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Buenas horas


Poco personal
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Horrible job

Very very shady company would not recommend to work there. All of there staff is way underpaid and overworked . Upper management is unaware of things going on in stores. Restaurants are run down . No chance of receiving any bonus . Horrible company mistreats there employees.
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Good people, bad business

The people you work with become family but only because you all have the same things stressing you out. Managers yelling at you, hour long food waits, terrible food. People mostly tip because they feel bad or, if your personable enough, because they like you. Your coworkers are all old catty adults that fight like highschools and gossip all shift.
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Denny's is a great company to work for.

I loved working there because of the pay and the customers. The team and the customers made me so happy. Oh and the management was outstanding. The owner cared about the whole house from the dishwasher to the management.
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Worst compamy to work for

Doesnt pay enough and servers only make money when there is only 2 servers if anymore you are lucky to leave with $70 a night. Morning servers only work about 4- 6 hour shift while evening servers work 8-10.
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Over worked and understaffed

They try to trap you into covering shifts when others don't show up. Very dirty kitchen area. Nothing is made from scratch. All pre-made pre packaged quick hea and serve food.
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Stressful and fun

Worked there for 15 years. Has its ups and downs like any resturant business. Great pay, great upper management. Would go back in the future. Free meals!
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Worst place in york to work.

Shift supervisor looks out for only herself. Throws other employees under the bus and lies about them. Management lets her do and say what she wants. My time there she ran off at least 15 employees and numerous customers and nothing was ever said or done about it.
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Easy, but low pay, terrible tips, and excessive side work

The job is technically easy, if you’ve ever waitresses before you can do it easily. However, the pay is terrible, the tips are low due to low check totals, and the side work they assign will keep you at work for an extra hour on busy days!They’re also constantly understaffed.
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Employee Beware: I have worked for several different hats, this company was the worst. Never train or staff properly. Never appreciate you. Will put you in dangerous situations and still only worry about the doors being open. They play favorites and push responsibilities upon people without compensation . The worst ever. Do not recommend.
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Fun people to work with

The staff at Dennys is very nice. The longer I stayed the more they felt like a family. They are very busy in the mornings but on off seasons they do tend to be a bit slower
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It’s okay

I worked at Dennys on 16 for over a year. When starting it was a very good place to work. Good people, great money, and easy job which was very flexible. The only issue I had was the previous management who always had a scapegoat. The restaurant changed overtime though the management got better, however, sales declined, big parties stiffing you, less money, some of the new people were lazy and problematic. Overall, Dennys was a very okay job for a time.


Flexibility, management, coworkers


No breaks, little compensation, lack of tips, terrible customers
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Horrible workplace

Management is not good and none of them last long. Servers do way too much for what they are paid for and normally make just over a hundred a day or less due to lack of cooks. 1-2 cooks on the weekends which are the busiest days. Ticket times are awful all the time even on slow days and management doesn’t seem to care just sit around, eat and do nothing. Overall horrible work environment
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Its a good place to start with getting work experience

dennys is a fast pace job where u are on your feet most of the time. When its slow it could get boring. If you have a good manager its a pretty chill environment to work in.


free lunch and good tips


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Good Job but depends on your owners.

It’s a great job, simple tasks. Can be demanding hour wise with staff shortages. Resources for franchise are horrible compared to Company owned stores.
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Fast paced and always busy. Personally better that way. More tips.

At first it was fun and my co workers are all nice and cool people. Overall, I really did love serving but Management sucks. They take advantage of whatever situation you’re in to guilt trip you into coming in on your only day or days off and when they don’t need you anymore they completely cut your hours really bad. At times I have had no breaks on long shifts and if I did, once in a while I had to work during my break/lunch. They’ve even made me work a double shift in a day with only one lunch/break.


50% off employee meals. 25% off family and friends


Sometimes no breaks/lunch. Bad management.
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Not a positive environment

Franchise operation. The owners did not get along. One was a restaurant multi-unit manager the other was a construction company owner. They did not see eye to eye on operations.
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loved my coworkers

i made good money & loved my coworkers. it was an okay job until all of the cooks quit at the same time & they cut down the hours for everyone. my managers were awesomez
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Living nightmare!!

Employees very rude and disrespectful to everyone!!! Toxic environment!! A lot Of fighting among everyone, constantly complaining about anything and everything!!
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Very energetic get upqnd go buisness.

Awesone boss who always gave you props when you did your job. The motivation of being surrounded by the living customers. The smile on theyre face when you served them hot fresh tasty food.
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Overworked but fun with coworkers

I worked here 4 almost 10 years. It was great at first but after covid its gone down hill drastically! Now all they care about is money. They never staff enough people woth the amount of work needed on the shift.
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