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3,3Equilibrio vida personal/laboral

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Ambiente monotono

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bastante aburrido en general, el espíritu de trabajo era bastante bueno pero no promovían a mejorar
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Fast-paced and productive

Once you clock in it’s fast pace so be ready to work. I’ve learned how to work fast and efficiently. When rush hour comes it’s taught me to keep calm and focus on moving the line. Management is great I see things are always improving. The most challenging part of the job is keeping up with the timing of orders. The most enjoyable part is that it is fast pace so time flies and overall the environment is great.
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Overwhelming but okay

Can get very overwhelming due to heavy amount of orders and picky customers, but overall an okay job to work at. Communication is a huge part of working here as a crew member/grill (making sure meat/rice/beans were constantly being refilled etc.). I was employed as a high school student, so getting hours was extremely difficult since the majority of employees here were minors at the time. The closing shift is definitely the worst. Closing takes about 2-3 hours depending on how many people were available, which were not many. This especially sucks since the store closes at 11pm. I've had to stay until 1-2 AM due to this. Other than that, the management was pretty good, overall. Okay place to work at.
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Not great

Poor management all around. Gets very busy at lunch and dinner times and lines go very slowly. Expect to get yelled at by a customer If there are no chips or they’re stale.
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Not like it used to be

Have worked at Chipotle for 5 years. The biggest issue is the change in how labor is run and controlled in the restaurant. Shifts often run short and if you aren't fast enough to keep up, don't even bother. The people are good, the company is just shooting their management in the foot and then telling them to swim. As a Crew member, expect to work longer than your scheduled shift, and be treated as lazy or inconsiderate if you want to leave on time. And for certain positions, you literally will not be able to leave when you are scheduled. Expect little to no training in understaffed restaurants. Benefits are good, and certain positions are far easier than others. Can be a tough entry level job for those without experience. But everything you learn will definitely help you succeed in future careers.
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Great job

Supportive management, flexibility, fast pace, food discounts. I enjoy the team of people I work with plus we have great queso dip. You can promote within too
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Bad service bad everything

Didn’t like my job at all they will all treat you very bad and don’t care if you’re sad or depressed they want you to keep working ! Sorry some people get sad
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Good high school job

Learned a lot about food safety and prep. Worked here a few months after high school, free meals were worth it alone back in those days. Friendly coworkers and management.
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A lot more than dishing out food

The job is tolerable depending on how good you are with your co-workers. However its a lot more than putting food into bowls and often times shifts are understaffed which is terrible during rush hours. Slow days are fine, and the closing process is on a different level-a lot of work for the pay.
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Cool and decent

nothing much about chipotle, it gets stressful at times and you feel tired, but other times you talk with your coworkers who really connect with you and are chill no matter what. Very positive culture in my location.
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Supportive Workplace

Excellent community. Had a great experience and learned a lot on the job. Good mobility and positioned me well for another job in the industry. Would highly recommend
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fun and healthy working environment

everything is great, benefits is good, although minimum payment but the management is nice to you, you work in a team, and you wont feel out of place
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Fun job great environment but had trouble with schedule and getting out late. The workers are really fun though and it’s fun to work but only had issues with my hours.
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Productive, fun, stressful

Chipotle is like any restaurant. Its fast pace, busy, stressful, and fun. You'll be on your feet and constantly interacting with customers and coworkers. Effective communication is a must.
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Very Draining

Working at chipotle is great until it isn’t! Management is almost always terrible no matter what location you work at, it’s extremely drama filled and it’s just mot worth it if you want to work somewhere that brings you a peace of mind.
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Hectic & Favoritism

Great job overall where you’ll meet nice people but support system is not there. Managers will always play favorites. Often you’ll have good days and bad but that comes with the food industry.
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Strict policies and drama

Management sucks. All basically kids running the place. Customers are rude and entitled. So much drama while working here. Nobody fallows the food recipes
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Fast-paced but fun

Management was very supportive and it was fun working with coworkers. There is a lot of opportunity for growth working here. Also a good way of building experience for food service jobs.
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Make the best of it at times

Great job at times, pays sucks tho better than qdoba very healthy as well, a lot of work but not enough pay, want you to work harder than the next person when it’s fast food
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Decent Work

- Great coworkers and understanding managers- Scheduling of hours was inconsistent- Pay was alright- Free meal for each shift worked- 30 minute break for 6 hours worked
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It’s alright

Looks great on paper. Benefits, decent compensation, emphasis on REALNESS. It’s insanely fast paced and upper management is ran by incompetent humans that are extremely selfish and money-hungry. It’s alright.
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