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Not really worth it

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You only get paid for taking calls, so no calls mean no money. Plenty of rude customers. They just throw you to the wolves. You have to literally complete for hours the minute the schedule is posted or you are out of luck.
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This is a flexible work from home job where you can schedule your own hours. Training not paid but you do get incentives for completing training . It’s truly not bad if you pay attention in class you will rock it out. Looking forward to my upcoming project in December. Other one for Teladoc did not work out for me . I am just glad I was able to get on another one. Thank you Nex Rep at least they don’t throw you away.
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4 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?The Agents!! And all support teams are the best at NEXREP. You are never alone with NEXREP Campaigns. The training programs are very thorough with continued support when you start Production.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?With some of the Campaigns on occasion getting hours is difficultWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?The work environment and culture are normally upbeat and positive.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Normally fast-paced.
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Not bad

Good as a side hustle,The job was easy,the only problem was I couldn’t find enough hours.But if you’re looking to make extra money this company might be perfect for you.
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2 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?Highly unstable work environment. Horrible benefits. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The company has no plan for the future. They just hope things will happen and freak out when magic doesn’t happen. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?There is very little support. I would say it’s too chill and not very professional.What is a typical day like for you at the company?A lot of stress and very little help. Everyone is over worked and under appreciated.
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More hours

It would be ok if you needed extra money on the side of a second Job. I would not recommend making it your only income job. I also think it would be perfect for a first time Remote position to get experience.
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Only good to gain work experience

Wouldn’t recommend it for those looking for a long term job. It is stressful for the low pay and pays per talk min. If you can’t get people to sign up for certain things you won’t be working there long.
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Enjoy making my own schedule

Great for making my own schedule. Greatly enjoy work/life balance. Low pay. Would like more resources for helping customers when site glitches. Would like pay increases with seniority/certain criteria or goals met.
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The hours were flexible

The hours were flexible and phones were okay. Chat was overwhelming. In stead of 1 or 2 people at a time you got 6 to 8 to respond to in 3 minutes. The watch everything, don't give you a lot of support. Some leadership is helpful. But the pay is very low.
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Little Pay for so much effort

Definitely doesn’t pay enough for all you have to do! A lot questions being asked aren’t answered by the MRT because they don’t know! A lot of questions being asked by customers, requires Google research and YouTube videos. The “resources” provided aren’t helpful! Great for work/life balance!
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Loved Job

Good company to work for independent contractors definitely apply, you pick your on schedule nice managers very relaxed environment, calls are steady during open enrollment but there are alot of slow days too
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Low paying job for all the responsiblities

This job did not pay enough for the headache with all the customer issues and complaints received on a daily basis. They changed rules and regulations every day and if you did not review the change before your shift you would be graded on your Quality with points taken off for not following the new way. Even if it was a minor mistake it could cost you to lower your Average Performance. Turn around is very bad so when new people are hired, we have to fight for hours so you may end up with 5 hours or less for the week. Not a reliable source of income.


Socializing with coworkers and Supervisors in the chat. Being able to pick own hours


Too many workers, no hours to choose for the week. So no work for a whole week
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Low pay and lack of training

The call line is quick busy and you answered call for organizations you have no understanding of such as rent to own and credit specialities. Customers call complain about being overcharged and if there are any rent to own homes in there areas..
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If you don't mind sitting...

What I truly disliked about working here was having to push extra products on the elderly customers, THEN to try and sign them up for something extra after making the sale. It's an easy job, but you only get paid for talk time. If no calls come in, you're not getting paid.
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Productive and flexible

Working at NexRep has been a blessing. Great environment, flexibility, and opportunity for advancement. I love being able to work from home and still help provide for my family.
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Don't waste your time

They lied about the pay. There are never commits available. They told us we would be paid $5 per hour plus commission and I worked 15 hours and only got $1.57. There were barely any calls when I was able to take calls. I spent a whole week (8 hours) per day unpaid and I have been out of certification for two weeks and have not worked since because they have two groups. The first group gets to choose their commits first and the second group gets nothing because the first group get them all. I think they are a scam and they need to be ashamed of themselves. If you are reading this please consider other work at home companies. I have worked for several other companies and they are so much better.




They lie to you just to get you to sit through those long classes unpaid
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Accelerated and fun!

Training is thorough and fast so you earn fairly quickly. Clients are well known and the support team and trainers are fantastic! Very fun environment and a plus is making your own schedule!
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Flexible and Low Stress workplace

I have been working for the SNHU campaign with NexRep for 2 years and it has been a joyful experience! I pick my own hours and handle low stress calls where I transfer students to admission counselors.
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It is a blessing to have employment especially a work from home opportunity. The company is pretty standard with multiple opportunities from a number of companies.


A pay check.


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You will not get paid

This is a hustle. I barely get enough hours per week to make enough. I’m struggling as it is but they don’t pay enough and it’s not guaranteed payment. In order to get paid you must take a call. It’s a rip off seriously.
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Everything was great. You can make your own hours. But the pay is not good. Management was nice. But this was a few years ago when I worked for them.
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