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Una muy buena compañía ojalá y Dios permita poder trabajar en ella esa es mi mayor emisión y orgullo
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Good job, poor management

The job at Menards, during my time, was great in the aspect of being able to have a flexible schedule and work with guests. However, as soon as you move into management you have to start brown nosing like no other to keep your job. As a regular worker the job is great, but moving up is a terrible idea.
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Fun place to work, but random hours

Not at all a bad place to work especially for a sales position in a store. Health and dental are offered, but no vision. One week of paid vacation. Really good pay. My coworkers were fun to work around. Most customers were kind too. They are flexible and will work with you on your hours. However, you will be required to work some weekends and morning and evening shifts if you are full time.
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Hard work and good pay

I worked there for 2 years. The only reason I left was due to the fact the health insurance isn't very good. You will work hard at Menards no doubt about that. However, if you want to advance you can. They pay is really good and they pay a nice premium to work weekends. You also get paid every Friday.


Good pay


Bad benefits
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Always something new to learn

No one day is the same. Staff and management are willing to help so you’re not floundering. The management team express interest in you as a person as well as an employee. Rude customers can be part of the course, just can’t take it personally.
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Something new every day

Menards is a good entry level jobCo workers were niceThere is always something to doCons were at the time I worked hereWas last minute guests during closing time and had short breaks with little travel time to get into the break room and back without getting docked
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It's a decent place to be.

The job place is decent to work in. All the people working there are pretty helpful for the most part. Management is better than at other places I have worked in and offer help whenever you need something from them. Pay is higher the minimum wage in the city. Hours are flexible all you gotta do is run it by your manager and try to see if the days work.
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Overall one of my favorite jobs I've had

I like the job and the benefits compared to other places around. Extra weekend bonus, weekly pay and IPS. The pay is good, I like the people I work with. My overall experience has been very positive
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Menards review

Jobs alright , schedule is horrible. No choice in flexibility. Weight gets carried on you often. Being a full time position you might wanna kiss your social life good bye
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One of my favorite jobs

Honestly I would love to work here again it was so much fun! I was able to be paid weekly, get proper support, discounts and only worked 4 hours a day. I only stopped working here due to car troubles and stopped having transportation but I’d absolutely work here again with no hesitation
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Easy Job

Management is good. Easy to learn and fun to interact with customers. Staff are really open and inviting. Made good friends there. Really good pay especially when you work weekends and make $3 extra dollars per hour.
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Good Pay

They pay is good but a lot of playing favorites from the top GM to managers. They like to promote from within the company no matter the skill set. They'll training you to be a manager even if you are right out of high school.
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Unappreciated for your work

I’ve worked for menards from part time cashier, head cashier, 2nd front end assistant manager, and full time cashier. While the pay may be great overtime you become mentally tired of this company. The customer treat you worse than dirt and you’re supposed to sit there and take it. It’s the same thing everyday. So if you like consistency and a steady routine. Menards is perfect for you. Head cashiers do the same amount of work as a manager and being promoted from cashier to head cashier is only 25¢ more! And front end managers only get paid a dollar or two more than a full time cashier….
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Do not work here if you want to keep your sanity. The managers could not care less about you and they have no idea how to run a company. They will cut your hours without telling you.




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it’s retail

it’s a basic retail store. menards as a company values money and not people. i’ve learned how to deal with the public and they always suck. each store is different. mine is okay.
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Not very good place to work for variety of reasons

No equity amongst employees. Good workers taken advantage of. Lousy workers have no consequences applied. Upper management is not cooperative or considerate when communicating with staff. Management that is avoided whenever possible. Little consideration given to timely release of weekly schedule. Hours requested not honored Not really a good place to work if you take pride in your work, or need consistency in your job, or need open communication/fair with management.
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Working in side is good. working outside don't do it they make you walk around pick up trash or sweap straight up the boards every time nothing else
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Team focused

Working at Menards was a great experience. The managers both department and store want to develop employees for advancement. Work for assistant department managers included scheduling, getting corporate tasks done, completing store tasks, responding to customer and vendor emails, leading and developing team, and maintaining a clean presentable department. Expect to work 45+ hours but with a strong team this isn’t too taxing.
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Don't do it

MT Program is not very educational. It's like throwing you to the wolves. You get moved through departments so fast you can't learn anything about the departments. If you are in College on top of work, and it doesn't matter if it's online and doesn't interfere with work you will not get placed as a department manger, or assistant because of it.
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Good starting job

Good job for high school and college students who are looking for a stable and good job. Most managers will be flexible with your availability which is nice.
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Menards treated you like they did not trust you and did not offer good insurance premiums.

Menards treated you like they did not trust you and were punishing you if you had to leave for a doctor's appointment. For instance, they required you to provide written proof from the doctor's office that you were there. They also made you make up the hours you were gone. They also demoted 2 employees from their jobs in the 2 years I was there. They were very strict with employees.
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