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The people I worked with were nice

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I would not recommend working for this dead end job. There is no management that really knows what there doing or how to lead and train company hours are the worst for second shift 2pm to 2am ruins whole day and night
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Management hits on hourly staff, many relationships on all shifts. Favoritism and management make it very rough to work at plant. Management from top to bottom is unprofessional and could care less about anyone. Training is awful. No one cared about trying to improve my picking production but set goals. The talks of inappropriate acts and other unprofessional communication throughout the building is shocking. I would be embarrass if I am still here within a few months.




Almost everything
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horrible. no communication and management is a joke.

just don’t. it’s under new management which wouldn’t know their a** from a hole in the ground. This use to be a decent place to work By all means go and see for yourself but don’t say I didn’t warn you 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Typical work

Not bad just don’t know when you get off. Not guarantee the full 40hrs tho. It is an until the job Is finished. Good managers and work environment. It’s simple.
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There is lots of overtime

Love this job but just don’t like when employees trying to act like there a supervisor and don’t what to clean up after them self that’s the only I don’t like
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Dont work the 3rd shift.

I lastex almost 2 yrs. but everyday i felt the head manger was going to let me go. If your are not in the click you can be let go at anytime. Its like high school. People talk about co worker all the time and the head manger does the same. Its bad the way yhe treat workers. This is the only compa3 that if you get a doctor note that still take points off as of you are absent. Even durinh covid. Plus if you come in contact with someone who has covid they wont even tell you caise they dont wanna stop the production line. All around bad.
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Pay good

Long hours. Don’t care about family or other things you have going on in life. Very rude when trying to talk about hour schedule. No such thing is request time off. Only get time of when receiving personal days vacation days n sick days
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Careless & lazy work place

They overwhelm over work you forcing you to finish someone else’s job after you have already completed your department for the day forcing you to work over 12 hours just so the mangers can leave early


You work alone most of the time


Short breaks expensive food on location won’t let you outside
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Over worked

Management only cares about the job getting done at the end of the day. You will be overworked. Not worth it. Everyday will consist of at least 10-12 hours.


Decent pay


Long hours understaffed lack of help
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It is very stressful because they are always short handed. No One stats there

They will work you like a dog and not appreciate you. You can’t have a life because they work you lots of hours and holidays. Management is a joke and unprofessional




Poor company
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Worst place in Montgomery

Well I got fired for no reason.HR was at fault.And when you tried to get a hold of the manager from HR he never replied or answer his calls, technically no one cared about the employees well being...They don’t know how to manage a good team.Worst place I ever worked for to be honest.Till this day I want to get a hold of whoever is in charge of Human Resources and explain to me where I went wrong for y’all to fire me?Cause I know I past my 90 days probation so where did it go wrong?


Dirty, not organize
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From my experience I enjoyed working for the company I honestly didn't have issues other then the lack of communication skills between employee/employee and Employee/Management. I had one bad experience with the company that made me without any other choice to force myself to leave and seek work elsewhere just because the lack of communication.


Professional Appearance, Reliable, Organized, Effective Time Management


Communication Issues
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I liked working for eby brown I like the training they showed me everything was hands on easy to learn employees were very helpful and respectful to others
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How family oriented

We strive to have a family based business. Always have goals. Can express yourself freely their. Gives me the challenge I need in my life. Always room for advancement.
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Will work ALOT of hours.

The overall job I had to do was amazing I loved every second of it! The down fall, the plant was ran horribly and there is no work/life balance. You reach out and talk to your managers about problems with work and there’s no rush for a solution.
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Productive, fun, positive environment, friendly, helpful management

Eby-brown is a very enjoyable place of employment. The people there are friendly, the pay is good and they really take care of the employees. They have pick rate incentives so the faster you can work the more you can get paid.
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I enjoyed working at Eby - majority of the people I worked with were good employees. Nights went by fast due to fast paced which I enjoyed. The third shift manager didn't know our jobs very well and that was frustrating but we dealt with it. The only thing I didn't enjoy was I would work really hard and other people wouldn't so I would have to pick up their slack. But that's probably every job. Overall good place to work.
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Overall stressful, fast-paced but good money

My training was only 30 minutes on the line with help. The hours were good but they will overwork you. They also constantly are changing how things are done so rules on Tuesday won't apply Thursday.
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honestly not a good job

lot of safety risks with broken stoppers on the racks to prevent pallets from accelerating towards you when try to move a empty pallet out of the way got to be quick or risk a injury.
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Absolutely a terrible place to work.

There isn't a typical day at work for Eby-Brown. They underpay their workers for the amount of work and stress they go through. Management and HR is a joke. Should a problem arise between a manager and employee, nothing is done to help fix it. Managers display favoritism openly, and there are consequences for not being a favorite. The hours fluctuate all too much and their attendance policy needs many alterations. If you had to choose between this job, which pays $10 an hour and a fast food job that pays minimum wage, your best bet is the fast food joint. Ask any former employee and they will tell you the same exact thing. Even if you were in desperate need for a job, it would be better for you to be unemployed than to work for Eby-Brown in Springfield Ohio. If you do decide to work for them, you can kiss your social life goodbye. You can also say goodbye to any sanity you may have left. In conclusion, Eby-Brown is worse than He double hockey sticks and I would never recommend it as a place to work, not even to my greatest enemy.


Health Care


Almost anything you can think of.
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No help

Everyone quit in my department so i was forced to work alone for an entire week and when i ask for help management told me they are not hiring and to do my job. I had to come in early 10am-11am and didnt make it home til 2am most nights
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