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Como todos los trabajos tiene tu ventajas y sus desventajas tenía una buena experiencia en la entrevista y estaba bien emocionada yo empecé a trabajar durante Navidad como asociado de ventas era una posición temporal. Lo bueno es es pago , pagan bien y los cheques era semanal. Tienes una hora de almuerzo y un descanso de 15 minutos también, y los horarios son flexible. En el área de desventajas era buen difícil buscar turnos tú mismo lo escogías , pero tenía que estar pendiente porque la mayoría de las personas lo escogen primero que tú y te quedas hasta una semana completo sin trabajar una vez trabajé una semana 5 horas y otro 20 horas. La otra cosa es el ambiente es bastante competitivo hay personas que son permanentes y llevaba años ahí trabajando y ellos depende en la comisión de los clientes siendo una persona nueva tienes a alguien encima tuyo dándote el número de empleado de el/ ella para que obtenga la comisión. También Macy’s de Ponce es un ambiente bien tóxico los empleados no son de confianza , no hablen de una forma positivó hacía lo demás, y había una que discutió conmigo y formó una pelea conmigo bien feo afrente todo mundo. Durante navidad se llena de mucho clientes recomiendo que te prepares porque vas a trabajar bajo presión.


Almuerzo, Pago, Horario Flexible


Competitivo, Ambiente Tóxico, Pocas Horas.
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Seasonal Employee

Good seasonal job, lasted about 6 weeks. I got a call to interview the following year and when I arrived they had no record of my interview which left a bad taste in my mouth.
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Productive and fun loving workplace with excellent pay

A very professional & productive workplace where you receive benefits and great pay ! 💰Every thing about working at Macy's is great, from the coworkers to the customers, the whole place is easygoing & very professional.


Great paycheck, friendly work environment


No cons
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Decent culture

The managers were actually very supportive and requesting time off was simple. We always seemed short staffed on the busiest days. Weekly pay was also a plus.
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Fun place

It was a good first job. I was hired during Christmas, and there was plenty of hours. I needed up quitting a few months after Christmas season because credit card quotes became more aggressive.
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It terrible

U don’t get pay for the amount of stuff u gotta do and they will over work the stuff out of you and then take credit for everything you did and most of the time there’s not even on the floor
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Stressful, underpay, understaffed

Awful place to work . No good management comunication . Schedule changes with out prior notification. No discipline for associates that break policies. 1 specific manager always hurrasing associates . Main manager does know and doesn't do anything to prevent it. Not a chance to continue growing with the company because managers just like to keep you in 1 same place . You have to be a favorite to get a higher position . Once you are no longer a favorite they will file Asset protection against you so that they can fire you . They lead with out being an exaple but they expect you to train all new hires coming in .
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Typical retail job. Get people to sign up for credit cards and upsell, upsell!!! Few of the managers are great while some have their favorites. Not a bad place to work but definitely has its cons.
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It was an okay place to work

It was okay very little paid But it was weekly and they had a lot of reviews. I can’t really complain with a better pay I would’ve stayed longer. That’s all
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Management sucks

I witnessed favoritism & how management lowkey tries to get someone fired if they don’t like you. They also harass you about opening credit cards every 15 mins.
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What i expected

Enjoyed my time at macys during college. I had a really cool manager and she really does care about her workers. Looking back the pay wasnt really that good but the job wasnt hard and i enjoyed working with my co workers
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Overall experience in the past before COVID was good Now free for all

What is the best part of working at the company?there is no best part Best part is the discountWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?The rude customers who treat all the sales associates like doormats The constant pressure to get creditsWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?The leadership that has been there long term gives what they can otherwise it's a spiraling messWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Credits credits credits Clean the floor from the customers who trash it every day Walmart is neater
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Negligent and isolating

The environment here is incredibly toxic and the managers don’t care to help if there are issues within the departments or between staff. It’s a pit that traps its employees and they do nothing to protect them either. I quit because I felt driven out and retaliated against. I wouldn’t wish this job on my worst enemy.


No water available
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Typical, just like working at any other retail store. Don't expect great benefits or flexibility. Workers are pretty decent, everyone is just trying to get in and out, no real workplace culture.
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You must be passionate to survive.

Coworkers are great, Boss management is awesome. Macy's Inc however is very frustrating and poorly structured. Customers can be very inconsiderate of merchandise.


Creative environment and lot's of independence.


Demanding schedule, rude customers
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I'm just thankful that I have the opportunity to broaden my social skills to learn how to be impartial when dealing with customers.

Typical work day is dealing with different customers and numerous different personalities you know it allows me to become familiar with people and to learn how to cope with other people's needs. And to be impossible when it comes to customers because some people are rude and arrogant and then there are others that are supportive and kind so you have to learn how to balance your work day not based on just the customer being a customer, but reading their personalities and their traits so that you can identify with each person differently than the next it helps to improve my social skills


We get good discounts on nice clothing and other items


Sometimes they make you feel like you are expendable.
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Overall a great place to work and gain customer service experience

Good beginner job. The training process was quick and I got hired within a week. The only downside is that it is understaffed most of the time. Very nice coworkers and the managers were friendly and understanding.
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Growth potential

Worked there for almost 7 years, and don’t have any real complaints. They love to promote from within, so there is always growth opportunity in that company.
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Enjoyable workplace

I enjoyed working at Macy's as a manager. It wasn't without typical retail annoyances - push to make goals, even when there's no traffic or control over your merchandise, and there is a HEAVY emphasis on opening credit cards. Overall, paid well for what it was and long-term employees seemed very happy. I enjoyed going to work.
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Good Culture and good people

It starts off all nice and you get praised for little things here and there. Once they see what you’re good at they take advantage and make you work in departments and complete tasks not in your range. They do this once people start leaving the company they will put more pressure and work on you.
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Great 1st Job

Jobs was pretty enjoyable at first. Scheduling is fair, managers are so-so. However the turn over rate is HIGH & the morale of the employees is low. Constant unnecessary petty drama!
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