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Productive, sometimes too much of work

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The workload is good. Upper management is always looking forward to keep everyone employed and busy. The vibe among the coworkers is fun and they always help each others. I never struggled with tooling, every time I needed to provide tools and equipment to my crew, all managers I worked with never hesitated to buy, rent, or borrow in order to finish the job on time.


No micromanagement, they would maintain all employees trained about safety, production, and procedures. Every task is a new challenge, which it invites to learn and grow within the company.


There could be a small group of “untouchable” people, specially managers, and that discourages the employees.
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Productive and supportive work force

Working for Epsilon Systems Solutions was the best experience that I've ever encountered!! The people around you are very smart and considerate. Management is good at training and building a road for success towards you.
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Poor middle management

The management team does not believe in informing the workers of any problems with the company or other personnel. I worked there for almost 5 years and never got a pay raise When I asked for one they terminated me


No time clock system to punch in


Lower management has tunnel vision and don't care nothing about the workers
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Great people

Great colleagues and staff! Straight forward Managers with clear cut expectations of employees. Above average pay for the region. Could offer better PTO.
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One of the best

Honestly one of the best companies I have worked for in the San Diego shipyard area. Small company but always gets the job done thanks to its employees.
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Awesome place

Currently I’m a foreman and love my job, love getting jobs done quick and getting great vibes by the governments and company. I treat my employees with respect and listen to each one of them and understand they’re situation.
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Great experience

The best job I ever held an the experience workers are good teachers. Wonderful work place, fair opportunities for others, and you get the hands on trainings you deserve.
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Fairly decent government sub contractor.

A good place to work if you are straight out of school and looking for stable work. Slow moving as all government jobs are but more flexible compared to many other sectors.
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Great benefits and compensation

This company pays very well and has a fantastic benefit package. The PTO is comparable, the pay is competitive, flexibility is great, and I have mostly enjoyed working here every day.
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A good place to work

This is not a bad place to work, the pay is pretty good and the benefits are not too bad. They are venturing out in other avenues such as SUBSAFE repair.
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Recently Separated Military? Looking for the neXt step?

Great company, outstanding leadership, great support and a veteran friendly place to work. You not only get a sense of satisfaction from the job you do but also a real good feeling knowing who the customer is (military) and that you are still playing an active role in to the overall MISSION.
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I was hired to fill in for a designer who was out for an extended time on medical care leave.

I enjoyed the work at Epsilon. I learned a lot about instructional design and the defense industry. The culture was warm friendly and supportive. The most enjoyable part of the job were the people.
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Great employees.

Enjoy my time at Epsilon, I learned a lot being there and day starts at six ends at 230. Sometimes they'll ask you to stay for overtime, management is cool they're fair and will hear you out. Employees treat everyone like a friend and it's a solid culture they have established there.
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Productive & Innovated

As an outside machinist, I was able to work with many different components on machinery and follow work Specs that corresponded with the work items that were given. I was able to learn different components on a different type of machinery as well as valves and other components.
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Needs better management

Lack of Teamwork & Leadership. Needs better equipment. Management seems to only care about the work. Lack of communication because it’s a select few workers who actually helps to me it’s just a very frustrating experience for me No Job Can Be done without a Method. Teamwork makes the dreamwork
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Its ok

Work is good. Sometime we get an antenna from a ship that has been underway for a very long time - like two years or more - and then we have a huge challenge>
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Great Company

Excellent work life balance and amazing culture. Owner and upper management really care about the employees. Pay and benefits are comparable to other government contracting companies.
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Poor Leadership

I came in with confidence and purpose. After a while upper management had a nasty attitude. Belittled others but, some will say that is just how they are, which is a poor excuse. Management got hired for their technical skills but, forgot to look at their people's skills. Be careful to the next person, she'll call you stupid and get a way with it.
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Good to work for

Awesome people to work with friendly work place. Learned mechanical,rigging and tank cleaning. Got certified to be gas free person. Trained others how marine electrical systems works removal and installation of new and old equipments.
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Great place to work

People are friendly and team players. Culture is one of respect and productivity. Benefits include an ESOP which is very uncommon these days. I really enjoy working here.


Great work environment


No negative comments
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Always A new experience

At epsilon your day to day task will be of a wide variety. Set up to pump spaces and bilges. You also have to abide by safety standards and do train sessions on various training
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