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Es bueno el trabajo, hay seguridad, instrucciones precisas y ambiente de respeto a los trabajadores, pero el salario es pésimo 13.5$ es muy bajo.
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Very busy environment. Basic sales expectations with unrealistic goals most of the time. Can be fun depending on upper management understanding the job.
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Fun work environment

I started as a game advisor and was assistant manager in 6 months. It's a fun work environment with friendly customers and friendly fellow employees.
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It's fine

It depends on the location and who the store lead is, but it can be a good part time job. Some of the policies that come from corporate can be bad though.
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Formazione improvvisata e un solo diktat: vendere garanzie!

La formazione su ogni cosa avviene di giorno in giorno, bisogna cavarsela da soli. Come primo lavoro è sfidante, soprattutto in periodi come quello natalizio. Tantissima attenzione data al lato commerciale: chi riesce a vendere garanzie su giochi e console ha moooolte più possibilità di essere riconfermato.
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Fun but no real room to move up

The job is fun the crew is normally fun but you don't get paid for what you deal with and the hire ups will just push you to sell pro cards and promise promotions and never make good on them. Its unfortunately just not a job you can live off.
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Perfect job for college students

This job is very laid back and easy to handle. They are very flexible with your schedule and are very accommodating if something comes up. I love my boss, but I don’t see my coworkers too often as an SGA. As long as you don’t mind being pushy with the promotional material it’s a very easy job.
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Corporate is worse than useless

Customers and team can be fun and the product is cool. Day to day operations are often no problem... Except corporate is all take and no give. Expectations go up while systems and tools break down. Multiple mission-critical equipment (printers, tablet, even registers) will break down and they won't be able to get you a working replacement. Will push you to sell orders they can never fulfill and discipline you for letting the customer cancel the order when it never arrives. Stores stay open on the backs of local employees own initiatives (and sometimes out of pocket fixes) and they will never be rewarded for it.
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It's a retail job

Unrealistic sales goals and out of touch management. Focus on being pushy salesmen more than genuinely helping guests. Could be a great place to work but the endless drilling over sales metrics wears out most people.
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Toxic work environment

Favoritism is ridiculous here and don’t expect to get far working hard. You’ll just get exploited and tossed like garbage if you try to stand up for yourself against poor management who belittles you and is constantly breathing down your neck about unrealistic expectations. Low pay but expected to work like it isn’t.
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Strive for numbers

All that was cared about was numbers. Push every deal or sale even when customer didn't want it. Fun at first then came the nightmares. Good for a quick paycheck not for a career
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Awful place

No positives all negative they will stress you out about numbers and be completely unrealistic about it. Most the time you'll have people breathing down your neck to accomplish unrealistic goals and underpay you for doing more than is asked.
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Diverse and wonderful employees

Numbers are everything. Gamestop screws up the pay on a consistent basis, twice in the last year. This results in them generally being late on your payroll. Advancement is not about being qualified. It is given based on the buddy system. Managers are often promoted not for knowledge, but for how many friends they make in the upper echelon.
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Was a fun place to work at one time

Work work workNo pay Longer you are with them the more you are tossed out. No growth, No raises. No reasonDecent vacation time, Expensive insuranceNo reason to apply
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Productive and fun

Great place to work at. Cool stuff to see. Entry level really means entry level. Even with no experience you can work your way up with hard work.......
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GameStop doesn't care

There are no opportunities for pay raises for anyone below management as they only give performance reviews to those making salary. Your only choice is to move to another role that has a higher hourly wage but nearly impossible at the moment since there's a hiring freeze . Very limited growth as they tend to just move around those already higher up to fill any openings rather than give those willing to advance a chance. PTO and wellness hours aren’t the best, 15% off discount isn't great, and there are no bonuses and they recently removed holiday pay. They’re throwing extra work onto employees with NFTs and higher call volume with no plans to increase our pay.
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Can be fun at times, but

The pay is low, you’ll work maybe 2-3 days out of the week, and the upper management doesn’t care about their employees. I had a good store manager, and the coworkers were fun to talk to, but you’re hardly there to see them anyways.
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Poor management and low pay

Nothing was ever good enough for our district manager, and made barely 11 dollars an hour after working there for 3 years. Sales competitions were so intense we would renew our own memberships to hit goals. absolute madness
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Best Job.

Gamestop is a welcoming company. It allows you to learn about video games and talk about them at work!! How cool is that? You meet tons of cool customers who become like family, same with your team and associates! It is one of the funnest places I’ve worked at.
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Exactly what expected, pretty easy-going. Don't expect massive paychecks.

The Powers That Be over at Gamestop HQ don't like giving out many hours to delegate to each location, so you're probably going to spend a lot of time with yourself or maybe one other associate most days, and the pay is rather low. That said, depending on your location, the job can be pretty relaxed. My coworkers were agreeable and willing to work with me on whatever scheduling requests I might have had. Good job if you're looking for something part time to just keep you afloat. Your job will be pretty secure if you can count and can sell, but you wont be going much further unless you really put in the work to impress your corporate overlords. AKA Typical Retail. If you like nerd stuff then this is the place for you.


Flexible, Easy-going, Point-Of-Sale systems that actually work (for the most part), employee discount


Still retail, low pay, low hours
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Great place to work, and perfect for gamers

I worked for GameStop as a seasonal employee during the holiday season last year, and I enjoyed every second of it! Management was very friendly, and getting to meet and talk to other employees was really fun. Obviously there's gonna be some tedious tasks involved, but helping customers find what they're looking for is both really easy and super engaging. Highly recommend this as a first job!
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