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Se trabaja mucho, ya que era temporada y mucha gente llegaba al local, sin embargo el trabajo era bueno, tenia compañeros de trabajo amables.




Muy poco tiempo de descanso y horarios bastante extendidos.
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overworked underpaided

The AC does not work at all, so employees are drenched in sweat in the processing room. Leads in the department have to work twice as hard for low pay. on truck days you can expect 89 to 90 plus boxes of shoes, socks, cleats, crocs, and other footwear accessories while trying to help customers. just not getting enough help and feeling overwhelmed and physically and mentally broken. but some customers are nice some are not. Employees are nice too mostly college students or young adults
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Worked at two of their stores…

Worked at two locations, both had great coworkers, horrible management. Expect to do the impossible with no time. Only job I’ve ever dreaded going to. They pay great, but will not give the hours you need to support yourself. Also the most greedy company I’ve experienced to date. Put my two weeks in with both managers and when they still kept me scheduled post two weeks claimed that I never had and therefor would not be let go on good times. Unless this is just a summer job, avoid it. The coworkers are awesome but that is not enough for what you will deal with
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Decent job, gets old

Great discount but gets old overtime. Very demanding with some tasks and the customers can be rude. 25% discount on most items. Management is ok and flexible
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Horrible place to work

Very stressful, mean manager, limited breaks, if your late you will get yelled out to the max, if a coworker called off your expected to fill in for them
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Guaranteed hours and pay straight

Management changed. Offered a lot of overtime as wanted but do have a lot mandatories as well. They train you on a lot of equipment. 4 days on and 3 days off. Hot tho.
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great place to work

For starters, I work in the golf department and will only speak about my experiences. I started working there in February 2022 and felt like I was a part of the team from day one. Management is great, coworkers are great, and has a fun lighthearted work environment.
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Good company

Company has opportunity for growth inside of company.Fast paced and good work environment.Plenty of sports equipment for team sports and for individuals.
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Good for right out of high school

I would say this place is a good start for just getting out of high school. It helps you learn how to manage your time and learn how to interact with people entering the store. Most of my time working there it was okay. It could be really busy one minute and the next not very busy at all. EX: 3-4 people coming in an hour. Most of the time when the store was busy I felt like it was hard to get people up to the registers to help check people out. After store hours (clean up) If you were to ask someone for help and or ask if they could clean their station, it would be non stop attitude until they felt like apologizing to you, and or until they felt like being nice... Take this review as you please...


Plenty of food places' near by


Very disorganized, Some rude co workers
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Most employees are very helpful and will take time to help with other departments except management.

Although many employees will often take time and help other departments, management has since taken a not my problem approach. Recently a new store manager has come to this location and most of the time is sitting in the office ignoring the problem of other associates. Departments seem to have gotten worse with new management. All of them are disorganized with no one to fix them because we do not have the hours or employees. It has become an overly frustrating environment with many people wanting to leave. Incredibly disappointing and dissatisfied.
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Ok job if you want to work less and get no promotions

DICK'S Sporting Goods doesn't really care about their employees. They'll literally hire anyone as their store manager if you kissed their butt pretty good. The only good part about working their are the co-workers. They are very helpful, fun, and safe to be around (kinda like a 2nd family).
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Very productive and repetitive

Not a bad job, it just becomes very repetitive and exhausting with little to no interaction with anyone which makes the days seem longer. Prepare to be on your feet for 10-12 hours. Given how much over time can be required, they should offer more PTO as well.


Discounts on merchandise


It just becomes draining after so long.
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It was a fun and good work environment got worse over time

Current management definitely has favorite and it shows, one could put all their effort and hard work but most time they make you feel like it’s not good enough
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Good part time job for college/high school kids

I enjoyed it, days can be long on sports promotions or back to school but overall pretty laid back environment. Leads in each department will be friendlier than store managers but nothing really to complain about.
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Toxic workplace

Overworked and underpaid. Mandatory OT every other week. Management can’t seem to figure out how to run the place efficiently and there is a lot of favoritism. Toxic co-workers. Steer clear, not worth your time or energy.
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Great work place

Great work environment Great life to work balance highly recommend if you’re in school or trying to pursue another career on the side as well. Wish they would pay a little more
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Amazing workplace with a great team behind it

It was exactly what you would expect out of a big company, good managers, great leads, amazing ops team. Overall it did not matter what department you were in we all worked as a team
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I will never work here again

Dick's Sporting Goods as a company does not care bout there employs and we are all just numbers to them. They don't pay well and it is like pulling teeth to move up in the company.
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Needs improvement

Focus on the customer is a must. If you fall behind on task be prepared for repercussions even though you’re told to prioritize the customer over tasking. 3 trucks a week can get tiresome and can be physically draining and leaves no time in between to catch up on work from days prior. Explanations are viewed as excuses and are not welcome.
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Not the team atmosphere I expected, everyone for themselves!

Unless you are a department head or manager, you at pretty much treated as “the help” the store I worked in was kind of a mess, sales floor was usually cluttered with extra inventory racks and stuff, the floor was often dirty with debris and stains on carpets. I thought it was shabby for a store so new, and GM was gone a lot of the time and expressed no concerns as long as numbers were ok. My Store was in a vacation area so it was busy in the summer and very understaffed. My experience wasn’t great at this store, it may have been better at another location.
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Not bad

Decent place to work. Workers are friendly and nice, management can definitely be worked on and there is a disconnect between corporate and the stores
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