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Buenos beneficios

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Buenos beneficiosCompañeros pocos para el tipo de trabajopara ser Part Time es buen trabajo.
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Fun Work

Enjoyed the job overall. Helped many customers with their building material needs. Downside was hours were cut a lot and not much room for advancement.
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Okay place to work

Relatively easy job, closing was a bit much but nobody really like closing. Overall a good place to work. Management wasn't too overbearing, customers can really test your patience. Make sure to ask for credit card apps.
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Always working able to stay busy which makes the day go by faster. If you have a good management team then you are definitely able to succeed in my opinion the pay is mostly fair but could be better




Not sure
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Coworkers were nice.

Lowes does not care about people only their bottom line. When you start making too much,they look for ways to get rid of you. They are constantly changing schedules and positions. They cut hours wherever they can.
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Work was great but some managers would not help out what so ever they where hostile and once thats done they won't like you and fire you for what ever reason without any excuse so just be careful who ever starts working there fwi there is no over time and if you work night shift be ready to clock out at 10 am and they promise you ot but they cut hours like crazy
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No support

Good luck if you get hired. They don't care about you, just get that profit above the sales goal. Bonus is great when you get them. Pay needs adjusted for all that you deal with from customers. The cons out way the pros.
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Not the best

This location in particular was not the best place to work. They did not know how to schedule people and most days I was alone working register and self-check out.
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Overall good co-workers just not that good of enough management. They will have certain workers on the floor who weren't fully trained. Understaff was the main issue.
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Overall it's a easy environment to work...some people are easy to get along with.

I gave my stars based on how I was treated I worked there for 2 years never level up yet new comers had the opportunity to become specialists and superiors with better pay...I could barely take time off and I have a 11 year old kid I couldn't even take vacation I was also forced to lift lumber because we were so called understaffed.I was let go do to lateness and everyone else wasn't giving for they actions.I have never seen internship there and I haven't really heard any complaints about material leave.
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I liked working at Lowes the short time I was there. I only left because I needed more money for my growing family. I worked there during the summer and had a lot keeping me busy. Good job to do for someone starting out or someone who wants to move up into a management position.
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Pretty Rough Working Here

Worked in deliveries when the lead would leave usually there was only two of us closing sometimes three and most of the time the other person would go missing for 2 hours plus leaving me to do most of the work Was the only one trained person on closing shift who was taught how to drive Forklift etc others wouldnt learn how to leaving most of the heavy lifting to me complained to managers quite often nothing was ever done about it


Not Much Pay isnt that great


Too Many to list
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Associates vs. Management and corp.

The associates for the most part are the best part of the job. The Managers do what they are told No questions asked. The job itself can be fun and rewarding if theyLet you do your job. To many extraTasks, to many daily on line training quizzes to many call outsTo many damaged or missing shipments/inventory. To many customer returns that are broken by customer or used. To many phone calls from unhappy customers. No support from management,You are just a number. Employee beware...
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Good first job

Working at Lowe's is like any other retail employer. You get two holidays off a year, a weekend off every 8 weeks and a minuscule discount. Gain the experience you need and find a better job.
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Good job

Good job for people in college or retired. It was too boring for me, I never felt like I was really working. If you don't want to work hard to earn your pay it's a great place to work. I met lots of really great people.
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Could use some work!

Customers in retail can be stressful when their not honest. A set guide line would be nice but everything seems to be on a case by case basis. Also the company expects it's employees to address theft then complains we don't sell enough. Their loss prevention program is broken. I love to sell but am always having to play the cop. They want task work done but complain when it affects sales. Also they hire people who have worked in retail but have no clue what home improvement is.
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Excellent Co-Workers

Co workers are excellent to work with. You'll never find anyone like them.Full time benefits are excellent.Department / Floor opportunities are excellent starting points.* Do not expect a weekend off as they are required. You will however recieve 1 Saturday every 4 weeks off and 1 Sunday every 6 weeks off. * Scheduling is terrible. Zero balance for work/ home life. You'll live here. BE CLEAR ON YOUR AVAILABILITY. Their scheduler likes to make her own adjustments to what she see's it fit without consideration. This is stressed upon, discussed and an on going problem for many employee's. Do not tred lightly when it comes to your schedule unless it suits you.* Store Management / Assitant Managers do not do much to help employee's and often have poor training on department selling tool's. Do not discuss matters properly or address situations as Corporate / HR has instructed. WAY to many clicks for upper management and favoritism shown. You are there to bring in credit, sales and meet margins. Make Lowes look good! If you're looking for something more this is not a position for you.


1 hr lunches


Management and Scheduling
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Good place and pay, but hectic

The culture and people were great, the pay was good for the job, and the job itself was not bad. Longer hours and angry customers make up the only negatives. People could also not get their requested time off approved in a timely manner.
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Fast pace environment. So so pay.

Mostly always a positive environment. Not much co worker tension or drama. Managers a bit intimidating while you work and help only 40/100 of the time which isn’t great. Pay isn’t much definitely not enough to hold down an apartment on your own in NY; if your anything but a specialist or manager/supervisor, or have been there for years. Dreadful customers and hard work during summer. Will be enough to make you want to quit.
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Fun job

I enjoyed working at Lowes. Sometimes it was challenging, but it was mostly a good time. Loved the company culture. Management was very supportive. I would work there again, maybe I will when I retire.
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It's alright

Get your money move up or get out The people were cool. They worked with my schedule that was great. It's a okay job and a place to move up in that's it
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