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Fue buena experiencia, tranquila. Buen sueldo pero muy rutinario.
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Was in Roto Department hard physical hot dangerous work but enjoyed it and would work in that department again

At the Winchester Virginia facility the pay was fair and overtime abundant. Benefits our average in coverage and cost. Understand injection molding but 12-hour shifts fast-paced high humidity in the summer takes it's toll on people creating disgruntled employees.


Air conditioned break rooms, overtime.


Poor training, too much forced overtime due to lack of staff.
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Fast paced, hot. Long hours.

Long hours. Very hot. You do get a decent amount of breaks. Some of the jobs are very demanding on your body. Sometimes you have to do the same motion all day because they wont rotate you like you are suppose to. Some of the workers are very rude and act like they are better than you and will treat you like trash.
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Good Company to learn

Amazing company to learn at. A lot of exposure to many different business. So much opportunity and room for growth. Lower pay as you move into higher roles.
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It's a job

Lack of good management and pay. Overworked with few breaks. Sometimes expected to work seven days a week. Lazy coworkers and very tedious. Nepotism galore.
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Too many rules

Not laid back, the work is easy so that’s where the one star rating comes from besides that horrible pay horrible place the management is ok in there a few good people anyways. Everyone is nosey. The breaks are horrible two breaks one 12 mins lunch is 18 mins. They expect everyone to do a good job within the first days in there
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Unproductive work environment

Company is poorly managed and frequently up for sale. Work environment is hard and extremely hot. Was recently closed for a week because they could not afford gas for trucks. Management and HR ignore worker complaints and concerns for the most part.




No room for advancement
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Great company

Great company to work for. Work life balance is great and manager makes you feel respected. Communication with employees is consistent and transparent.
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Over all a good company

I loved working at newell the hours were long but the pay made it worth it. I don't like how there was no paid holidays but the PTO was good. The only reason I couldn't stay was I'm in recovery and honestly it just wasn't a good environment for someone trying to balance a healthy sober lifestyle


Benefits hourly wages and how quickly you can move up
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Good team environment

A close knit team environment, passionate people that care about making quality products. Great managers and senior managers, directors and higher leadership can feel disconnected at times. A lot of changes but good communication and grace to adjust.
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Not great

Depends what section you are working in. The loading and picking area isn’t too bad, staff get on together well. V.A.S is a horrible work environment, managers don’t care about staff and regularly cause trouble and sack people. New people start every week as no one lasts.
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Not a very good company to work for

I honestly hate to leave this kind of review but..I've been at this company almost a year I'm still not hired on. Everything literally everything they do there is backwards. There is always issues .it doesn't matter how hard you work they won't notice and it will never get you anywhere it's the most exhausting job I've ever had that I sadly wanted to make a career of at one time. I would not recommend the VA company to anyone it literally will make you miserable
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Lots of hours

I can’t say a lot of bad things. It was a good job and I enjoyed doing what I was doing. It’s not for everyone, but it is a good job. If you like overtime you will get plenty.
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Not a good place to work

At corporate it may be different, if working at one of the manufacturing facilities it’s different. The support corporate gave the plants was poor at best. The plant leadership was poor and seemed to run scared from their managers. My experience was not good


Very few if any that I can recollect


Benefits, working environment
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Great Company to work for

Great Company to work for and grow with. Worked for the company for 12 years. Started in the mail room and word my way to the IT department. The company has its pros and cons just like any other major company.
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Ok for someone who just wants money.

The company has a union to protect your job if you choose, but the management decides who they like and don't want there and push those people out.They are not very schedule flexible. Tjere is a lot of favoritism as well.
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a place you can learn new things

Managers are supportive and willing to coach new members. Company culture is not inclusive. (I worked in Shanghai Office.) Pay is not competitive in the market. Hard to get promoted.
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Would not recommend if you want a life outside of work, long work hours and not much training, management is terrible big language barriers, they push you very hard.
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Was good turned bad

Was a great place to work then new officers came in and everything changed new people did not care about anything but bottom line New rules did not promote work life balance
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Communicate, communicate, communicate

There are a lot of teams that work at different locations that need to partner on projects. It is important to stay on top of the communication to make sure everyone is on the same page and not making decisions without communicating the outcomes. Corporate culture of CYA.
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Great place to work

The company really cares about their employees. The excitement about working there is continued after being employed. Always running new sales, the opportunities they give their employees is amazing. The appreciation for their employees is nothing like I have ever experienced. It was truly a great place to work!
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