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Restaurante buen trato en lo laboral y excelente equipo de teabajo
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It’s okay

It’s a company to make your money to help you do better or gain experience to move forward to something better. The company it’s self is not a company to trust.
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its ok

the benefits suck for part time. you have to wait a year to get full time benefits. you barley get any hours. management sucks. put in suggestions the ignore them


free food and drink


no breaks
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First bartending gig (2002). Was a fun environment and they offered quality training. Management was supportive. Most of my colleagues were supportive.
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Overworked and unappreciated

Restaurant was in constant need for more staff, but managers never seemed to be conducting interviews. They are almost never flexible with your schedule once you've chosen your availability and will constantly ask you to work double shifts.


Good tips if you can keep up with the fast paced environment and have good service for customers


Long hours, little flexibility, favoritism
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It's a fun place to work

It's really good exercise, and a fast pace environment Its perfect for people who like to move around and be on their feet all day instead of sitting at a desk.
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Terrible management structure

All about the profit. They don't care what you got going on, they don't want you to get overtime, they want you done and out the door as soon as possible after close. They have no communication to the cooks or servers about products that are out.
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Not really the greatest place to work.

Chilis is okay for the time being there is just a lot of drama and attitude. You get a lot of work put on you especially when over staffed they will work you then cut hours because corporate so you’ll go from having a ton of hours to not so many. You don’t get PTO or vacation days at all you need to request it in advance so they can approve it. They do “try to work with you” on scheduling and vacation but doesn’t always work out.
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Fun work place

The job was fun for the most part.The managers were nice sometimes had their days but still a nice environment.Pay was good and we got to keep tips.10/10
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great staff but management needs work

Overall experience was great. Great coworkers, pay, etc. but managers pick favs & switch up how things are supposed to be with runners and servers. runners are supposed to bring food and drinks for 4% tip which is taken from servers tips, but servers still have to run drinks and food with them. you pay runners your own money when you do half of their job. other than that the tips are pretty good and the staff is amazing. you'll meet some of the best people there. things just need to run smoother
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Good way to make money hard to get ours

It isn't hard to learn the system for to take down orders for customers. It is hard to get hours. The money can be good but you give 5% of your tips to the food runners
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You can put in work and make decent money

Short breaks, terrible clientele, and most of your "management" is done by those stupid table kiosks which people only use if they have something negative to say. You will get stiffed here on way too many tables due to the clientele, but you can make over $100 bucks a shift because of the number of tables you get at a time which helps make up for the non-tippers. Very flexible schedule, you don't get fired for calling out, and the people you work with are usually pretty cool.,


Flexible schedule


Clientele and management are trash
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Ok place to work

ok place to work if you like managers talking about you behind your back. Also if you like to be micromanaged by a manager who does not even know how to use their own computer system. General manager and district manager are a joke.
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Good pay, fast paced, overworked if understaffed, poor management.

I work dishwasher and it’s not to bad at all really but coworkers and management don’t make anything any easier for you. The main problem with my position is even with chilis being a million dollar corporation they’re cheap. As a dishwasher you work alone and on the busiest days they still expect you to be done and clocked out an hour and a half after close. They rather have speed over quality a lot of dishes done by others are dirty when put away. They don’t work the morning dishwasher from Monday -Thursday due to “not enough work hours” even tho they’ll work 5-6 cooks the same day most being doubles and closing and they can’t even fit in the kitchen together (cooks definitely favorited). so if you’re a night washer you are playing catch up all day and they still expect you to be out an hour and a half after close. There is help at times but not much and only when you’re super backed up to the point they need something. The dishwashing machine needs replacing but management is more worried about kitchen utilities and utensils even tho they’re in better condition than the dish machine. The machine has broken at least 5 times and none of kitchens utilities have broken down.
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Its okay

I come in early in the morning. Management is most of the time never here before they need to be, when I need to clock in, and I don't clock in until sometimes five to almost twenty minutes after I should already be working. My clock in time gets fixed but it's still time I've lost. Ive gotten praise in the past for being punctual yet it doesnt really mean anything when they aren't here to make it count lmao. GM is cool and always super helpful though. My position is good for people that need a side hustle since I have short hours.
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Get new management

This is by far one of the worst job experiences I’ve had. I don’t know if other Chilis are as bad as this location but management at this location has done nothing but gone down hill from when I first started working there. The favoritism with managers at this location is crazy and if you’re not one of the GM’s favorites you will literally not get hours. For as long as I’ve worked here it has never been about working hard and having seniority to get shifts it’s if you have a weird and creepy relationship with the GM. This location needs ALL new management immediately, it’s probably what would fix it. Never felt uplifted here, the work environment always felt so negative because other employees would talk to employees with the upmost disrespect and not even get consequences for it because they’ve worked there for 5 years and because they are one of the GMs favorites. Also the general manager should probably show some courage and actually fire people instead of giving them 0 days a week and making them think they’re still employed. Get new management
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Tight-knit, upbeat workplace

I loved working at Chili's! It was my favorite job by far. The team was like a family, and I always looked forward to going to work. It was great. I would love to go back someday.
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Wasn't bad. Good management. Line cook job is what you expect. It's what you make it. If you udid your job you were left alone. Hours were there if you wanted them
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Good company to work for.

Good company work for can be very challenging at times, and can be very rewarding. Must be totally focused, and be able to work long hours to achieve company objectives.
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Great employees horrible management

I do not recommend working at the chilis by cross creek mall. Management does not show employees respect, they show a lot of favoritism, and they use you for their own personal gain. I have worked for them for over 4 months with nothing to show for it except an bad back. I am an hardworking, goal-driven employee I should not have been treated the way that I was by management. I do not recommend working here at all.
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Hard work, but a challenging, fun, and rewarding first serving job

Chili's is a fun workplace. I love our menus, benefits, and work culture. However, because Chili's is a lower-priced restaurant, servers must take more tables than is sometimes feasible for one person just to make a fair amount of money for the workload. There's a lot of back work to be done, and it can be a lot when team members aren't working cohesively to ensure the restaurant runs smoothly. The training should also be more extensive so that team members know what they are talking about when it comes to the menu. However, I felt like the job itself was very rewarding, there was a very supportive staff and work culture, and it was a great first serving job to sharpen my skills without as much pressure of a higher-end restaurant.
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