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Excelente lugar para iniciar una carrera profesional

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Cisco me dio las herramientas y el conocimiento para ser un profesional en la industria, pero crecer es un proceso lento y burocrático, pienso que a veces es necesario salir del equipo para poder volver con un mejor salario
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Strong culture, weak on accountability

While the senior leadership does their best to establish a strong culture, whether you experience it will depend upon your business unit leadership, and manager. There is a lack of accountability and clarity.
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Complex system but very interesting

Not too diverse, but lot of learning and growth. Licensing is very complex. Networking products are very good. Webex need lots of improvement. People work under fear of losing job all the time
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Good! Good program to foster talent, good benefits and good pay, and once you bond with your team, caring culture.I would recommend to anyone who really wants a networking career.
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Fun, tough, a bit static

The work and people are lovely, pay’s great. The only complaint is common in sales— a great year only gets more piled on until you’re essentially trying to squeeze water from a stone. The most successful people I knew tended to hop regions once they felt on had been tapped out.
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happy place

good leaders great benefitsgood leaders great benefitsThanks and regards to the office today is the best for you to be a good day at work now so I can do it for you
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Productive and fun place to work

Great atmosphere overall, good learning. Leader in the networking, lot to learn. Would recommend anyone who loves networking. By far place to work……….
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Good company

Working at Cisco offers numerous benefits and advantages. Firstly, Cisco is a global technology leader, providing employees with opportunities to work on cutting-edge innovations in networking, cybersecurity, and cloud technology. The company fosters a culture of innovation, encouraging employees to think creatively and solve complex problems.Cisco also places a strong emphasis on work-life balance, offering flexible work arrangements and generous paid time off. The company is committed to diversity and inclusion, creating an inclusive workplace that values individual contributions and perspectives.Career development at Cisco is highly encouraged, with ample opportunities for skill enhancement and advancement. Employees benefit from competitive compensation packages, comprehensive healthcare, and retirement plans. Furthermore, Cisco is dedicated to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, allowing employees to contribute to meaningful causes.In summary, working at Cisco is attractive due to its innovative environment, commitment to employee well-being, diversity and inclusion initiatives, career growth opportunities, and dedication to making a positive impact on the world.
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Good work life balance

The company is good for people with family. Company has good benefit. Great work life balance with average pay in networking companies. Company senior leadership team try hard to listen to employee feedback. Have been in the company for 17 years now.
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workplace culture

highly collaborative/supportive overall environment but may vary based on your particular group. Healthy work-life balance and teammates generally have your back.
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Fun place to work

Cisco encourages work life balance. You learn a lot through the diverse product portfolio. And everyone is more than willing to help whenever you need it
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Experience depends on your leader and department

My 2nd tour at Cisco. Nothing like the first. This one was so stifling and non motivating. Manager played favorites but the worst part was trying to do a great job, only to be told by 3 other departments that everything you did to improve the content was "not the way" we do things.
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Great place to work but needs to innovate

Great place to work but needs to innovate. Other companies in bay area are growing faster with newer technologies and better benefits. Work Life balance was good and the teams were great.
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Solve challenging problems

Great pay and benefitsWork life balance could be betterCulture depends on your manager and teamMost teams are very busy, the problems are challenging and the schedule is tight
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Productive and fun workplace

I really love the culture here and the benefits are amazing! It truly is the #1 place to work. If you are really into tech and Cisco products, this is the place for you
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Nice place to work.

Working at Cisco has been an incredible experience that has exceeded my expectations in every way. From the moment I joined the team, I've been met with a warm and inclusive environment that values collaboration, innovation, and personal growth. being an employee at Cisco is an enriching journey that offers growth, innovation, balance, and a sense of purpose. The company's core values are not just buzzwords; they are reflected in every aspect of the workplace. If you're seeking a fulfilling career that challenges you and allows you to contribute to meaningful technological advancements, Cisco is the place to be.
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Good place to work

Good place to work, with great people aroumd and good incentives and perks, eg. travel, client visits, gifts and etc. You always have to be visible around, giving continuous input on the project you are working in. Could be challenging and stressful, but overall a very good company to work for.
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Great culture but hard Worklife balance

Operations job required a different kind of grind. Everyone is cool but it’s a low heroic job and required daily grind to achieve results expected, as complacency with over-seas partners (not fellow Ciscoians) creates excess meetings and work
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very good company to work for

Great career opportunities, great team managers, great flexibility and package. The heart of Cisco is the bright people you are lucky to work with and for
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Very Good

Very good companyWork culture is very goodHowever pressure of work is very high. Pay grade is also very goodShift timings are fissible for the employees.
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Diversity support is a joke

They talk a lot about DEI but it is not supported through out the organization. Middle management is not on board with the different social justice programs.
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