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-El servicio de comedor, los uniformes y el transporte son excelentes.-Se aprende a realizar las actividades solo o con poca ayuda, es frustrante pero cuando te acostumbras aprendes mucho sobre liderazgo.-Varias peleas entre compañeros cuando surgen problemas, no se buscan soluciones.-Poca atención por parte de gerentes a lo que sucede en el equipo.-Las actividades de comunidad son muy gratificantes.
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Kind people, good work.

They were accommodating and patient. It's a busy environment, differents aspects to learn, the pay is average depending on your role. I enjoyed my time working there
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Corporate/Management is too full of themselves to be relevant to what you do out in the field.

As the old saying goes,” **it rolls down hill”. ‘Mother Cummins’ and Management have a high opinion of themselves and rather than staying focused on what should be their core competencies, they put a lot of their capital into coming up with misguided plans that roll down hill and land on the shoulders of Territory Reps and others who have to face end users and try to explain their confusing policies, clean up their messes, and be put under pressure to sell their overpriced but only average quality parts and service.Then every handful of years, they will try to get their act together by doing a disorganized restructuring, having layoffs, only to have no better outcome than they had before. Meanwhile, the corporate leadership back in Columbus get obscene multi-million dollar bonuses and boast about what a great ‘woke’ company they are!
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Work-Life Balance

Ideal company for those looking for work-life balance. Best for women employees. Benefits and compensation can be a little better. Health and safety is given top-most priority here.
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Workshop is good condition

Cummins company is best company all facilities for available for all satafes and all works best for working is not hard work your rite work for Shop floor
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Como costura comer contra colar comício couro colher.
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Great pay and benefits if you don’t mind your life revolving around work

I worked At Cummins on 3 separate occasions and each time felt the same as the last. Neither good nor bad it’s easy to get stuck there for years on end due to the great pay and benefits offered by the company. Some of which include a partially company matched 401k, a health-card containing $1100 for any medical expenses reloaded yearly, dental insurance that covers cleanings, decent medical coverage too. The 19 days on 2 off gets old though. As a temp you can expect to be worked sometimes multiple weekends in a row your not actually guaranteed two days off a month until after you get your time in. As you can imagine with easy work and long work weeks there is bound to be some drama and there is.. a lot.. people will throw you under the bus so be careful there! Overall I didnt have any issues but beware!They will drug test you twice once ar the beginning of your 6 month temporary assignment and another time by Cummins health center themselves.


Paid breaks, great pay, benefits, clean environment, air conditioning, easy work


Short lunch 20 min, only 2 days off a month, only ~7 sick days for the entire year, vacation accumulates yearly with 3-7 days given initially after 6 months.
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Is a,good job just alot of work and union politics.

Not a bad place just alot of cliques and work politics. Works really good on a resume. Work can be touch and go through depending on the politics. Landing a good Cummins job is 25% hard work 25% knowledge and 50% dumb luck.


Great benefits, safety allowance, travel, advancement, and profit sharing.


Always work, other times barely work, all pro depends on politics at the moment, management treats workers uncaring. Very cliquey
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Excellent workplace

Good place to work, especially the advantage of working for somewhere that makes the solid Cummins engine. Training was fantastic, especially considering the depth of work that is required.
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The company itself is a great place to work. I have no complaints

Management teams need development. Very limited management and people skills. Most managers had very little secondary education such as college. Management had difficulties meeting. maintaining, and relating to higher quality standards.
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People you work with are amazing management are not that great

Most the people you work with are good people but the management and safety team only seem to care if it affects them you get to move to new positions but it takes weeks to get The pay increase and they don't back date it to when you start the job. Benefits are definitely good along with the IRA accounts it's nice that they have an inhouse clinic but the management plays favoritism
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old grand father Company

The review title says it all. OLD grand fathered company. Long working hours and minimal work life balance. Management is usually good but they dont care remaining 90% of work force and only look up at top 10%.
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People culture before it was cool

The human component is very important at Cummins. Like with most companies the work life balance and culture is dependant on the health of the organization you report through. Great company as a whole
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Good place, compensation not so much

A good place to work, for the most part, the newer employees coming in get better and better pay and employees who have been here fall behind. I found out recently new hires are making more than those of us who have been with the company and was told "it has happened to us all, it's part of the job if you just stick with it and don't leave the pay will eventually even out." Not a rousing endorsement to stay when you are not being compensated to match incoming individuals with no prior work experience.
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Results May Vary By Location

I worked at a branch in Southern California, and then a year after quitting I relocated to work in Arizona. Now the So Cal branch was awesome, we had an amazing team in every department, techs, supervisors, parts, management. Compensation was beyond any of our competitors and we didn't work weekends.HOWEVER, then I went to Arizona and compensation was severely lacking in all departments compared to the current cost of living in the state and there were no intentions on raising it at any point within the next 2+ years. Also our branch manager transferred and the new (1st time) branch manager had absolutely no clue what he was doing and quickly divided the job that used to work extraordinarily well as one big team. He'd blame others for his own mistakes and then terminated 1 or more employees for his own (unreasonable) justifications. It's very hard to rate Cummins as a whole because they allow branch managers to fire employees at their own will, yet it takes a team of departments to HIRE new employees. So if you have a bad manager, you risk failure in the branch and a terrible experience with the company.


No weekends (varies by location), great benefits, compensation (varies) but was great in California, discounts on a lot of brands in various industries as an employee, including car dealerships, sporting events, etc.


Inconsistent management, Inconsistent "flat rate" pricing, lack of staffing, high turnover rates throughout the company, multiple layoffs within my 4 years in the company, corporate is all about numbers and return on investment, huge pressure to keep numbers up regardless the factors you're battling, Human Resources has way too much unchecked power
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Good place to start your career

Great place to start your career right out of university especially for international student.. Cummins sponsors H1B visa and are very good with GC sponsorship as well.. There are opportunities to grow but you need to be with the right manager who puts you on the right projects.. Hard work by itself wouldn't get you anywhere..
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clean and air conditioned. easy work. bad management

Easy work, A/C, Clean. Highly woke management political correctness is stifeling. Drama, hours are unpredictable, management doesn't hold people accountable.
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No support whatsoever. Only interested in ensuring their own success as well as the success of their friends and family. Progression and development are not guaranteed and employees who’s face does not match are managed out.
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Great place to work if you enjoy chaos, manipulation and upper management letting you do what you want to avoid anything getting to head of corporate
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Lindo lugar para trabajar

Lindo lugar para trabajar. Buenos Remuneración/Beneficios
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You get the opportunity to work on the world's best diesels.

Management sucks. Worst in the industry. Surround themselves with talent & then claim all the glory. Fellow technicians on the floor are some of the best in the industry. Since the CSSNA transition shop operations feel more like assembly line operations.


No weekends, unlimited training available.


Management, pay, benefits.
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