine ins.
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Awful management

Zero structure, no organization, and will work you into the ground. No respect for time off. I was called in three days in a row when I was on vacation.
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Cool staff, flexible hours

Just come in and do your work. I only worked for almost a year before Covid but it was nice room for advancement. A few of my managers had been servers just the year before. Literally the hardest part, for me, was getting stiffed. Grinds my gears. My coworkers were dope, though. Made it worth while. They also paid us during Covid with a cut from the CEO's salary and kept all the furloughed employees on unemployment for as long as they could afterwards. So, that should tell you how they care for your employees.
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Stressful most days of week but great money

If you give them the option to they will schedule you a lot, getting scheduled less can be difficult unless they’re fully staffed which doesn’t happen too often these days. Great for people looking for money, not so great for people trying to balance their life. Management is frequently a mixed bag of friendly and frustrating. Tops a couple other places I have worked at simply because of low tip share but be ready to balance a lot being asked of you.
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Horrible management

i worked at cheddars as a host then moved to a server and the pay is not at all great $2 an hour n if you have a bad tip day they don’t care they tell you it’s all bout you n how you treat your customers and that’s why you didn’t make as much tips as you wanted, the new management that’s there are rude and think they don’t have to help us with anything involving customers. The new mangers never introduced themselves to anyone and just changed how we ran things before they came thinking they where “ helping “
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Busy..decent pay...

Hard work but good money. Busy everyday all day. Management is good... depending on who it is. Better when all staff shows up. Guests can be cranky.
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I enjoy it here

I’ve worked here for nine years and it’s a good job. They work well with my schedule with the rest of my life. Some of the coworkers can be hard to deal with but I just ignore them
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Worst place I’ve ever worked.

The customers are the worst ones I’ve ever experienced and the manager constantly backs them up even if they were in the wrong. The managers will scream at you and expect you to respect them after. The restaurant is disgusting and has mold growing in several places.
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Management is absolutely horrible and doesn’t care for their employees whatsoever. Unfair work environment. I wouldn’t recommend working here to anyone.
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It's ok I guess

I work there for years. You have to stand on your own and make it about you. Do your job and go home. People are out to get what they think you have.


Not really none. Just every week checks


Management team is horrible.
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Gossip, Cliques, Manager/Employee relationships and more.

If you want to ride a rollercoast of constant ups and downs that ends with you hating you're life then applying to work at cheddars is for you. Have fun.
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Long and hard hours

I was a Manager for CSK for 6 years. I have been in Restaurant Management for 25 years and this was the worst and hardest concept to work for. Clientel are the absolute menu prices draw the worst of the worst. Corporate never backs the Manager in any conflict. I was literally sick everyday dealing with guests, short staff (pre-covid) and sub-par pay. They low ball the kitchen help thus people quit so Managers are expected to do the position for weeks on end. I would never recommend to family or friends.
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Fun environment, management that cares

They took care of me when I worked there and I enjoyed the people I worked with. Money was good when it was busy, you get what you put in. Overall, it’s a good place to start if you need to get your foot into the restaurant business
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