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Laboratory Technician11 evaluaciones

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3,7Equilibrio vida personal/laboral

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Good place to work

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Overall a good place to work. Lots of minor differences between departments. Good pay, benefits, and work/life balance. Can be slow moving with interviews and offers on open positions.
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Culture change in middle management

Nothing positive to say about the current Lubrizol Organization. Profits are more important than their employers. You won’t find many employees 55 years old still working there since the new management changes.
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"Ok but beware if you are not a person of religious convictions"

Aside from what is noted after this, not a bad company to work for if you want to receive above-industry-average pay, good benefits, and an easy-going, flexible work structure (dependent on department). This is a company that has a dirty little secret- although Lubrizol superficially upholds diversity in the workplace it actually has a heavy conservative Christian culture that has evolved into a "cult-like" atmosphere. If you don't subscribe to the Inner Circle of Faith-Based Fellowship you will have a difficult time working here. Colleagues will alternately attempt to recruit you into "The Family" or undermine you and come at you sideways trying to shake you down in an attempt to get you your "walking papers."


Above average salary and benefits, Philanthropic gift matching program, Flexible scheduling (within certain limits), Little supervision (in certain departments).


See review
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Good Pay when on swing shift

Swing shift you never get used to. It can be pretty hard on your body because it is 12hr days or nights. Its a good place to work, however you do not get to see your family much.


Days there is a chef there for warm meals


12hr swing shifts
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a typical day at work

I work in the second busiest lab in the building. I multi task during the day and is continuously busy which I love. I am very results oriented with quality as the focus.


flexible hours


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productive work place, lots of events for team buildings, good place to work

Good place to work, friendly, Learned a lot but usually had to learn most of the training on my own. Unorganized with the work details. when top management wanted something changed, middle management did not enforce it and some people made changes and some people didn't. Later caused miscommunication with clients. Love the work and professional atmosphere.


Friendly place


extremely fast paced, and work is to much to handle for one person, . Lack of training and have to train yourself most of the time.
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Stable company to work for.

Stable company to work for, but not many different ladders to climb. Can lead to some career stagnation especially with the age of most of the employees (very young so they have a long time in their role).
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productive environment

quality control and quality assurance on manufactured and imported products. preparation of samples. communication of data and results on respective systems. good management. well cultured.


good professional relationships
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productive and fun

great place to work. open minded, collaborative workplace. great managers, who see people as people. I genuinely like my job and coming to work every day.




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Contract position.

Handled three positions in the lab as a contractor with little recognition of my abilities or dedication to my job. Was eventually laid off for a medical condition, although I had doctor's approval.




Poor recognition of contributions.
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Best Place that I've ever been employed

Lubrizol is an awesome place to work. The people there are friendly and helpful. I found myself learning new things daily.


fair policies, company gatherings, friendly workplace


Use of temps and contractors
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