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Buen lugar para aprender

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Buen lugar para aprender. Ambiente demasiado pretencioso, pero aprendes de gente muy inteligente y movida por lo que te motiva a ser mejor en tus funciones
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Good company

Multiple carrer opportunities and career growth as long as you have good performance. Good employee benefits and activities. Nice office building and location.
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Challenging yet rewarding

JPMorgan Chase is a fantastic place to work. I worked in Treasury Services and our campus was beautiful and state of the art. Great raises and bonuses but salaried employees are expected to work more than 40 hrs per week.
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Great benefits

It’s a call center environment so it’s pretty chill, the benefits are great but it’s also extremely strict. Employees are encouraged to only use the bathroom during their 15min break or else entitlement may be used
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For over achieving individuals

As I worked for Chase I came to realize that everyone is on their own career path. That being said it’s best to keep in mind "co-workers are not your friends". Management will always be there whenever any one has questions or concerns or issues. Unfortunately for me a typical day of work was a bit too stressful which is why I stopped pursuing a career with Chase, however if you are a driven individual that does well under pressure this might be the role for you!The hardest part of the job has to be being able to identify when to follow and how to follow the correct procedures/ protocols. In reggaes to the best thing about working for Chase would be the paid holidays.


Paid Holidays and PTO.


Mandatory Meetings, Procedures, Co-workers.
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Working at JP Morgan & Chase

The job is a good position if your looking to learn something new it’s about 3 months of training at home and then you come in the building. Starting work there it’s a lot of confusion cause not every supervisors has gone through the training for this position so most of your supervisors will not be able to help you, have to willing to talk to other co-workers and phones are not allowed you will get a a warning but after that you can be fired just for a heads up. Overall a good paying job and good benefits, it’s just not the actual building for JP Morgan & Chase so your working with a 3rd company


Sometimes food trucks, events through out the day, not always a high call volume


Short breaks, no phones, not good management
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No Growth!!!

The greater Philadelphia area won’t promote you even though they are short staffed. They rather bring in external employees to pay less than to grow within!
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enjoyed my team and department, work hard play hard culture. made great friends while working at the firm, no complaints. work environment is very demanding
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Fast paced high volume call center

The job is what you make it. If you can’t adjust to a high volume fast paced call center environment then you are going to hate it. Chase is overall a good company to work for and the offer great benefits.
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Great benefits, good pay

Get yourself a good team and a manager and it's a PERFECT PART TIME JOB while you're getting your business or finance degree in school. Lots of PTO right away!
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Great Company and Place to work in

Great company to work for and great benefits. Employees here are respectful, professional, great teamwork comradery, wonderful managers. No ego’s & supportive of individuals growth.
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Soulless and boring

the work is very boring and bosses and colleagues are unfriendly and unhelpful. even though the pay is good, working in tech at JP morgan is soulless and your technical skill will not improve much.
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pretty decent

male dominated but calm, got along with all my co workers. only problem i had was the work getting repetitive but outside of the id completely recommend the job
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Best company to work with

Working in Jp Morgan Chase was amazing. The managers colleagues everyone is easily approachable and provide valuable insights if someone is struggling
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Your experience depends on your branch

They guarantee your monthly bonus for the first year. The pay was generous but not enough for me to recommend this role. The biggest pros are the people, your coworkers and your regular clients. The biggest cons is the unruly clients you may come across (again, it depends on your area). My branch had a high turnover rate and was understaffed. This led to many of us bearing responsibilities we weren’t hired for and having less free time to hit our metrics
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Overall good experience. Several training courses. Good location and work from home flexibility. Stable role with slow career progression. Great to have on resume provides credibility
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Growth and Opportunities are vast

In all honesty, this organization is a great example of innovation and diversity. The business genuinely collaborates with its staff to ensure job satisfaction. The key is in communicating. Management might be challenging, but that is when communication is important and HR should be informed. This company really stands for its mission statement and values. It really is a very professional environment to work in. Simply put, I didn't like how micromanaged customer service was. Overall, however, I would rate it an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 representing the highest point of excellence.


Education and Growth


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Manager dependent

If you have a good market manager, it's great, if not you will hate every day. There is no middle ground. Branch managers are powerless and make no decisions.


Benefits, brand name


Poor management on the local level
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Fun workplace

Wanted you to sell products to customers in order to meet monthly goals. The hours were good but management was toxic. I think it's like most work places with gossip and such.
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Great Benefits but NO work-life balance

Great work opportunity but no work-life balance:Pros-HMO with free 3 dependents-retirement plan-up to 14th month pay depending on position-with bonuses and profit sharing - opportunity to move within the companyCons:-NO work-life balance
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Depends on role and team

Not very good, monotonous in nature, growth varies from team to team. Organizational culture is good but eventually everything is dependent on team. Micromanagement can be an issue.
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