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Buena empresa, el ambiente de de trabajo es agradable y mucho trabajo en cuanto te puede tocar trabajar para clientes en distintos paises a la vez.


Seguro Medico y Bono Anual


Tus aumentos dependen de la paritaria del sindicato de comercio.
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Great company

Great company but really hard to get their vision and direction with all of the company initiatives. However, the people were great and I would love to work there again.
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Productive and competitive workplace

Great perks and internal team building activities. Cross-functional communication can be better but overall there’s support in any direction. Commission is generous.
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excelente lugar de trabajo

gane un proyecto y la comisión fue más de la esperada 100 por ciento recomendable , y me dieron todas las herramientas que ocupé para llegar con un programa perfecto
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No increment & bonus

No progression, increment & bonus. Good working culture, environment. Good benefits. Flexibility for working. Can work from work. Too many manual work.
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Supportive Workplace and Intern Program

I had a great summer interning at Oracle. The intern program is extremely well run and receptive to your thoughts as an intern. My intern project was interesting, but this is dependent on your team placement.
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Productive and fun

The best part of working at Oracle was my coworkers. The hardest part was not the change but constant restructuring that cost me experience and eventually led to being laid off. I was one of many
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Great place to start a sales career

Lots of politics at a large company, but great place to start your career. Pretty good experiences with management. A con is that there is a lot of change often- re-organizations, team/manager changes, territory, etc.
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Excellent Coworkers

My coworkers were the best..always willing to lend a hand and provide advice and guidance. Quarterly training was a nice perk and learning the workflows of individual clients was very interesting.
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Good company with great WLB

Good company with great WLB.There are no Annual hikes. Once in a Blue moon u can think of salary hike.Senior engineers get higher salary than principal engineer.
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Tedious environment but worth working throthe challenges

What is the best part of working at the company?Good pay and a diverse environment What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Agile nightmares. Planning and confluence page accuracy sufferWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Nothing worth reporting - just the usual soulless rahrah.What is a typical day like for you at the company? Gather info frantically from places with no rhyme or reason ( little structure or logic), stress over build tool operation and license agreements. Freak out when vpn denies access.
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Good place to work

Allows you to properly maintain work life balance. I have gained great expertise on various development tools by working at oracle. Great team work
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Great company if you don’t get chosen for the layoffs.

Company merged with Cerner and the environment was very uneasy and didn’t seem promising. It was threatening of not having a job each day. Made it very difficult to focus on work because of the stress of worrying if there were going to be layoffs and eventually it happened. I was laid off the 1st few weeks after going through a highly stressful training.


Great benefits and pay Travel and great staff


Job certainly wasn’t secured. They seemed like the company was overwhelmed.
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Good place to work

Good benefits, good company culture. Hard to move up in some areas of the company. Management also depends what part of the company you work in. Overall good place to work.
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Good place to start

Good company to start at early in career. Love coworkers. Good benefits including health insurance and 401K. Good compensation for time I spent there.
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Siloed no opportunity for growth

Could just be specific to my team but that was my experience. I was entry level and didn’t see any opportunity to move up and no yearly raises which is tough considering inflation.
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okay place

it was cool to work in Oracle, I wasn't really into data bases and that kind of stuff, so I personally struggled to feel engaged, but the environment was cool and thejob ok although it was a junior role
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Cerner Acquisition

Since Oracle acquired Cerner the only good that has come is the benefits. The benefits are top notch. The Cerner leadership is terrible and no opportunities for growth as a federal learning specialist.
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Great if you have a good customer base / bad if you don’t

You should ask WHO your customers will be and what Oracle INSTALL BASE you will have. Don’t take this job unless you know this info. If you have a territory that is all prospects you won’t make any money
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Overall good if you need work life balance

typical day at work: work on production issues, Enhancements, or on sprint stories.Management: Is pretty cool, but escalation need to be attended quickly.
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Too Hierarichical

Good organization for work life balance however its always top down. You cannot put your views or share any feedback. All feedback is just eye-wash. And you only do what your managers ask you to do.
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