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Es bastante bueno. es un área lo cual he visto que es bien ocupado.Trabajo en el área de preparación es muy busy yes buena porque uno aprende cada día.
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Okay place for college students

A lot of favoritism in this place, but chill and laid back environment.Two good managers. If you have issues regarding one of their favorites, don’t even bother addressing.Food is good though. Customers who give you the hardest time seems to come at night and on Sundays. Very flexible job if you have children which is good.


Laid back, Flexibility


Favoritism, pay
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Fun easy place to work

I applied to work here a few months ago because I needed flexibility with my school schedule. This has been the perfect place to work for that. I have super flexible hours and the bosses are always willing to help you get the days that you need off off
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Family friendly fun 2 work for

The environment was great the managers were always friendly and if I had a situation where I couldn't come into work they were there for me when I got pregnant they made me as most comfortable as I could and if I started getting dizzy or nauseous a manager would take over my position until I felt better the buzzers were always running tables for me it was definitely a family there and I was sad to leave
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They do not care about uniforms hygiene or even if you do a good job

Place is a joke that’s why the turnover rate is high. Managers don’t respect each other. And as soon as you say something about another person not doing their job I.e on their phone on the line talking the whole shift. They tell you to worry about you…. Umm excuse me where is the teamwork! Constant call offs they expect you to stay but you will never be recognized as going above and beyond at all…
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Need a "0" stars option.

Trash Food, Trash Managers. Did NOT Pay me for hours worked. You have been warned. GM hired me and never seen again. Not Fun. No1 who worked there was happy. Everyone always in a bad mood.
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Productive and fun work place

Excelled quickly within the company based off work ethic. Hard work is rewarded and lazy people are addressed. Management was great. Fun team to work with just like family


Contests. Good hours. Good tips


Closing time is a bunch of undesirable tables
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Fun place to work

Great place to be when your young and wanting to learn. To move up it takes time unless you hired as management. You are need in your position and they can’t loose you in it.
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Terrible management. Severely unaccommodating to employees

Management was disrespectful to staff, talked badly about them and called them names. If an emergency came up with an employee, they were fired if shift was not covered. One employee got called an inbred by management. Zero humanity, zero flexibility, bad pay, zero benefits.
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Terrible since old gm left

The new GM is absolutely horrible. The next manager is never anywhere to be found when you need something. The Kitchen Manager is the only one keeping anything in line. Favorites are played 100%. They preach they want you to be trained in multiple areas but NEVER let you.
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Millers is dedicated to make both team members and management feel like an extended family through out all of its 100+ locations. The consistency of such a large, predominantly East coast, chain is impressive.


40% off at any Millers anytime


No sick days, everything goes to your pto
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Terrible work atmosphere. Food is horrible. Favoritism with management and staff.

People are very rude there they make you feel uncomfortable and the favoritism is unbelievable! If you aren't the manager favorites then you get bad shifts and are treated horribly . The food is horrible and every weekend you better believe you will be waiting for your food for atleast 30 minutes.


40 percent off meals


No breaks. Unfair managers
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Trash managers

1.Managers play favorites2. Chang your schedule/ job with notifying you 3. Would make you do other people job and claim “it’s benefit the team”4.bad job
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Interesting and fun

I genuinely loved being a server and the opportunities of socializing and creating regular families/friends to be sat with me. I loved making people happy it made my day as well. The only issue was the managers who made it painful to work through anything and favoritism is huge in the restaurant industry.
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Work at Miller's ale house is a fun

I didn't spend too much time at Miller's ale house but I felt well in this team. I worked as a dishwasher/prep cook. I washed dishes, silverware and pots.
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Fun workplace but need to be able to hustle

Even though it is a restaraunt you still need to be able to hustle especially in the kitchen. The rushes can be brutal but rewarding in long run. Overall a fun experience.
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Great first restaurant work experience

I worked as a hostess and got tipped out so I made a decent amount. However, the servers and therefore all who are tipped out by their sales could have made a lot more if Miller's got busy during the daytime. It's mainly a nigh shift busy place. Enjoyed the work environment and the managers. The job was really easy.
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Very Poor Working conditions, 8 hour shifts and no breaks…

Poor environment to work, 8 hour shifts bussing the whole restaurant alone most of the time. Physically demanding with no breaks it’s actually insane.
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Mgmt has no idea what’s going on

Super bad mgmt and poor attitude wait staff, if you’re looking to be disrespected and feel like a piece of trash look no further because you’ve found it here at Miller’s
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Overall okay

It’s okay but stressful, the managers could be better. Coworkers are fun. You can have the potential to make money but it’s hard when they over Staffed & you get a 3 table section
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Friendly and cordial work environment

The best thing about Miller’s Ale House is the people you get to work with. It’s a nice environment where you feel welcomed each day. Team members bring enthusiastic energy in all they do. Miller’s offers standard industry benefit packages such as 401Ks and paid time off. Overall my experience working in the company was positive. A few recommendations include allowing more time to plan for annual conferences and paying out accumulated vacation time earned when an employee leaves the company.
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