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Customer Service Representative6 evaluaciones

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3,7Equilibrio vida personal/laboral

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Productive and nice place to work

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Lubrizol just went through a 10% job cut across the board. This is a shame as a lot of good people were let go. Otherwise, when I was employed there (I have since retired) it was a great place to work. Managers were completely accessible to their staff and helped out in any way possible. Atmosphere was positive and the culture was very good. It was enjoyable to work there and I was happy in my job.


great place to work


10% cut was just made
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Was a good place to work

Pay is good and benefits are great. No work life balance or flexibility. Very hard to move up. Very low morale with new ceo. Management has no idea what is going on. Very hard to find out information.


Pay, benefits, vacation


No work life balance or flexibility no career growth. Old school mentality company.
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This company has a great work life balance. Lubrizol is a great company to work for.

Lubrizol is a great company to work for. A typical day at work depends on what department you work for. Overall you are able to get your work done and if something comes up with your family they are VERY understanding. In some departments you can work from home but it is encouraged to come into a work for employee collaboration.


Fitness center, Lubrizol perks (discounts to local stores) and work life balance.


Healthcare is a little expensive.
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Hostile and clique-ish

I was hired on contract through an agency. They kept getting my name wrong, I didnt have a computer, monitor or suitable work area. I had to train with at least 4 different trainers. Only 2 of them were completely thorough about the procedures in entering or processing the orders. They gave me step by step instructions which I was able to follow. The other two not so much. They were all over the place. One of them was very unapproachable as far as being able ask questions on an order. There are a lot of steps to learn and I was given a month to learn all of the procedures which I questioned because normally it would take at least two to three months total depending on the new hire's abilities. I see they're hiring again for the same position so they must treat all of the new hires the same.




Not enough enough time to train on these accounts
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Due to reorganization not a good place to work

Management disorganized, promote managers not used to managing people. Limited communication between employees and management. HR ineffective and does not support employees or assist with concerns or training.




No worklife balance, no communication of vision
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customer service representative

orders entry shipments and follow up invoicing/payment activities solving claims knowledge of hazardous products and transportation regulations
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