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Ambiente pésimo por parte de multiunidades y algunos gerentes

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A veces la gente se vende por unos centavos, y no hacen las cosas bien, defienden más a la gente que roba y hace mal las cosas, que tratar de salvar a gente honrada y honesta y son a los primeros que corren, la multiunidades (es mujer) y no tiene ética en su trabajo, corre gente que no le cae bien, y tiene en la empresa gente que roba y como ella es cómplice no dice nada de esa gente, solo esperemos que no lleve a la quiebra a la empresa por su mala gestión, de ahí en fuera la empresa es excelente, pero la gente es la que hace ver mal la empresa


Tiene buenas prestaciones y horarios muy flexibles, si quieres experiencia el trabajo es muy noble


La multiunidades es la peor que han tenido a cargo, no tiene ética y cubre muchas cosas
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Terrible Management

Manager never once cared about how you work for just a day. 13 hours and I leave to go home at 1am. No overtime, bad teammates and associates. Never again
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Good for the people we meet along the way

Met some pretty great people to work with but maybe that was more of a trauma bonding experience. I love the people I work with hate the management as its more of how much butt you can kiss rather than the work you put in. Even if you want to put in more work they will give you impossible standards.
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Good Experience

Amazing coworkers and managers. They worked as a team. At times communication was off but were able to handle it. Wished there was a bit more training and tips to please the higher ups.
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Strict but Insightful

Worked hear for close to under a year and was my first job that I ever had. It was very insightful for me as a then 18 year old on how life worked. Manager taught me life lessons and social cues that weren't obvious to me. Otherwise typica fast food work place with strict standards.
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fast paced work environment

Fast paced, short lunches, long hours. they expect a lot from staff people were fun to work with and worked well with being in school. Good for a fast food job
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Nice workplace but toxic management

I enjoyed the job however dealing with upper management was overwhelming. They held ridiculous standards they didn’t even meet, and wouldn’t mind publicly humiliating others.
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Okay pay, above and beyond responsibilities

You are getting an average pay in florida, but co-workers often don't show up, so you're expected to do the job of 2 people. You get pressured into doing extra hours, and working above your pay rate. Stress from management and customers, putting you between a rock and a hard place. Manager forces rules you have to follow, but won't enforce those rules to the customers, making you look like the bad guy.
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Nice environment just all the time busy

It’s a great place to work and make a career, just the store I have been working it’s all the time busy, no time to rest. Overall good work for student or someone who want to get in the food and beverage industry.
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Great Bosses but some coworkers were terrible

i loved working there even its a fast paced job,always have to move but i love it.But some co workers there were acting like a boss! One lady there that was working almost a decade ago didnt know how to train new ones,She’s always shouting and criticizing others.Terrible
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Great workplace

It’s amazing to work here and the people are very welcoming, you also get paid very well and learn some very valuable life lessons and make lifelong friends.
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Company has horrible management structure.

Working internally. Panda Express has horrible management structure. No advancement opportunities! And it’s impossible to get an answer on a dire emergency. Not family oriented like they said! And not a healthy environment! I was a shift leader constantly coming in when the general manager decided to call out 3-4 times a week!


Free meal


Poor management, poor environment
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Good money, but worked A LOT… Management was toxic which lead me to leaving but I did enjoy my job for a little bit, only thing that was worth is was the pay
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strict af

no nail polish, no fly aways, no peircings etc just very on top of appearance to a point where i was genuinely didnt understand. also many very tedious tasks you have to do constantly on top of the fact the drive thru and lobby are constantly slammed with customers
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Ok place to work

Not to bad not to great. lots of things could be better. pay is good for the work you do. you cant accept tips most of the time. customers can be annoying.
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Good for first time job experience

Great place to start for a first-time job. this location was considered a training store when I was there, but that was pre-COVID so not sure if that has changed.
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Good pay but rocky management.

Overall I enjoyed working here, especially when I first started. But as you go on you start to see the flaws of management. A lot of managers only care about money which can effect how the store runs. I really loved my manager at my first location, and I was so glad I didn't have a manager like all the other horror stories I've heard. Now I'm at a different location and I have a cheap and rude manager. He even went as far as not turning on the AC, until 4 of my coworkers fainted.
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Place is good just a log work

Is a good place for work but a the coworkers is good It's usually always full so you have to learn to work on pricingbut the pay is good and so is the food
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Short staffed

Horrible place to work. Short staffed, no organization and a complete mess with outside orders. Absolutely would not recommend this job to anyone. Look elsewhere.
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Decent pay decent hours

Management is terrible worth ethics from coworkers not good picking up slack all the day fluctuates... Best part of the day is free food worst part of the day is bad-mouth customers
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good pay but no work life balance

compensation and benefits are good,Management can be very micromanaging and toxicthere is no work/life balance, if you're a workaholic you'll fit here it's a secure job and the environment really depends on the store manager


potential good bonus


no work life balance
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