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Es una empresa que te proporciona flexibilidad de horario y una entrada económica que en lo particular a mi me funciona pero como opción extra laboral.
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Good for a side hustle

Good if you are looking for a part-time side hustle, but as a full-time job it is hard to make ends meet, and gas an car maintenance comes out of your bottom end.
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Terrible pay, lots of freedom, not enough volume

Terrible pay and you rely on tips. Make your own schedule but there are hardly any shifts available ever. Support often has your back but sometimes is useless when you need them.
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Awesome side hustle

Great side hustle and a way to earn extra money. Kinda hard on your vehicle with all the starting and stopping constantly, but otherwise a great way to earn extra cash.
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Okay job when bored

Doordash is cool because you can practically do it whenever you want to and the app is not too bad to find your way around. the


choose own hours


only start making money whenever you accept an order
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You can set your own schedule

Setting your own schedule is the ONLY benefit to working fir door dash. They have no problems with not paying you fairly. There is no recourse for a employee to take if there is a problem with the company.


I don't have to ask for days off.


Your base pay fir a delivery is lowered if the customer leaves a tip. The bigger the tip, the lower your base pay becomes.
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Fun job to do

There is a lot of freedom in this job . If you are self motivated and disciplined you will succeed.It is fast paced.You must have a willingness to satisfy customers.
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Independent and at your own pace

Pay highly depends on your location and hours that you choose. Promos have declined over the years as the area becomes more saturated with drivers. However, delivering is a perfect part-time job for an additional income source.Pros:- work at your own pace- decent pay when your area is busy- gain customer service and retail/service experienceCons:- buggy app- lacking benefits- not worth pursuing full time
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Very easy job just sucks when it’s very hot outside , it’s very worth it on most days some days can be a little slow but not to bad you can’t beat it !
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Pick your own schedule

The best thing about delivering for DoirDash is obviously the ability to choose your own hours and work around your own particular schedule…. Pay is so so, could be better
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Knowing where and when to be is key

Being at the right place is key to making a lot of money. Sucks when small orders pop up and they live across the state. Customers are great things to have!
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You create the job

Doordash is what you make it. Driving is an expense that isn't well worth it unless you try your hardest to take every order. In some cases, that is possible by trying to maintain a set schedule and earning goals. gas is very expensive and I don't feel compensated enough for the order nor the distance needed for travel. just my opinion multiple devices seem to help pay though.
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Takes a while to get the hang of things.

The app that runs doordash is unstable. It crashes all the time causing wasted time and money. The support desk is not much help. They don't believe you when you report an issue and sometimes they won't even answer your calls. Their system malfunctions and they blame it on the driver.


Work when you want after completion of 100 deliveries a month.


Low pay and poor issue resolution.
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Good place for extra money

If you have a vehicle and are looking for a good place to make a little extra cash this is a good option it has it ups and downs but overall you will make some money
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Proficient & Easily accessible if you have a working vehicle

Didn't give me any problems got paid for tips & gas coverage. You're your own boss. You can accept orders in the area. The only complaint is that I've encountered other drivers accidentally taking an order so I had to call the Doordash services to get it sorted out.
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Not enough compensation for long deliveries.

After expenses and taxes, I only cleared about 50% on my earnings. Sometimes expected to travel 35-40 miles round trip for around $5 due to non tippers.
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Adventuresome and lucrative

Doordash is a great way to learn more about your town. Every delivery can be a positive experience for you, the merchant and the customer with little effort on your part. It does take some hours to make good money but if you put in the time it can be quite lucrative. You can make your own hours and work in the location you want. Just remember to keep your customer informed if there are any hiccups and they are almost always polite and understanding.
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It's nice because you get to pick your own hours

I definitely like doordash I like the people that contact me from doordash and you meet a variety of people doing the deliveries and you're all over the place and you pick where you want to go what times you want to go so it's pretty good
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Had its pros and cons

Unreliable money making opportunities. Lots of sitting and waiting for orders. Support sucked as well. Free food sometimes. Dealing with restaurant workers who give you no respect.
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Not enough

Poor compensation (barre a few good shifts), no recompensation for car or phone payments. No timely and proper assistance from doordash support. Would not recommend unless you live in a metropolitan area with a new car.
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Easy money , but to much wear and tear on car

I've been dashing for about 2 years and 3 months , half of that full time . It's been going okay but I think I'm just tired of doing it honestly. Other than that. I recommend for part time not full time
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