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Un buen trabajo me tocó trabajar a distancia pero me sentí cómodo y aprendo mucho aunque si la paga es poca y ojalá fuera más, pero como primer empleo.bien
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Outstanding management and Team Leads

Remote work which is splendid. Saves on gas and time. Hourly rate is super low, standard 3% cost of living adjustment, which makes me laugh. We do have goals and standards. Definition of over worked and underpaid.
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Physical Job

Physical Demanding job, inclement weather, long hours, weekly pay, not too much micromanaging. You will have to commute to and from your terminal which can be a hassle based on work life balance.
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Tenia 21 años trabajando para fedex la verdsd es una grwn compañia si te saben tratar pero solo eres un numero mqs para ellos ,hay mucho favoritismo
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The work is hard sometimes you find it difficult for someone who never work but for me it's easy vesie they pay good money and they offer overtime sometimes not always
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It's a simple easy enough job to do. There is major job security for unsalaried positions. Moving up or to different depts. has been difficult. Some depts are better than others and you quickly find out which ones are the best.
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Working for FedEx was a life changer & a job I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to or refer someone to

What is the best part of working at the company?I no longer work at FedEx, however, my co-workers became like a family! What is the most stressful part about working at the company?When I first started, learning several things at once instead of focusing on a few things. Allow an individual to master a few tasks at hand, then move forward to other tasks. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Professional, personable & I just loved it! I made friends there who I will have for the rest of my life. I worked with some truly wonderful people! What is a typical day like for you at the company?It was busy from the time I clocked in until I left. There was always something to do. Our customers kept us busy! However, I treated them like I would want to be treated. I know they appreciated that because I was told often.
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Empresa excelente com ambiente de trabalho.

Qual é a melhor parte de trabalhar na empresa?Ter os benefícios como planos de saúde e odontológico. Qual é a parte mais estressante do trabalho na empresa?Fazer hora extra, porém, os gestores compensavam em dias de folga. Como são o ambiente e a cultura de trabalho na empresa?Ambiente muito bom de trabalho, o respeito e a atenção de todos sensacional. A cultura na empresa excelente sempre atualizada. Reunião semanal para debater o tema . Como é um dia típico para você na empresa?Realizar todas as tarefas sem ter dores de cabeça.
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Hard work but has good management

It’s Way better than UPS. Management was great. Easy to get time off. Extra shifts were available when you wanted. It can be extremely hard labor though.
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the first time you were able with

the only way i could see the picture was by looking in a window of a mirror in a dark place with the sun and seeing a picture that looked exactly the way you were thinking
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Engaging and fast paced

I worked at FedEx for 3 years and wish I still did. It was the best job I had because they cared about their employees. Always bringing around water and popsicles when it was hot and making sure we are all okay and don’t need any help. The only reason I left was to find full time hours because they kept shortening the sort hours and not letting me come in for extra hours.
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Hard work. Couldn’t handle the heat and the lifting. I’m too old for it.

Work days are 5.25 hours at 11pm until 4:15am. Loading trucks the entire time.I did learn I’m not made for that type of work.Management was great as they could be. Everyone I worked with was great. The hardest part is the continuous loading for the entire shift. It gets really hot in those trailers in the summer. Even at night.No enjoyable parts in the short time I was there.




Hard physical work
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horrible; no cafeteria; workers are forced to take a vacation day when there's a blizzard and roads are closed and it's illegal to drive

What is the best part of working at the company?job security; leaving at the end of the dayWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?total silence in the office where everything you do is heardWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Fedex Trade Networks is a toxic work environment where employees rat on and backstab each other left and right; where employees' every move is watchedevery minute of the day via video camera. Avoid this Russian gulag if at all possible.
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Decent money. Catty atmosphere.

Everything about the job is easy to do spare the labor intensive aspect. It is straightforward in what it asks of you. The only issues are the volume of boxes sometimes being overwhelming and the social aspect is masculine oriented to the point that if you are female, you need to stress not being overly effeminate unless you mean to offend others; i.e. giggling, smiling too much, general small talk. It's a highly clicky place to work and people are constantly desperate to fit in or the exact opposite and they don't care (which is what I had expected from a labor intensive job).


Easy work for good money, the ability to choose your schedule, can pick up extra hours, team oriented atmosphere


Lots of poor communication, hard to call out in case of illness or other odd events, environment leads easily to alienation when new
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Fast Paced `

good fun job with no future of career. the merge pretty much ruined everything in the company. I wouldn't recommend working here anymore, 3 years ago it was cool.
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really tough and challenging work for very little pay. little direction by supervisors and at part time it felt as if i was expendable. safety around the facility was also not prioritized
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Easy Job, Poor communication.

Very easy job but manager and team communication is terrible. Starting time is sporadic and very early in the morning. Schedule app is pointless since they don't update start times.
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Hard Work

Intense job even for someone who is athletic. I would not recommend this job for anyone who is tall. Lots of bending over, even with proper form it will wear out of your back eventually.
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Drivers are sound management are slave drivers

Long days even if u manage to clear yor run early u will be asked 2 help someone else 10hrs min 12hr days are the norm management always wanting more never happy


Good pay


Work u like a dog never happy
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Great people my supervisor was great and treated me like family

They’re great and they teach you how to apply structure to your life. You’ll really gain muscle and strength with the lifting and it’s well worth it meeting new people mailing new connections
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Waste of time

Don't waste your time , without over time as a PUD truck diver you will make max $900 after tax , it's not worse the hustle and the heavy lifting the only good thing if you don't have HR licence they will help you to get one after 3 months.
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