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Se trabaja bien, buen ambiente laboral no es extremadamente estresante y se puede planificar un futuro decente en cbi
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Family-Owned company with great opportunity for growth

Out of the several different things there are to enjoy about working for Cheney Brothers, one that is universal for all positions is the opportunity to grow within the company. In today's age, having the ability to advance your career here is invaluable. Another great thing is how management genuinely cares about to employees here. In terms of culture, it is a family-owned company with family values.
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Long long hours

You will not have a life outside of this job you will be work 12 to more hours. So work life and home life will be the same because you will go home and sleep and come back in from 8am to 10pm most nights on a good day maybe 8pm
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Enjoy it for the most part

Not my favorite but not my least favorite, work is enjoyable with the freedom provided but the work itself is slow paced. Management overall is great.Learned a lot in the beginning but then stopped being taught more advanced things that I need to know.
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People appreciate what I do from management to employees

Company is great to work for - very busy and fast paced. The management appreciates what I do and my co-workers do as well. Benefits need a little work but they are good. My manager is always willing to help and teach.


Can purchase food from Cheney Express


Work hard but worth it
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Get paid to workout

Upfront about everything prior to being hired, no bait and switch tactics. You’ll have some smooth days as well as rough ones, the majority of mine were smooth. Warehouse loaders can make or break your day.
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Terrible management

One of the most unprofessional environments I have ever experienced. Employees do whatever they want with no discipline. Supervisor sit around and talk to each other all day without being available to assist.
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Productive & Fun Worklplace

This is a man’s job for sure, as long as you’re able to work the schedule/hours and keep up with the pace the pay is un-beatable, managers are good, HR is excellent. 10/10
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Overall Rating

Everything about this company is subpar.The culture is all about who knows who and not about your ability to perform the job. If you don't hang out with the leadership on the weekends then you go nowhere.
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No time for family

You work all the time weekends, holidays they don’t care about they employees you have sick day but have to jump though hops to use them pay is good but you can never enjoy it cause you are never off
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Low pay, who you know enviroment, Stupid HR

They say its a 'family company' enviroment. If they mean some people get away with anything and get raises and promotions because of who they are close to then yes. Mostly can't make the best money because the tickets aren't done right and the equipment is broken a lot. Stuff isn't in the right place it says so you can't find it and it takes to long to close an order.Managers can't figure out how to deal with covid. Some people get forced to stay home and some other people get to work with same symptoms. If you get a backache, dizzy, and headache from pulling a muscle lifting heavy boxes and get sent home because two of those symptoms are covid. Stupid. And no pay if they make you stay home for symptoms even if you get negative test. People got fired for missing to much work when HR was the one making them stay home so much.People mess up a lot and get better jobs anyway because they are friends with managers.
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They dont care

Overall it is a great company to work for its management that is the problem. They dont take in consideration that people have actual lives outside of that building.
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Great work environment only downside low pay and avg. Benefits ldrship good hrs low like low so overall it not a bad place to work if your young and live with family or friends not a single person workplace
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Worst company I’ve ever worked for

Stay away! Worst job ever. Company does not care about their employees. And then the work does not match the pay. Equipment stays broke all the time or have more issues than a little bit. Stay away
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Unorganized company for drivers. The warehouse loads the truck backwards. The manager doesn't care for you unless you're an #$% kisser. If you do get a job here keep in mind to just do the job, be safe, and get a check.
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challenging work with high school environment

the only way to make $40 an hour is by working in the freezer, cooler or produce. you are supposed to put a sticker on a box and a box on a pallet. in the cold side you will have to lift up to 100lb boxes even over your head, so your back will be dying at the end of the night. Working in the dry department there is no motivation by the other selectors and you can only make $37 an hour. It is almost impossible to hit top pay in dry because of the way the tickets have been routed. A lot of drama happens here especially when new people start or someone catches an attitude


can make $40 an hour an $60 OT


body hurts, no life outside of work
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Would not recommend

Poor pay and poor benefits! They expect you to be there 24/7 no matter the weather. No matter if you have already worked your shift. If it’s not covered then you have to stay for however long. No breaks.
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work was good

Stressful , management has preference , workplace culture is old , no respect , the hardest part of the work was dealing with the management , the most enjoyable part of the job was going home,
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Just Don't

Cheney Brothers is the worst. Management is horrible and tends to have favorites, which is just against policy. No work/life balance, only ONE break throughout the day. Long hours, little pay. It's basically a plantation.
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Good paying job

If you don’t mind working 6 days a week this a good job for you. You will get paid well but don’t expect to have any time to spend it. They’re unorganized but they try


Pays good


They want you to work all the time
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They have all the resources you need to succeed

It’s not an easy job. You have to walk into restaurants cold and sell but they equip you with everything you need. My manager was always available and willing to help. It’s a grind but if you stick to it and work hard you can earn a very good living.
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