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Buenos salarios pero mala administracion

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Los salarios en Mahle estan por encima de la mayoria de las empresas, pero por dentro la administracion es un desastre, siempre hay renuncia de personal, no hay material para trabajar y muchas veces no hay coherencia con lo que piden los jefes. La verdad por fuera Mahle parece una muy buena empresa, pero una vez que trabajas en ella te das cuenta que no es de esa manera. No recomendaria trabajar en Mahle si lo que planeas es buscar una empresa donde quedarte por bastante tiempo.
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Decent pay, but 7 day work weeks mandatory. Very little if any work life balance, especially if you’re not one first shift. Job isn’t hard other than that.
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Manera trabajar y nentalidad primitiva .Verano mycha calor.
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Unorganized, fluctuating hours, poor management

Mahle is a company that has managers who show favoritism. One Mahle One team is the motto but they do not follow their own motto. Overall the pay is good but the environment is unhealthy.
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You don't matter, only the company does

Mandated overtime because none of management communicate. You'll run parts that are not needed then chewed out for not running what is needed. Your machine breaks down you'll get hounded on when it will be fixed and able to run the "hot" part that you don't even have or will most likely not see till next week. HR is quite obviously working for the company and not the workers. They tell new hires not to talk to people that have been there because we would tell them how the place has gone down hill. Rule book changes when it benifits them without warning.
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It's alot of overtime and loud in the factory.

The job wasn't hard but the level of advancement wasn't much.The people were very friendly but it was not a diverse group there.I started out at 18.75 a hour and my trainer was at 22 a hour he had been there for 20 yrs.
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Good place to work

Good place to work with good pay/benefits. Hours can be long and it can get hot at times but it keeps you busy and the time flies by. There are lots of opportunities to move up.
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Fun place

My time there was fun and the employees were nice. HR was very helpful and understanding. It is fast paced in some departments so work can be demanding ag times
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Muy mal ambiente de trabajo,poco compañerismo y mucho pelotero suelto,no lo recomiendo a NADIE

El peloteo es lo que funciona allí,mal ambiente de trabajo,poco orden,suciedad,poco compañerismo,siempre todos los turnos discutiendo,a VOCES,no se lo recomiendo a nadie
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No life for and your family

I left superviser suck management suck they work you like you no life at home superviser only care if you geting done for them if anyone want to at mahle i would tell them that no life pay suck! Good people use to work at mahle is gone
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Hr business partner

All in all satisfied, recommend the company if you like working a fast paced environment with lots of challenges and great team members. Also they have great benefits.
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El trabajo me gusta pero ya son 4 años sin aumentos no hay evaluación 😞
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Terrible workplace

They give no care about you or your personal life. You will work 12s 7days a week depending on department. And everyone is a rat hoping it’ll help them move up




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Loyal company to loyal employee's

As in most of the cases out there, the company will help you succeed if you're willing to support the company and if you want to succeed. Don't expect much if you not willing to work or put effort into your position. It baffles me how people think they can ask for an increase the 2nd day at the job or need vacation the next day. Treat the company and your manager the way you want to be treated and you will succeed for sure.


No Bonus at the end of the year
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Hot and over worked

Hated it. Never had parts and the line stayed down. Work 10hrs 6 days sometimes 7 days. Team leaders suck. Pay sucked you work long hard hours to see a good check
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Empresa de alta performance

A empresa mahle pra mim foi uma empresa que mim deu oportunidade de de crescimento pra mim é tudo de bom
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A job for the non family man or woman

Its a job for the non family having people. My biggest complaint is that managment didn't seem to comunicate well with the floor workers. Great people to work with.
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Good place

Good place to work. Fast pace. Lots and lots of overtime. Show up on time and do your job and you won't have any problems at all. And it's a union job.
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enjoy playing games some occasions.

nice place to work, nice coworkers enjoy working there. everyone always helps each other keep areas clean all the time. lunchroom, restrooms clean,there are fans for summer heated for winter. good benefits, vacations, holidays etc. nothing to worry about, I enjoy working on days starting at 4:00 in the morning then get off @ 2:00.


enjoy 30 minutes lunch.


enjoy (2)15:minutes break.
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Avoid Mahle at all costs

Working here is the equivalent almost to working in a sweat shop in a foreign country. No flexibility at all regarding the schedule. They hire you for a specific position then when you show up for work, its something completely different. They can't get their heads together to figure out why they can't keep anybody! Who would want to work mandatory 56 Hours? Maybe the management should try that sometime and see how they like it.
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It was fun and the company worked with us

I miss the people here and the company were the best I ever worked at!!!! The company was fair and had the best opportunity until they laid so many off!!


Always felt good


Laid off to long and had family I had to support
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