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Good place to work, but management doesn't see you as a person really.

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Old Dominion Freight Lines is a good place to work. The other employees are great to work with as well. I will say that the environment is stressful due to the fast-paced culture. The drawback of the company is that management doesn't care about the employee, per se, but rather about the numbers and results they produce.
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Great driving job for those who want a work/life balance.

Great job culture and the company really values drivers. Average 8 or 9 hours a day with no forced weekends. Great benefits, good equipment and great coworkers.


Your birthday is a paid holiday, they don't give you more work than you can reasonably handle and the management is awesome here


If your a workaholic, you will have to settle for a 45 hour a week average. Not really a con though.
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Fast pace hard work

Old Dominion freight it's like any other freight company just fast Pace work hard be safe pretty good supervisors pretty good locations fun sometimes they feed you it's awesome
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Only the 6 am starts count at Peru Illinois

I do t know if all the terminal are like this but LSI (Peru) is. You are told lies from day one and when you ask yo pin down a answer you get the run around. Worked there 13 months, had to push to get the annual cost of living raise the company gives in September, then when my anniversary came around asked my Terminal Manager how much my raise would be got the runaround 2 weeks after my anniversary still no raise. Finally pushed my T.M. And he told me I got the annual last September so I didn’t get a anniversary raise. I guess you never get to scale (Top pay ) if you go to work at Peru terminal get everything in writing!!!!!!!
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Worked dock on 2nd shift

Was fired after being set up by management. Terrible place to work. They micro manage you make fun of you at meetings. Worse job I’ve ever had. Watch out for management they are all either family or friends. Don’t trust them, terrible people.
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Fast paced outside work

Fast paced loading and unloading on cross dock. Competitive pay but working outside. Not for everyone. Unloading some materials by hand was the hardest part of the job.
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Best place I’ve ever worked

In the Midwest it was awesome, consistent runs, and great pay. The benefits are awesome as well. Co workers all worked well together. In the Texas area it’s a different story, wouldn’t recommend working there in Texas, specifically Houston.
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Great money

Great money, only nightshift till the dayshift retires, and it’s a buddy buddy system you make one guy mad you have a bunch of guys making ya day more difficult


Food vendors sometimes come there but u have to pay. Good money


Terrible management that’s all friends outside of work. Be a buddy or they out to get you
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Great place to work for

Really great family oriented place to work at. Days passed by pretty quick and the work was relatively easy. Would recommend this company to any driver 100%
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Best company I've ever worked for

Best of the best. Love that my termial management and stuff is humble and a friendly. Old dominion understands family and health takes priority over frieght. Dispatchers are nice ive havent had one rude one yet now that alone is Har to come by now days. I've worked at companies were dispatches would be so rude and disrespectful for no reasoning. Havent had no issue and I don't think we will. If u get a chance take the opportunity I dont think you would be disappointed. I run linehaul so thats all I can speak on.I plan to make this my career.
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Upper management wants too much and does not give you the correct and proper tools to do the job they want of you. They continuously try to find new things to fix that don’t need fixed but to make the job more difficult and then bring more negatives to your attention than the positives. They introduce everyone in that the company is a family but they don’t truly show that. They focus only numbers but pick on certain individuals when they begin to under perform then punish them and then drops their drive to want to keep trying. I’ve been apart of the company for a year and in this year I’ve seen more people go out the door I believe than actually seen stay.
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Horrible communication/you never know what your day will look like.

I was a P&D COMBO driver. Do NOT take a position as a combo driver. I was training dock (5 days) and on day 2 I was yelled at for not coming in at 1030 when the dock supervisor said come in at 8. Then on day 3 when I’m not even fully trained I was thrown on linehaul working until 1am. Would be good if you had a solid route/consistency. But there’s zero consistency OR communication at this company.
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Long days with no recognition

The workload is demanding and there's not a work/life balance. Very little PTO is offered. This is an organization about who you are friends with, and you cannot share your input or ideas. They have their own policies, and you will be told to drink the kool-aid. Everyone is friendly and trying to get the loads out.
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Over all happy

The over time was not explained that it doesn’t start until 50 hrs which caused me a high pay cut from the job I left .Not happy about three weeks into the job finding this out!! Still waiting on day shift to become open.Over all I like the job itself and I feel like I’m good fit!! Nice clean orderly environmental friendly shop! It’s close to home for me within a mile so that helps.
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OD is one big extended family

I would have retired with OD if it was not for a medical condition. The management was great and they treated you like a person instead of another number.
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Good co-workers

Manager has his own crew or favoritism and doesn’t let anyone to give ideas or opinions to make OD better. He makes fun of employees in meetings and if he finds out that you called corp he’ll fire you like he did to me 😔
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Good money when you are working

Just hard to get work now for the last couple of weeks of work it's a good job and nice ppl there just no work wright now and I got a family to feed.
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Love this company

Old dominion hands down best company and pay and benefit its top pay love to stay with this company until I retired but sadly the state I'm moving there no open position but would definitely comeback in the future.
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Fast paced, easy but long work

The dock worker job is fairly easy, but not too easy. The work is very fast paced and depending on what shift you work, you will work either 8 hours that day or almost 14 hours that day. it can be very tiring some days, management tries to be involved with the manual labor so there isn’t a disconnect.
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Good job, good pay, good benefits

This is the easiest driving job I've had. Running doubles point to point, home everyday. Hardest part is adjusting to the work schedule. If you don't have any issue with shift work, than you'll excel here. Management stays off your case as long as you do your job.
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Could be better

Not the worst place to work, work it self is laid back but the schedule is terrible. Management is never on the same page. Pay is good and the people i worked with there were awesome.
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