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DaVita is about life. We’re an industry leader in providing compassionate, quality care to more than 200,000 patients—but we’re more than just a dialysis provider. DaVita is actually an Italian phrase for “giving life,” which is why my teammates and I voted to rename the company this back in 2000. We’re about enriching the lives of our patients, – 
At DaVita, we strive to be a community first and a company second.There is always time to have a little fun!Freedom Playground Build - we believe in serving our community!Partnering with the amazing Give Kids the World organization on a charity project.
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At DaVita, we often say we are a community first and a company second. Our teammates work together to serve more than 194,600 patients through DaVita Kidney Care and other health care services. We define our culture as The DaVita Way. The DaVita Way means that we dedicate our Head, Heart, and Hands to pursue the Mission, live the Values, and build a healthy Village. It means that we care for each other with the same intensity we care for our patients. We believe that by caring for each other, we can improve health care, grow leaders and make a real difference in the communities we serve. Diversity Programs & Initiatives At DaVita, we strive to be a community first and a company second. Our vision is, "A diverse Village where everyone belongs."  To realize our vision we take a collaborative, leader-led, and teammate-driven approach to building our Diversity & Belonging (D&B) program. When people are encouraged to challenge themselves, be leaders at work and home, grow, and be healthy, they can become a better version of themselves. DaVita is committed to providing resources and support for our teammates that help set them up for success in multiple aspects of their lives. We support a strong representation of women and people of color by: Investing in our teammates: We have a diverse and broad suite of specialized development programs that allow teammates to learn, grow and reach their full potential. This includes coaching and mentoring programs, cohort learning, and individual development plans customized to each teammate.  Building a diverse leadership pipeline: Our external recruiting efforts include striving for a diverse candidate slate and interview panel whenever possible, diverse sourcing strategies, and partnerships with diverse student organizations at universities. Diversity & Belonging Across DaVita, we celebrate the unique experiences and perspectives of our teammates. We are building a community where teammates can bring their complete skills to their patients and each other. We want all teammates to think, "DaVita is where I belong."  Traditionally, organizations focus on diversity and inclusion from one centralized office. Our approach is intentionally different: We focus on embedding diversity and belonging into everything we do, and we encourage all our leaders to foster these values in their teams.  We're proud to report:  Women lead 78% of our clinics Women comprise 46% of our senior management 30% of our board of directors are women, and 20% are ethnic minorities

RN Career Story

Be the Kind of Nurse You Want to Work With As a nurse at DaVita, you will give life every day in our clinics and hospitals to patients. We are committed to a culture of nursing excellence and advancement. A key focus is creating robust development opportunities for our nurses to grow within DaVita – across all experience levels and across the United States. There are many nursing opportunities across the DaVita Village. Whether you are looking for a patient-facing/caregiving role (with Kidney Care or one of our strategic business initiatives) or to grow (leadership operations, corporate functions, integrated care, clinical research), we can guide you on that journey. We are always looking for great nurses who are committed to elevating the health and quality of life of patients around the world.

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General Day in the Life Before a PCT receives a patient into the treatment area, s/he will disinfect the dialysis machine and clear any trash from the area. When the area is ready, the PCT will receive the patient, weigh him/her and check vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure, which are logged into the patient's chart. The PCT will also ask questions about the patient's health and whether they experienced any problems after their last dialysis session.  This will also be noted in the patient's file, and any concerns will be brought to the attention of a nephrology nurse. The PCT will then program the dialysis machine to the patient's settings, assess and prepare the vascular access, and connect the dialysis tubing to the access. The PCT will also look at the access to ensure it is in good working order.  Dialysis treatment can take several hours. The PCT will monitor the patient and check vital signs every half-hour and monitor the dialysis machine for the entire treatment time. A PCT may monitor up to 4 patients at any given time. After the patient is done dialyzing, the PCT will take the patient off the machine and weigh them again. They will also send the patient's dialyzer to the reuse technicians for cleaning and disinfection if the patient is on reuse. The PCT will then prepare the area for the next patient. Internal DaVita data. 2018.

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