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laid back yet hard working work enviroment

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A typical day consisted of organization of work place and aiding customers in purchase. The management was made up of wonderful hardworking people, although at the time I was there it was quite disorganized due to the lack of managers. My co-workers were easy to work with although they were always on edge with stress which came out of them quite a bit. The hardest part of the job getting hours. My favorite part was selling on busy days, and making sure even with the gross amount of people that I could get to them all in a timely fashion


relaxed and flexible


getting hours
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Great environment

Its a great place to work with great benefits. We get discounts as well. The pay and commission is doable over all its a great place to start your professional journey.
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Seasonal Sales Associate

It's a fine job when you're trying to make some extra cash. Also it's quite easy to take time off by offering up your shift to other coworkers on the database/online. Or to pick up extra shifts
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Productive and learning experience

It's a good first job to learn customer service and gain knowledge. Learning about sales and working with others really helps you what teamwork is about.
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Good people

Fun job but pressure to get customers to sign up for store credit which made it uncomfortable in a lot of situations. Overall it was a great company with ok pay .
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It was on to work their

Working aloneHaving to make people get credit cardsWorking long hoursHaving to work on holidaysCant get time off when neededDont think of u as a person
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Good workplace

It can be short staffed great co-workers and and good manager but depends. Good base pay . It can become stressful at times. Breaks are hard to come by since you will have to wait for someone to cover you.
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Never got any hours. When you did get hours, work was hard and for poor pay. Most sales associates jobs are low paying, but you’re better off getting a retail job elsewhere. Maybe it’s gotten better since I left. I do remember a fairly quick hiring process though.
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Perfect! I enjoyed working here, management great, extra perks when signing customers up for store credit card, so rewarding environment. I would work here again
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Great job if you need one but not long term

Macy's department store is a great job if you want to enter into retail or you haven't worked in a long time. They hired me without an interview. I did work retail when I was younger. So that is a positive. However, they have a serious management problem at the store where I worked in the Domain. They don't have a manager up on the second floor at night. They have low staff. So, you are left to do sales, fitting rooms and closing the machines sometimes by yourself. They don't want to have actual departments anymore. You will have to attend to the entire second floor. The children's area often looks a mess and we can't keep up. They refuse to put a sign for a wait line that they had last year. Then there are two lines that often form around the register area. Customers will get upset when told they have to form one line when they could just bring back the sign and it would cause less confusion. They also didn't want to comply with my disability accommodations. They will tell you at first they will and then they won't. If you are new to retail or haven't worked in a while this is great for a while and then move on to better.
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Good for experience

It’s a good place to get some experience but not a place to stay forever. Lots of politics and managers that have no idea what they’re doing. The pay is decent but this job will test your patience with customers.
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Fun workplace

Working in fragrance was very fun! Getting to know all the brands , women and male scents. Then helping customers choose a scent for themselves or a loved one was great
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Great work place and very friendly

Job is a great first one to have and the employees are very friendly. Be ready to stand for long periods but overall great place to work at. Employees will help you out.
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It’s what you make out of the workplace

For most part is a pleasant place to work at. I have not learned much in Macy’s where I have my dear, working there compared to my previous time working there. Management at Macy’s some not all art for most part under the influence the hardest part about my job at Macy is that I’m overworked and underpaid and for most part I’m either the only person in the department and it’s really hard to do breaks, or any kind of step away from register. The most enjoyable part about Macy is the people some of the people I work with they can make the job, so exciting and so welcoming while others make you feel uncomfortable. .




Under pay
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Productive fun place to work at

Nice coworkers nice environment can get a bit tricky with all the other departments. Have to wear a walkie talkie to ask for help and other things. Managers nice
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Fun workplace

I had a great time working macys. It was a fun and collaborative environment. Management was friendly. Fast paced work environment. It was a great time working here.
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The managers

Working here was fine but the managers were the real problem. It was difficult to work and communicate with them. Sometimes when I needed help, I was ignored.
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Overall rewarding experience

I was at this Macy's location for 5 years. It was rewarding for me because I was able to develop many skills as it was my first job. The management could be better, but that's due to the Store Manager.
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They want you to push customers to open macys card. They will stress you out with loyalty. Too many managers are constantly watching you. Their commission is a joke
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It went from a fun experience to a completely stressful environment.

What is the best part of working at the company?Nothing! Awful place to work,. The store is understaffed and managed poorly. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Dealing with inadequate staff, lack of management support.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Hostile, there’s a complete disconnect between management and associates.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Cleaning up the fitting rooms, making the floor look like there’s adequate merchandise and dealing with customers.
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Fun workplace

Great workplace and culture, no pressure, easy job, but a low base pay and commissions depending on the store and location, overall good place to start.
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