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No hay cooperación ni buena comunicación con la gerencia. Mas de un supervisor y diferentes instrucciones

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Ambiente laboral desfavorable. No hay una comunicacion eficiente con la gerencia ni hubo una buena disposición de su parte para hacerme sentir parte del equipo. Mi experiencia fue muy frustrante. Trabaje un turno extra con el gerente de otro departamento distinto al mio. Me dijeron estaba autorizada. Ponche mi turno y luego no me pagaron esas horas. Lo reclame y supuestamente lo arreglarian lo q nunca hicieron. Me desanime muchisimo. Ademas tenia q estar pidiendo turno porque era empleada por temporada. No me lo dijeron cuando me contrataron.


Si hay descansos y el area es muy comoda
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Great culture!

Macy's has an amazing work culture and work/life balance! The job can be fully remote or in-person, which is nice. The pay is not as competitive, which is a downside
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It was better then other places.

I loved working with my team. The environment was competitive for customers when there barely were any people shopping in the store. If you were supportive, they showed support back. Some managers would show appreciation, while others only cared about the numbers.


Co-workers, resonable physical tasks


Little appreciation shown
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Macys is just terrible terrible horriable these ppl got as bad as only being able to offer 15-20 hrs at work a week like do u know how bad that is and knowing how the economy is like who can live like that but
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Wouldn't recommend

My position was okay. Pay was okay, although I feel I could've been compensated more for the hard work. Management sucks! One of the main reasons I left. Only apply if you're in desperate need of a job.
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Good for the experience

Worked while in college and learning about the business side of retail. I enjoyed my co workers and direct supervisors. Many of who I knew from my previous location
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Good starting job

The job was okay, morning hours which was nice at times, opportunities for longer work days up to 40 hour weeks, but had some slow periods during other times which left you with limited hours
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Treat you like a robot and unfair pay

When I started beauty merchandising they just threw me in there with no training. This was my first job at retail and I never had much support. Management gets frustrated when I don’t know how to do something although I was never trained. They will ask me to do things outside of my job description a lot because they won’t hire more people and that takes me away from my main job then others get frustrated with me because now I’m behind. Lots of petty dramas within the cosmos and everyone wants to quit or already is already on the way to quit. Boss is heartless when it comes to personal emergencies and all they care about is your reliability and when you will be back. Very unorganized and unprofessional. Lots of hard work, multiple people demanding things because you are not tied to a counter and you are seen as the help. I do not make enough for this pressure and I dread coming into work. Hours are good I work 40 hour weeks and consistent but never have consecutive days off and they are always random. Sometimes they schedule me 7 days in a row but when I complain about it they still won’t do anything so then I have to call out because I’m so exhausted.


College programs, paid 2. 15 minute breaks


Management, boss, outside job description, no training, low pay
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Fun Workplace

It was a fun workplace, and the hours were really good. It was nice to get weekends off, which is rare for something in the retail industry. I loved my coworkers and 90% of the time your day went smoothly.
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Pretty basic job, nothing special. Will do whatever they legally require.

Pretty basic retail store, you come clock in, head to your station and do your work. Management doesn't care too much but they're easy to reach and will provide you with answers if you have questions.
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Solid Place to Work

Overall the work is steady and routine and the employees are good people. It's a good job especially if you like having late afternoons/evenings off.
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helped pay for expenses while attending college. Management was often constantly rotated after working there for a while which led to many power grabs within the store
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It's a good place work.

What is the best part of working at the company?The experience I gained from for there leadership. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The growth you can get with the companyWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Outstanding customeservice cashier merchandiser
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Not enough pay

Worked there on and off over the years. The store isn’t the same anymore. Very hectic and need to start paying more. It’s been disorganized for years
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Favoritism. They’ll hire you in at no pay, refuse to give you anymore regardless of your hard word. Then they hire in new people with zero experience at $22 an hour and promote them within a week. No support, unrealistic expectations.
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Would never again

Constantly understaffed. Ridiculous merchandising expectations when the selling floor is constantly messy. How can you possibly put out new merchandise when the shelves and racks are constantly unshoppable due to the mess? It would be like 2,000 square feet of selling floor and only one poor soul is covering the department. There’s your hint as to why people shop from their couches in this day and age
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What is the best part of working at the company?It’s a bad environment they treat you as if you are a robot except in the beginning What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Being a generalist the promise you the everything and then they take it back if the original owners new about this the management would not be there anymore What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very nice at first then they find out about your weakness and they drain you out What is a typical day like for you at the company?Do this do that they choose one victim and make them do everything
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I wouldn't.

Most petty and unorganized management I've ever come across. Managers only care about their favorites and opening Macy's cards. Training is a joke. Be prepared to learn on your own. Lots of drama, whether or not you talk to anybody. They will protect their own. You have been warned. Do not recommend.
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Ok place to work for

Decent place to work for. Get discount on items you purchase. Work was not too. Got really busy during the holidays so would be many customers in the store. Which comes with the job.
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Pay wasn't that great but you were always kept busy. Location was fine. When I worked there my bosses were amazing and very understanding. Worked with my school schedule
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I recommend to work there

I really liked working there, the most enjoyable work. Good people and customers. Good management. A typical day at work from 5-12. I learned a lot working there.
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