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Excelente entorno de trabajoSiempre ocupado .....


Excelente paquete de be


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Good job if you want a lot of hours.

If you're a driver expect to work until the work is done. Days ranged from 8 to 14 hours depending on circumstances but most days I was out at 9-10 hours. Overtime starts at 8 hours which is nice. The PTO and sick leave is pretty good as well. If you want to jump from a driver to supervisor expect to work some pretty ugly hours but thats the nature of the business.
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Fast paced

Awesome pay and benefits Safety oriented Fast paced no time for slacking plenty of supervision for guidance and coaching . Training and safety recertification regularly
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Easily replaceable

Decent pay, trucks are ok, all other equipment is garbage way out of date compared to other LTL companies, morale low easily replaceable feeling, 10-12 hour days for mileage guys, 8 for hourly
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On call they call it extra board

If you don’t mind not knowing if you are going to work today or tonight, or getting off Saturday morning sleeping Saturday then can’t sleep Saturday nights only to have to stay up all day Sunday to try to sleep Sunday night just in case you have to work Monday morning, if you like being tired all of the time and if you don’t mind graveyards for the next 10 years, this might be the job for you!!
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Just ok

Despite accolades of moving up and promoting a company culture.... blah blah blah.....if you're not in the wont even get looked at. Hiring practice is a bit sketchy .. friends and family first. Money isn't terrible. Absent management, oversight and discipline. Could be a great place, but it's just ok. Clean the slate.start over.
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Big corporation.

Just a number. Pay not keeping up with the competition. Best part is Monday-Friday. Insurance doesn’t cost much, but has gone downhill recently. Used to be the place to work, now barely above average.
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fun place to work

job was not hard at all I pretty much got to make my own schedule and own routine for cleaning throughout the week. manager was fantastic so as all y co workers
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Worklife balance

This is a great company to be employed with. It is a career if you are willing to put in the effort. Multiple positions and opportunities to move up the ladder
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Not bad for being part time work

Only bad part of working is the winter time hard time keeping your hands and feet warm. Other than that the current crew I work with are great to work with.
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Great work place

Great work environment. Fast paste. Fun environment at times. Busy during the summer slow in the winter. Stay to yourself and you won’t have any issues.
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Good Place To Work

Great place to work. Management is very helpful and care about their employees. Never had a problem with my supervisor nor with co-workers. Would love to work there again.
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Best Workplace Environment

Top tier management that not only care but also promote safety above all. I have never worked at such a friendly and wonderful work environment. The majority of the managers were previously drivers so they are very understanding. You don’t see a management team like that put together very often.
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Good job

Pay is great as road driver with high mileage like 500 plus. Depending of location you can make easy over 100 k. It's a fair company with respectable name.
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Yep! Super People

Great Place to work and Relax. Great Uniforms, jackets, sweaters, hats, company party's, Non smoking trucks. Everyone is in Uniform and follows the pride of the spirt of FedEx Freight.


Great non smoking 🚭 trucks and offices


Don't worry about the Cons
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Not bad

Not a bad place to work. Pay was pretty decent. Drove a forklift. Load trailers, unload trailers over and over. It gets a little repetitive at times.
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good paying job, you will touch freight!

FedEx Freight is a good company to work for. You will pull doubles and work the docks. Pay is better than average and the benefits are okay. You will need a hazmat, and double triple endorsements. To get hire off the street you need a least 1 year of driving experience. They do have a program available if you do not have the 1 year. overall a good company to drive for.
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Watch out for management

If you're part time, don't work more than the 6 hours you're allowed to, otherwise you get in trouble. Make sure you reweigh and dimension all your freight, or you risk getting called out, no matter what. I've met some really great people here, but the people with attitudes tend to stick out.
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Innovative Workplace

I love working for large organizations because the employer is more inclined to be forward thinking. Pros: off on weekends, fair pay, positive company culture Cons: management needs more leadership training
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Fun work place

Best company to work for and lot of room for advance. Good management, best benefit, nice environment, rrsp matching, fast pace, treat you like family


Best benefit
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Not too shabby

My time here wasn’t bad at all. I meet a lot of decent people and the job is pretty straightforward. You’ll use a forklift to safely move pallets from one place to another, it’s that’s simple. If you can do that without damaging the freight AND remember to take your lunch on time (to avoid Meal Violations), then no one will ever say anything to you. They’re 3 shift options available and they all pay the same. There’s also no work on Sundays. OT is mandatory if you’re FT, so you can expect some 10 hour days here and there. If you’re PT, then you only obligated to work a maximum of 6 hours, although you can work more with approval from management.Speaking of FT, the company…well at least the Indy Hub runs the place off of Part-timers. Primarily because of turnover would be my best educated guess. Hence, FT is not an option coming in the door as a new hire…there have been rare exceptions in the past, but they are RARE. Full time positions are only available when the company decides that they are not at their quota and it’s not guaranteed no matter your seniority. You’ll be scored based on performance and a number of other factors. It’s not an easy process and it’s a looong process, trust me. All this to say, if you’re looking for a little PT side gig for some extra cash, then this place is probably worth a shake. Anything more that…well you’ll have to be the judge ; )


Paid every week, health insurance (after 90 days)


Repetitive job, non temp controlled dock (Wintertime is COLD)
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