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Hay buenas instalaciones (al menos en el edificio nuevo), el salario es muy básico para la exigencia y el nivel de trabajo que se realiza.
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Die Arbeit ist mal entspannt, mal muss man je nach Anwesenheit im Hochgeschwindigkeitsmodus arbeiten, besonders an Feiertagen. Die Arbeitsatmosphäre ist angenehm und freundlich.
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Productive and friendly workplace

Very productive workplace and friendly staff which make you feel welcome. I started as a student and I learnt many things. The staff made it more enjoyable.


Always busy


Some weekend work
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Workers on the P-504

Prepare yourself you prospectives for a career where you might start your career optimistic only to turn to a harsh realism as the system presented is a meritocracy when in reality it is acute favoritism at each level. Prepare yourself to work the expected and demanded overtime while missing out on your other worldly commitments, with no recognition of your extreme efforts otherwise other than your mediocre pay within the field, and maybe a pizza party if they sense the staff getting uppity. Prepare yourself for management that doesnt communicate and that does finally insert themselves only when the team starts to perform, inciting drama neccesarily to stop the proletariat from uniting against them. If you need any final good explanation of what a career at this Eurofins location look no further than the title of this post, our history minded friends may already have run to a better position that does exist out there.
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Ok while it lasted.

Nothing to really say but the location closed down. It was ok to work there while it lasted. Management was great and understanding of employees needs.
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Buena empresa para trabajar

Empresa con muy buen ambiente y buen sueldo, muy recomendada
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Great place to get a ton of experience. Upper management sucks and don't care about you.

Good place to start out and get experience. Ton of different work that allows you to gain confidence in what you are doing. Upper management sucks and doesn't care about you. They say one thing and then do stuff behind your back. They also don't always listen to you whether its work related or not.


Great experience


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Poor pay and no room to grow

I’ve been with the company for some time now and the pay down right sucks, you have to fight for every cent at this place. I have also learned that they will put anyone into a management position with or without experience. I would not recommend working here
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Toxic work environment

Used to liked working here but years of comically low staffing level and now high turnover have left this place in a toxic mess. The workload is high, the appreciation is low. Departments hate each other, shifts hate each other, employees and management hate each other. It's really just a miserable place to work at this point.


Good for entry level experience for a resume


Too many new employees with nobody to train them, Out of touch management that doesn't work with its employees, Average starting pay with below average raises and promotion opportunities
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Good culture, poor pay

Excellent training and safety programs. Wide range of analytical techniques to learn and gain experience on. Very low pay compared to industry standards.
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Buen ambiente de trabajo y un horario flexible

El ambiente era bueno, aunque mi trabajo era repetitivo y aburrido. El horario es flexible y no hay ningun problema si tienes que hacer algo urgente algun dia, trabajar online o salir antes por motivos personales.
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Leuke ervaring

Leuke job waarbij je veel zelfstandig werkt en genoeg uitdagingen krijgt. Het overwerken vond ik iets minder. Manager was hulpvaardig en leerde je bij waar nodig. Jammer dat ik langdurig ziek werd en logischerwijs mijn contract niet werd verlengd. Mocht ik ooit weer de oude worden zou ik zeker weer solliciteren. Dank jullie wel Eurofins voor deze ervaring.
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Terrible training, gossiping at all levels

I have only been in my department for a few short months. The training I received is terrible, sporadic and not focused on the job at hand.My coworkers are juvenile and unprofessional at best. Management is also not favorable. Everyone knows everyone's business and they don't seem to mind sharing it with anyone as well as sharing it on the Teams apt.I dread going in to work. I am looking for something else already.
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Too much overtime. Toxic work culture.

This company forces you to work overtime every holiday, every weekend, and gives you so much work that you work overtime everyday. Promotions come once a year and are limited. You are guarenteed to be overlooked and mistreated. It should not be a shock that you will never work on a full team, so you almost always have to do the work of 2 people.


So much overtime you basically work 2 jobs


Forget ever seeing your loved ones because the overtime is always mandatory.
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Nice people to work with/good place to work

I love this place. It is a great place to work .lot of knowledge, skills, technique learn from work. Very nice people to work with.Good pay. The pay is raised every year, sometime 6 months. $.50-1.00 . Last time I got $3.00 raise due to inflation.Clean and nice building. The equipment and instrument is new. They will built a futuristic building here pretty soon.2 times bonus per year. It is a good place to start and there are lots of room to advance your career here.
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Procédure de sélection RACISTE

Faites attention!Procédure de sélection des candidats raciste! Après avoir postulé à plusieurs reprises, je n'ai eu aucun contact de la part de cette entreprise. D'ailleurs, une collègue avec un nom plus français a réussi a décroché un interview après une première candidature! Il suffit de faire un tour dans leur site et lire les noms pour s'apercevoir que c'est une entreprise "très diversifiée" !!A BOYCOTTER
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Interesting and challenging

Workplace culture is the highlight of the lab. The people they hire are one of the nicest and hardworking individuals you'll meet. You learn something new everyday and it challenges you to multitask and learn different skills. Has it's good and bad days
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This company was a great place to work

When I was hired at Eurofin, I thought I was working for a company that was honest and fare. And that was proven to be true. But after management changed, those qualities began to diminish. After returning to work after I had a stroke, I was separated from the company. I have not ever had a write up or disaplenary action against me. I felt there was no one to protect me from the people who was supposed to stand up for me in my time of need.
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Scientist III

Administrative job. The companies expectations were unmeetable. They expected 💯 error free work, which is not capable of happening by any human being.
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Depends in the department you end up

The good, you end up in a good department, things go easy. Your days are pretty consistent and stress free. The bad, you get stuck with the same thing.
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Good to start, not an end goal for your career.

After a few years here you'll realize that management is a bunch of businessmen, not scientists. They only care about the bottom line.Also we're paid less than the gas station cashiers next door even with a 4 year degree.
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