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es un buen trabajo mas enfocado a vender productos financieros
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Lo bueno es que tu organizas tus horarios

Es una empresa donde el sueldo es solo por comisiones, si no vendes, no te pagan. La ventaja es que tu administras tus horarios y trabajas desde casa


Trabajo en casa


Cero prestaciones y sueldo por comisiones
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Great place to work

Telecommuted for 12 years. Great workplace culture and support from management. Great pay and benefits with annual bonus and training.Training both professionally and personal are given.
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Love em

Love em!!!! They are great and the training is second to none. I couldn't ask for a better opportunity with NYL I absolutely love it there...can't wait to make millions....
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If you have a good network, this job can be great

My network, unfortunately, didn't work because NYL couldn't get blood tests in the area they were in for Life Insurance policies. You work as much as you want to, aside from the meetings on friday for new employees. The management is super cool, and not too pushy. Fairly easy to set up policies, and luckily the accounts NYL have are quite good so its easy to sell
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Great products to represent

Products were on point, makes it easier to sell with conviction. Company is strong and has been around forever. People know the brand. If you can get into a good office, management is great and very supportive.
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Don't sell anything if you are not a salesman!

Most people take a flier once in a while. This was mine. If you do it work smart & have appointment setters. Deal with high income people so you sell large enough policies that pay enough for you to make a living. Very hard to sell life insurnace to people that are divorced. Hard to live on commissions. Was not for me.
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Learned some new things

Lots of resources to learn from and support from teams if you don't understand something. I like the feedback I was given and the workshops. I was given a myriad of work and our meetings were structured with detail.
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The Company You Keep

NYL offers an ideal career for entrepreneurial- oriented professionals who care more about a mission to serve & help others than lining their own pockets. Starting your Agent career here is like starting your own business, but you never have to worry about the quality of your products.
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High school drama

The woman that did our training was amazing and a wonderful human being the group I had of 20 some people were awesome we really came together as a family but then once we got out of training and went out into the work floor. It was a completely different story they were managers that were backstabbing and would literally talk about you and then they're employees that would just watch everything you did and report it back it was like being in high school. You are a cool kid then you literally didn't belong
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It is a sales driven finance job

Very demanding both hours and miles driven to meet clients. Will need a healthy and constant steam of prospects in order to keep business afloat. Training is industry leading.
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Productive and fun lace to work

Great fun place and great benefits. Managers are awesome 😎 good place to grow your knowledge of the life insurance industry. Learn grow and engage!!!
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It’s cool

It’s cool no real complaints. It can’t get repetitive and boring. But it’s a good place to work. The company has high moral and they try to tear people well.
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Thrown to the wolves

Calling all day, they don’t give any leads. Fresh college grad with no experience and they tell you to go pry business from friends and family. With little explanation
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Don't expect management and salary until you sell life insurance for them

They're not honest about the position and compensation, if you're getting hired as an Finance Agent they would lie to you saying untrue reality until you get more involved with the company doing training to how sell their life insurance making you loose your precious time. they want you to work for them for free, doing training meetings until you sell 2 life insurances. and the Manager is always late for meetings and let you hanging there waiting for him.
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Embrace The Struggle

Each office is different (I was in Eastern Washington), but the ideas are the same. Supportive staff and great products but you will struggle early on. Expect to be working 60-70 hours per week on prospecting, NYL education, certification studying, and all of the other responsibilities. You are going to have to put in a ton of time and push but once you are established you can rely more and more on referrals which is the goal.


Flexibility, Independence, Work-Life Balance, Pay


Warm Market Based, Long hours, Separate Personal Development Required
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If sales isn’t your thing, Don’t work here

I was hired with the idea that I was going to be in Data analytics and research, but it turns out I was just going to be another person that they could get life insurance sales from. They wanted me to squeeze every policy possibility out of my friends and family, and don’t provide any leads. It was a very unsuccessful position for me. I had zero sales experience, and never expressed in my interviews that I was interested in sales, but they were able to coerce me into hire without specifics. I didn’t enjoy the work.
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Good company, bad training

You go through all the training and get your license just to work for free generating leads that go no where. Management doesn't give any direction either.
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Flexible work-life schedule

To make money at NY Life, you need to put the work in. There are no short cuts. Be prepared to start and have some money saved up just in case you have a bad month since you are working on commission.
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Not enough employees, resulting in completely unmanageable workloads.

The company went through excessive turnover within the last 2 years, resulting in extremely high work loads for those that remain. They have been promising to improve this for 2 years now, to no avail. Despite consistent hiring, the work loads continue to grow, as do the expectations and unrealistic management expectations. I literally lie awake at night fuming and stressing about this job. I would not recommend working here unless you want to hate your life starting Sunday night and lasting all work week!
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Great work/life balance

Great work/life balance. Most people are easy to get along with. Limited opportunity to learn something new and advance. Very old school thinking when it comes to working form home.
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