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Buena para aprender en la industria automotriz Algo matado
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Monotonous Work, Seemingly careless management

When I worked there it was a pain to get any useful changes around there. Nothing ever was taken seriously up the chain of command. They asked for improvement ideas and then completely ignored them, or implement them after the contributing employee leaves the company. They will always ask for more parts per hour and more hours worked but when it comes to rewarding for the effort they fall way short.
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Praca niewolniczą. Jak nie masz siły straszą. Odradzam szczerze.
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Worker beware

You are worth so much more than this place and the poor excuse they call a union. Long hours, late nights I've seen so many marriages end in divorce because of that place
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The managers are not qualified to be managers and they do not have any work ethic

They just keep the bullies in the managers position to push their staff into producing parts no benefits and the money is also low when comparing with other companies
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Très belle usine, industrie 4.0Environnement de travail agréable Bon état d'esprit Équipe jeune et dynamiqueBonnes opportunités d'évolution Équipe managériale à l'écoute
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Place to work

Place of employment. Dirty, hot environment. Good people. Always short help. Mandatory coverage of other shifts. They bid for, and acquire, new product lines. Set numbers for specific amount of crew. Then reduce that amount. Placing a greater burden upon those who remain.


Good incentives. Bonus pay.


Overtime, number of days worked, covering other shifts shortage of crew.
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not fun

lack of work life balance bad management and working long hours. wouldn't recommend. the turnover is crazy. they seem to not care about peoples outside life
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Bonne expérience

Bonne expérience dans l'ensemble mais management un peu absent.
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Irão te sugar até o último momento

Produção acima do que o ser humano consegue, muitas dores nas articulações
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Stressful and Fun environment

A typical day at work is busy and it is always something challenging . I learned that automotive industry is stressful due to the production volume. Management tries to give the best direction but it does not always work. Everyone is nice and easy to talk to. Everyone try to improve the production line but management cannot keep up the pace. The hardest part of the job is keeping up with production volume.
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Stay away at all costs

Company needs a complete overall to survive longterm. On the office side of the building their is way too many employees who don't do anything at all, and try to reinvent processes on the floor that don't need changed. Quality is an absolute JOKE. Multiple times the plant manager and deputy manager has said to bypass our quality guidelines with a , "we will deal with it later attitude" Yet we are supposed to reinforce our employees with quality standards.You will be lied to about the hours you will work and the amount of days you will work. I was hired on to work a specific set of hours, and within a week it was changed and was told we'll if you don't like it then you can go somewhere else. UAP managers have their favoritism for sure, if you are a supervisor here and you don't get along with your UAP manager as a friend they will make your life miserable. This is quite literally the only job I've had where I dreaded coming to work everyday because I knew the circus I would have to deal with every day that certainly wasn't worth the pay and 60+hours mandatory every week. This company only cares about how they look to visitors coming in, no attention is given to anyone that works directly on the floor. If you work on the floor you are replaceable, and don't forget that.You will be micro managed. You will be working multiple jobs at the same time that aren't your job title, (I hope you like being a production operator/gap leader because you will be doing that job along with being a supervisor when short handed) if your machine isn't running for a nanosecond you will have - 


Absolutely nothing


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Un bon environnement professionnel avec beaucoup de stress
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Ok place to start career

This company is an ok company to start with in management career but does not provide long term solution. After a while it gets stagnant and all upper management cares about is saving every dime they can
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Dans une équipe dynamique et motivé avec un très bon niveau de transparence et de communication, le niveau technique est très professionnel et très attractive.Merci pour pour tout les managers de la BU et du BG.
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Als Arbeitgeber ganz okay. (Man bekommt pünktlich sein gutes Geld) Das war’s dann aber auch.Früher hat es richtig Spaß gemacht dort zu arbeiten.


Urlaubs und Weihnachtsgeld


Betriebsklima, Umgang mit Personal, kein Miteinander
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Environnement de travail agréable

Bonne entreprise dans l'ensemble bonne expérience certes les cadences sont élevées mais salaire confortable et nombreuses avantages et primes
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No contact with manager

It was fine, but I maybe talked to my manager 1-2 times a month, if that. All of the full time people in quality are extremely busy. It doesn't seem like a pleasant place to work after seeing the non-existent work-life balance.
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No respect

this factory has no idea what they are doing. It’s chaos everywhere you look. They absolutely damage your mental health and when you’ve had time off for it- you’ll get a disciplinary. Yet they make out they’re such a big supporter of it. They choose to ignore the bad points on the employee questionnaire and make out they are doing fantastic and sweep the well being of the workers under the rug. If you have a sick day (unpaid) they will want proof or again it will result in a disciplinary. However they need to understand the worker is the one losing money as they don’t pay sick pay yet they want medical/ private information for it to be proved. UAP’s just sit and make requests while they watch their team struggle and HR need to stop throwing disciplinary’s around for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Management are bullies and don’t treat staff equally.
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2 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?If you like long hours, many days and weekends working, the pay is good if you are hourly. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?No days off. Feels like a dictatorship. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?TOXIC DICTATORSHIP What is a typical day like for you at the company?The opposite of heaven
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It's fun working at fauracia

As a previous worker at fauracia I would love to work there again. Fauracia is good company in above level experience expectations. Work as intructed and you will go far in fauracia.
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