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No hay compromiso de parte de los managers en cuanto a la estabilidad laborar y ascensos

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siempre te recalcan los aspectos negativos, la ayudante de cocina es grocera y racista, te sacan si no hay costumens hay un buen ambiente entre companeros, lo mas dificil es el area de cocina y preparacion caliente es un trabajo a presion, pocas horas de trabajo por tanto baja remuneracion
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Fun place to work and yummy trash can tacos

The only thing I would say was a negative when I worked here was that you could get a free taco but you had to eat over a trash can that’s why it’s called a “trash can taco”
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Fun and quirky workplace, Questionable Management

Like always with corporate restaurants, management is questionable. I can confidently say that this is the best restaurant I have worked at, though. The main reason I took a star away was for the specific cons of the management. After 5 years of working there I never felt truly appreciated, favoritism was definitely a prevalent factor in this. The GM micromanages often and also speaks poorly of employees to other employees and has very poor boundaries when it comes to speaking to her employees professionally.
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Overall a good experience

I worked this job in high school. It was a pretty relaxed and fun environment. Mostly I was selling T-shirts, seating people, cleaning menus... Nothing much to it.
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Run a bare bones staff. So upper management can make bigger bonuses and get awards. Also relationships between upper management and staff aren’t good.




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They ruined Chuys

Like many other concepts, Chuys went public and grew way faster than they could manage. Quanity over quality is the new game with a major focus on togo sales. The old school rules of keeping the place impressively clean and organized, doing everything you can for the guest and simply HAVING FUN have been replaced with over worked managers, skeleton crew wait staffs and so on. I have worked at four different Chuys locations since 2010 and each one had its plusses and minuses. Upon my return to the Austin market I've seen a true unraveling of what was once a great location and great company. I could make a list of the things but why? I'm a 13 year employee. I quit yesterday. I threw out all of my Chuy's shirts in shame. Is that list enough? Servers, stay away from Chuy's.
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Amazing work environment

It’s a great place to work to learn and develop new skills. Management is wonderful willing to work with you and help you with anything you need it’s a place of patience and learning opportunities
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Can be good money, but very toxic work environment.

Pros: Good servers can make good money, bad servers can still make decent money. Opportunity for hours. Cons: high turnover, low morale, bullying is prevalent, management allows employees to wear their feelings on their sleeve so when one person has a bad day we all do, no management support.
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Fun place to work

Had opportunity to open store, the whole process of putting the inside of the restaurant was really cool. Most of it is done my hand. Fun place to work, homemade tortillas are delicious.
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Have been working at Chuy’s since 2014! They are like a family and very flexible! Every year we have a Christmas party and a Thanksgiving party. Very friendly and very flexible with your schedule.
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Decent place to work

I enjoyed my time working there. Everyone was super helpful and kind! The pay was decent. I know some that made more than others. Managers could have been kinder and more understanding but overall a good place to work.
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It was your average restaurant experience

I worked at the location for a while. For a long time they kept with the same management staff but things eventually shook up and they shook up a lot. After the first GM for that location left there were about three that came through until they got the guy that is currently there. Like many restaurants some people were favorites of some managers and others were just kind of just flying under the radar. Towards the end of my time some people that were training new hires had not been there longer than a few months while others that knew that they were doing watched as stuff was taught wrong. We also had cut BOH staff to the point where it was hard to occasionally get a manager to come to a table in the middle of a busy night service.I have popped back by sense and I think they are doing a little better and I don't wish them ill will.


Free lunch on a double


If you are too good in one spot they don't look at you for advancement quickly
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Unprofessional Culture

Company culture and work/life balance was horrible. "We work while others play." What that actually means is that you will be required to be at a manager meeting every Monday at 8:30 am-10 am. Regardless of its your day off or you are closing that night. (Only excuse is if you were approved for PTO.) Then after meeting, go home and come back 5 hours later for your shift. If you are the bar or kitchen manager, add coming in by 5 am for inventory before the weekly meeting because inventory must be entered by 7 am and reviewed. Add to that, you probably closed Sunday night because the GM and AGM never do. So in a 2 day period, you worked 23 hours minimum with 4 hours sleep between 2 shifts. And if your days off happened to be Monday and Tuesday that week, you cant go anywhere enjoyable with your family until after the meeting. But no worries, you wont get 2 days off in a row unless you use PTO anyway! But who cares. "It's just beans and rice!" Which also means that you will run kitchen shifts as the service, host, or bar manager. While the 3 kitchen managers are not required to work anything but the job they were hired for. Nope! Wrong again. They'll actually just be in line or prep position all the time. And if you do choose to manage here, ask for A LOT more than your last job, to make it worth your while.
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Loved working here

Great fun place to work the management was good to us. I’d keep working here if i didn’t leave for college. Food is made from scratch fresh ingredients
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Fair pay if you’re a favorite

This place has reminded me why I stopped working in the restaurant industry. If you’re going to work at the William Cannon location be prepared to hate it every day. They instill fear onto their employees.
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Great Environment

The colorful decor and lively music really create a fun and upbeat environment for both the customers and the employees. The management team is also amazing and they go above and beyond to ensure that everyone is happy and taken care of. They are always available to listen to any concerns or ideas that we may have, which makes me feel valued as an employee.
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Solid Serving Job

Pretty typical serving job. Training can be a little tedious in terms of learning the menu, but afterwards the job is straightforward. Money fluctuates greatly, so you can make decent or bad money, depending on your shift/section. Managers and workers are great and fun to work with.
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Just another chain

Depending on your upper management you will have drastically different experiences. They grew way too fast and try to support 100+ locations with a skeleton corporate staff.
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fun environment

fun people but poor management. Many people were payed incorrect paystubs but management compensated for what was necessary. Also servers would not help each other buss food so there was often lots of food on the counter
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Emotionally draining

The managers were pretty manipulative and cruel at times but my coworkers were super cool. I made decent money but the amount of sidework didn’t always make it worth it. It was typical to spend 2.5 hours doing sidework, silverware, cleaning, etc.
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very fun place to work with majority good people

It’s a good starting job if you want to get into the restaurant industry and learn about how the restaurant works it’s easy to climb the ladder. Good people and a good environment. Be ready for fast paced days and very slow days.


very understanding management. good communication. schedules are easily fixed.


there’s not a whole lot of help in FOH
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