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Acerca de Repsol

Repsol is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies with activity in 37 countries and more than 25,000 employees worldwide. We provide opportunities to work on challenging and rewarding projects around the world in exploration, production, refining, chemicals, marketing and new energy. With a strong focus on innovation and technology, Repsol – 
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Safety First

Committed to Safety We seek to foster a culture of excellence in safety in all areas of our business, with an emphasis on prevention to bring us closer to our ultimate goal of zero accidents. We operate with the conviction that safety is fundamental and non-negotiable, and it must guide all of our actions and commitments. Our commitment to safety begins at the top with our management team. Our leaders consider safety the first priority in all decision making processes. The safety culture at Repsol is built on the following expectations and actions: - Leadership and culture: The Corporate Executive Committee leads health, safety, and environmental protection programs and treats them as a top priority in decision making. - Safety and environment criteria throughout the full lifecycle of all our activities: We ensure that risks are managed proactively throughout the lifecycle of our activities in order to prevent harm to people and assets and to minimize our impact on the environment. - Integrated management: We integrate health, safety and the environment into business management. - Continuous improvement: We establish improvement targets and evaluate performance on a regular basis, applying the corrections needed to achieve the objectives set and defining the verification, auditing and control processes to guarantee them. - Communications and relations with society: We build and maintain communication channels with stakeholders and work alongside local communities in order to integrate their knowledge and inform them about our activities in a reliable and transparent way. We believe every individual plays a key role in ensuring a safe working environment, which is why we focus heavily on providing the proper training for all employees and contractors. We also regularly conduct risk assessments to identify areas for improvement before an accident can occur. Learn more about our commitment to safety here.


Invent the Future At Repsol, innovation is the key element in our strategy to build a more efficient, secure and sustainable energy model. Repsol employees are on the front lines developing cutting-edge technologies to help achieve a more sustainable energy future. We employ technological innovation in all of our processes throughout the company, to find better solutions to the challenges we face. We are actively engaged in research and development of new energy sources to reduce emissions and increase energy access, including bioenergy, renewable energy, sustainable mobility, energy storage and efficiency. Repsol Technology Center Repsol is an industry leader in the development of new technology for the energy sector. We opened our first research center in 1944. Today there are more than 200 STEM researchers at the Repsol Technology Center in Spain with a variety of specializations and a mission for the future: to find new ways to produce energy more sustainably and transform it more efficiently. We work in collaboration with the best partners, universities, and research centers throughout the world. Our Repsol Technology Center houses laboratories focusing on research lines involving biology, geology, engines, asphalts, fuels, among others. It also features two small-scale models of our refineries as laboratories.


Sustainable Energy Sustainability is an essential part of our forward-looking vision and the shared commitment undertaken by every one of us at Repsol. We take great pride in our role of helping supply the world’s energy – an essential building block of progress. At the same time, we put great emphasis on managing the planet’s energy resources in a sustainable manner, so as to maximize the positive impacts of our activities and prevent, mitigate or minimize any potential negative impacts. Our commitment to sustainability is based on six core elements: - Innovation and technology: We encourage innovation and incorporate technological advances to improve and develop ourselves and our environment. - Ethics and transparency: We perform our activities ethically and responsibly, reporting on everything we do in an honest, clear, and verifiable way. - Safe operations: We guarantee the safety of our employees, contractors, partners and the local community. - Resource and impact management: We consume only the resources needed to generate the most efficient power with the least possible impact. - Fighting climate change: We want to be part of the solution to climate change. - People: We are committed to people and driving their advancement while developing their social context.

Repsol Culture

At Repsol, we have a vibrant and forward-looking culture that supports our mission to build a more sustainable energy future. Our culture drives our decision-making processes and our way of doing things, with an emphasis on creating value for our stakeholders and society. Within our culture, we have guiding principles that define how we work: - Efficiency – we make the most of our resources and time, as well as being more agile and flexible in how we work, to achieve the best results. - Respect – we promote an inclusive and trusting work environment and are aware of the impact our actions and decisions have for society and the planet. - Anticipation – we anticipate risks and opportunities and respond in a timely manner, using our knowledge and experience to achieve our objectives. - Value creation – we identify what is most important and differentiate from our daily work in order to achieve the best results and add the most value from our activity.

What We Offer

Winning Experience Repsol is strongly committed to the success of all our employees. We believe the creativity, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit of our employees are what enable Repsol to achieve positive results in a sustainable and efficient manner. We provide challenging assignments, access to the most advanced technologies, continuous training programs and career growth opportunities – all balanced with a healthy respect for employees’ personal lives. Our projects will require hard work, and you will take pride in them. We work in a multicultural, diverse and inclusive environment, which enriches us by contributing different perspectives. We work in an agile and cooperative manner, always aiming for efficiency and the creation of value.