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Buena paga. Trabaja y no faltes. Hora de entrada y de salida. Vacaciones y enfermedad pago. Trabaja tus horas y ya.


Trabajo y pago.
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Good pay, easy job, bad management, and childish people.

The pay will make you stay longer than you should. The tasks there are very easy. If I would’ve been able to just work by myself I would’ve stayed. Supervisors……… not even gonna waste my time. Don’t even think about going to HR because the next day the whole warehouse will know and they barely resolve anything. Will just fire all parties involved right or wrong. Favoritism is real. Supervisors rather give lead positions to their friends and the work sn. than people who deserve it and will do a great job. Always drama when it should just be another day working to make the numbers. Only go if you can stay to yourself, hit your numbers and ignore the people. Good luck stinka!


Easy job, Good pay, good chicken place around the corner


mandatory overtime, drama filled place, bad management
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Good with work life balance, work with teammates needs as business permits and great mentoring by management team

We have great leadership team. I feel supported by them when I had to make decisions and they have great support for there employees whether it’s mentoring or understanding of teammates that are going through personal problems.


Great management team that cares about work life balance


Not a lot of shift options
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A strict but fun culture. Well managed. Would recommend this company to anyone looking for a potential career change. Consistent work throughout the year.
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Slow and misleading

Average warehouse job with subpar benefits. Culture is very stand offish, supervisors and management are clueless in their day to day. But didn’t expect much.
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Management is poor at best . Work environment can be filled with drama daily

If you don’t have a college degree or weren’t in the military you will go no where in this company. It’s do as I say not as I do work environment. Management acts as though they are too good to get to know anyone nor do they seem to care about how people feel or look for ways to improve the work environment. Management seems to have no clue how to run the business from an operations point they have no logical reasoning for doing half of the things they do . They panic daily at the 2:30 pm drop which is work for the night shift and next day primarily. They are constantly bringing in new people because turnover is incredibly high due to how poorly managed the place is. The good thing is there is essentially unlimited amounts of overtime and you can work as many hours as you can handle a week.
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Fun work environment

Poor pay raises. Nice people to work with.You only advance if you are in the management click. Not much room for advancement. Clean environment and heat and ac facility
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Your car gets broken into every few months

Not a bad job or hard job just terrible management oh and your car gets broken into every few months and you don't get reimbursed. You don't get any sick time.
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Most of my coworkers..greeted w/smiles daily.. being able to do my job productively pm my shift

FedEx would be soooo much better w/o the family & friends working w/or for ur family on the same shift program!….all those employees that have a track record wkly for being off same day or days each week…why are they still employed here?!!?!??… known negative employees that upper mgmt are aware of doing the same things over & over again only to get appreciated for all!! …SMH!!!…whereas the good employees that come to work daily productive work hard & w/positive attitudes some get negative energy from mgmt…but then again it’s on every job…being I’m from different work era we had to earn every minute on the clock!!!😂😂😂😂….I’m learning jobs n 2022 appreciate the young folks for showing on & doing very little work
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Kept you busy, got along well with coworkers

Work was easy enough, lack of true knowledge of how to run a warehouse on management's part. Supervisors mostly did the jobs of HR and payroll, did not work closely with workers.


Payed lunch and beaks


Lack of respect of older and more experienced employees
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Its okay

the job is good. managers and supervisors are great to work with. They're understanding, but their HR person is not very helpful. they do not take their employers serious.
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Good company to work.

It’s nice place to work for mostly if you’re student or willing to share separate shifts with someone. And the pay is good.Thank you for being the part of my journey!Just one of their supervisor needs to add communication skills and how to manage stress.
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Paycheck job

Typical warehouse job that involves lots of physical labor like loading and unloading trailers as well as picking orders. They care a lot about productivity so it can get very stressful often. You are just a number and can get easily replaced.
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Great work place

Good environment to work for 8+ hours. The coworkers are nice and helpful. The only downside is the management. Average pay. fast-paced work environment.
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One Customer and Zero Work Flow Control

Our location has just one customer, and they seem to have no idea how to control product flow or demand. It was bad before Covid but now it is almost unbearable. The work environment has become increasingly toxic as management pushes for hourly employees to be more productive, with fewer resources, in adverse conditions. There is little logic in who gets promoted or when. The best part of this job is the friends you make just trying to get to the end of the day.
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Company is good

All is good friendly environment , work place is so good. I feel happy when I am working there. Supervisor is so good manegment is also good. Overall all things is good
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Great place to work!

good vibes and great team work enviroment.payed weekly and insurance after 3 months. starting pay is 19.50 hour. cafeteria possibility of overtime when there is some open.
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If you love overtime, this is the place for you

I have never worked for a company that is as mismanaged as this one. People come and go it seems as they please. They quit one day then when they get ready to come back, they just walk right on back in. Lots of mandatory overtime as well.
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Co-workers are/were great. Management...not so much

A typical day at work use to consist of your typical picking and packing. Fast paced if you wanted to go that route, or you could hardly do anything, and that was ok as well. Now a typical work day consist of sitting for eight hours with nothing to do. Management definitely could have been better. There was no accountability for errors made, attendance was counted, but never punished for missing too much. Shortcuts were encouraged, and quality didn't just take a back seat, it was kicked out completely. The most enjoyable part was the co-workers. We were like a family.


Co-workers, Insurance


Lack of management, lack of drive, lack of focus, and lack of quality.
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Good steady job/career

Pay and benefits are nice and well accommodating. Typical warehouse work but actually can make a career of it. Just depends on your mindset and plans for yourself.
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If you’re a girl, don’t expect the same treatment as men.

I’ve worked here for about 7 months, the people and supervisors are extremely kind and understanding HOWEVER ; if you’re a girl you will not receive the same treatment as the men. I had to fight for any license I needed/wanted and some were still not granted after receiving a higher tier position. The trainers are extremely jealous and degrading of other employees for no reason. It is also long hours that after a while will take a toll on your body and your family/work life. The pay is decent and opportunity to do overtime which will make it higher, but the headaches of the “DT” are something else.
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