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En la empresa puedes aprender muchas actividades que son de gran utilidad para tu crecimiento profesional; lo que más me gustó del trabajo fue el aprendizaje constante y la posibilidad de ascenso rápido si así te lo propones.


capacitaciones, seguro privado propio


trabajas más de las horas establecidas
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Long hours but good people

Long hours and the pay does not compensate. Great place to start as you'll get exposed to various types of work and clients but it will always feel like a busy season.
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Productieve en gezellige werkomgeving

Doorgroeimogelijkheden, breed klantenpakket, wel drukte hier en daar.
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long hours

politics was played everywhere and affected even people at lower level. busy season went on for about half a year not just a few months. expected to work long hours even during non busy season.
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Challenging, Satisfying Work Environment

I was extremely fortunate to work at E&Y. While there, I found the work extremely challenging. I worked long hours, but my work was very satisfying. The job culture was amazing, and room for advancement was without equal. I highly recommend E&Y.


Career advancement and work satisfaction.


Long work hours.
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Stressful with limited growth potential

Given that I was aligned with GDS SaT team, the kind of work mostly was basic and standard and hence learning opportunities were limited; However the worst part was the senior management is not at all concerned about the middle level or junior staff and rarely understands the ground level issues. Appraisal is dependent entirely on VISIBILITY of invidiaul in the EYE of PARTNER and not on his capabilities.


Compensation is very good, opportunities to work with global team and diverse assignments


Bureaucracy, management is not focussed on individuals, upskilling is minimal
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Great and nice place to work

Ey helped me learn a lot in work and also helped me to improve my skills. Its better management has more interaction with collegues & the culture is good, the most enjoyable was meeetings in cafeteria
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Wonderful Experiece!

I interned at EY last summer. I was treated very well and assigned a reasonable amount of task. However, I wanted more tech to be involved in my daily job; so I decided to explore other opportunities.
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Decent internship

I worked my internship during Covid out of the New York office. It was tough because the internship was remote while I was taking online classes so the work behind the screen seemed grueling without being able to directly bring questions to managers or seniors. Overall it was a great learning experience that shows you just how much work you’ll be doing when you actually start lol
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Work hard but have lots of fun

No real typical day at work. I can be assigned any task with short notice and client expects quick turnaround.Learn various industries, prioritize, say no when necessary, technical and project management skills.Management is easily accessible and provides good flexibility.People have lots of fun but need to work hard since frequently, deliverables have tight deadline.The hardest part of the job is to manage work life balance during busy seasons.The most enjoyable part is when a challenging job is completed successfully and client is happy.
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Excelente ambiente para se trabalhar

Excelente ambiente para trabalhar, aprender e desenvolver, tanto profissionalmente quanto pessoal.
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Overall good experience

But job was really stressful sometimes just before the project deadlines. However it was a decent pay and they also offer budget for courses and training
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Bad place for career advancement

EY has a very toxic culture. You have to be a favorite of the management to get any assignment/project and advancing your career. It is a constant struggle to get recognized by the management no matter how hard you work. If you are honest and hard working, EY is not a place for the career advancement
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Productive and collaborative workplace

The culture is good, was lucky to have met good team members, seniors and managers are willing to teach, got alot elearns to do though, but overall it is still a recommeded place to work.
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Helpful place in gaining meaningful experience.

My previous work entails a lot of man hours and overtime work. My stay at EY molded my character and work ethic. It gave enabled me to jumpstart my career in the field of Accounting, Taxation, and Law.My Managers at EY always see to it that my career goals are placed first and they guided me to achieve those goals.I find it enjoyable working at EY and I look forward to re-joining the group again in the future.
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Overtime all the time

tight budget and timeline every time for projects and not enough resource result in team members work overtime always. Salary below market with normal benefits only.
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Excelente empresa !!

Llevo trabajando año y medio en la Firma, ha sido una experiencia excepcional, trabajo 100% remoto desde la ciudad de contratación, buen salario inicial, ajuste anual dependiendo de los resultados de la Firma y del performance, bono extralegal.
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Okayish. Nothing much to say good

If you don’t have life outside and likes to work on weekends, then you should join this firm. Management will only be concerned of getting its work done from you and will treat you like a mule or donkey
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Overall Good Culture

Good people to work with. At time gets quite competitive within partner communities. Global scale help in getting the right resources for the various projects
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Poor worklife balance

Poor work life balance. An interesting place for professional development and the firm's investment in tech related programes are of interest. The pay need to be increased to really commensurate the stress level.
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Would recommend

Great company to work for. Tough to grow if you work in CBS. You are paid in flexibility and benefits rather than actual salary. Fantastic place for a working mom if in CBS but if I were client facing it would be too much.
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