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Buena en todo me encanta servirle al cliente y me gusta satisfacer mi trabajo .


Cossma, gobierno.


Hay descanso
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"My pleasure" is the Chic-Fil-A way.

Chic-fil-a is a wonderful place to work. I believe the key to their excellent service is positivity and teamwork all around. Employees are encouraged to not only meet but exceed guests' needs. All the while supporting each other, and advancing together.
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Amazing Crew

Chick-Fil-A is the only company where workers seem to enjoy their work. Every single worker here are supportive of one another and uplift one another, even when we are behind on orders. Hours sucks, but it shouldn’t matter if you’re wanting some money and have no bills to pay.
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Seems good at first. But it’s a lie. They throw you in second day. And you sink or swim. And even if you swim, it’s not for long. The managers are determined to use up all of your use and then discard you
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Stressful and Tiring Job

I worked there for over four months and I just recently left because of the amount of stress that is put in you during shifts. Not everyone is toxic there but when someone is being toxic it makes for a terrible experience at work. They don’t really care if you have things to do outside of work. I’ve been scheduled many times after i’ve asked for days off and it’s on you to get the shifts covered if you can’t make it which seems a bit unfair especially for someone in school. There is constant work especially during the weekends which is very tiring especially being understaffed.


One free meal every shift


Stressful, tiring, underpaid.
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Very fast paced

Very small space with a million things going on at one time. Don't really know who I could go and talk sometimes because it seems like the management was floating
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Nice place to work

Overall not a bad place, free food, etc, however low level management seems to get a bit power hungry sometimes and takes advantage of your lower position.
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Good first part-time job if you also go to school

I loved working there! I held the job only for a few months since I had to quit to focus on final exams, but they were very flexible with my work schedule and my high school schedule. I was in a lot of clubs so I could only work the night shift and they were very understanding.When another coworker made me uncomfortable, they were quick to have a talk with them and apologize on behalf of the employee. Very nice place if you like always doing something and structure!


$8.50 free lunch (if your store did good that month), closed early, structure, good policies


20 minute breaks, barely any time to use bathroom, entitled customers, VERY VERY busy
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Great first job

I loved the atmosphere, the people I worked with, and interacting with customers. Overall it was a great first job for me. I started out at 14 years old and worked my way up to a team leader! Sometimes management can get nit picky, but that’s anywhere.
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Productive and fun workplace

I enjoyed my time working at chick fil a, they had a good hourly rate for a college student and I was able to move up very quickly in leadership. The owner at the time was wonderful!
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It was great, now it's terrible

Terrile environment. Biased upper management. Rude lower "management". Most shifts are pure chaos, and it just sucks. Used to be great there. Now it's all about the money.
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Great Place

Great Team, Excellent Staffing and Management, great stepping stone to learn leadership expectations that can be applied to any work environment. I love it.
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Its exactly what you expect a fast food job would be like.

The job itself isn’t difficult; but you need A LOT of patience with coworkers and customers. That’s the most difficult part. You also need to be okay working in a fast-paced environment. Management isn’t the best. Favoritism will benefit you if you’re trying to move up positions. Breaks are terrible. You could be working a 10-12 hour shift and get one 30 minute break an hour into your shift. With the long hours you work you start to realize the pay isn’t equal to the amount of work you did. Of course it all depends on your location and how the managers run things. Best part about the job is that they're flexible with hours.
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It was a good place to work at in the beginning but, their management kind of went downhill and people are moody and rude sometimes.

The pay wasn't that bad and the people are funny but, there is a lot of drama and the managing went downhill as did the communication at the correct times. Sometimes it's like a playground and other times it's a dessert not really and in-between where the communication is good and their isn't just games and fun involved.
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its alright

there are to many people working there and i dont get scheduled. therefore I wsd not making money. my chickfila hired way to many people. i only get scheduled once a week and not working up to 4 weeks at a time and thats not good. overall 5/10


free lunch


to many people so not enough shifts
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Great Team, awful management

The working conditions were alright, if a little strict, the coworkers were great, made some fantastic freinds, but the management was awful, and played favorites.
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Fun workplace, management plays favorites

Overall fun place to work and they work around your school schedule if you're a student. However management plays favorites which can make things less enjoyable
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Management is horrible they do nothing but complain and watch everyone work

Management is horrible they do not care about you and will talk about you on the clock if you are a teen Chick-fil-A is not the best option for you they will play with your hours.
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Good coworkers, teamwork, and positive atmosphere,

At chick-fil- A they at every welcoming to new employees, much of the staff is friendly, senior leaders, and team leaders are very helpful as they keep a positive environment. I’ve learned a lot about teamwork since working there. Only negatives about the job are just some uneasy customers
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Productive and fun

Offer scholarships, simple part time job. Can be busy oftentimes. You meet great people there as well! I started off as a team member in the back and worked my way up into leadership by the age of 17 in high-school and college
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Not a good place

The managers have favorite people who they give raises too and they offer no benefits with minimum wage only good thing is that you get a paid 30 min break
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