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fun workplace

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During a challenging period of limited opportunities, they excelled by having numerous partners who could provide valuable connections. However, the downside lies in the contract, which is the major drawback.
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you learn a lot

the best part of revature was definitely the batch mates and the trainer. you will learn a lot and the projects are really fast-paced. I would recommend learning as much as you can about what you are going to learn. I would say avoid revature if you can. it was a lot of work but it didn't pay off. only one person in my batch got an actual job with Revature and everyone else was laid off. half of us never got one interview and being on the bench was a huge waste of time. do not do it unless you are desperate.
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Not at all a good company, please don't spoil your career joining them they are useless

What is the best part of working at the company?worst company ever,, never join them they give training for three months and promise to place you in a company herdly 3-4 gets selected to their client company they gets paid for those student and the rest student are asked to go home, they don't care about others students, never join them join some 3-4 lpa company but never Revature. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Useless company, never join themWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?third class, too much of useless pressure they will give you
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Fairly decent

Bootcamp style atmosphere. Project based and after 3 months you interview with clients for a slightly better wage. This shouls only be your choice if youre desperate to get into tech and don;t mind being broke initially.
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Productive, but can be stressful work. Depending on the client

It started off fun and engaging, and I was learning a lot through the training they provided at the beginning. But once I got with the client, things got very unorganized and I was left to figure things out on my own. Work became stressful and the team hardly communicated.
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Training is good, but could be better.

The training was good overall because Revature provides a solid base for what we need to know in order to land a client, but it is organized poorly in my opinion.
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Great way to get your foot in the door!

Wonderful place to work. I learned so much and met some really good people. I will be lifelong friends with a lot of them. Revature taught me so much.
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Nice place

I like it because it helps me to improve my confident and I end up to be kicked out from the program. It’s a very rigorous program, l learnt C# and SQL
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A great place to work that gives opportunity to Entry Level devs

Regardless of what might be said about Revature, it remains one of the companies out there that is willing to give an opportunity to folks who might not have any to gain technical knowledge and interview with top notch clients/companies. Yes you get paid minimum wage during training, but that is public knowledge. It really is a place that you have to see if it's a good fit or not for you.
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it's a gamble

the training they provide is decent, but very hard. If you go into this with little knowledge of coding, you are going to struggle and possibly get kicked or dropped. About half of our class was dropped. After completing the course, you may or may not end up working with a client. For me and others, it was about luck. We all had interviews with the same client. The first two who had their interview were selected, all other interviews were cancelled.
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More of a training camp

10am to 6pm on minimum wage, the industry isn't great so you most likely won't get a long term job. It isn't useless but don't rely on the idea of getting a job. Focus on adding things to your GitHub/personal profile so you can get a job when they let you go after training.
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Crushed dreams

Revature starts you at minimum wage based on your location, and trains you in what they call a "tech stack". Training is fine and kind of fun, but you can't slack through it. If your first project won't run, you're out. You'll go through what they call QC every week, where you will be grilled. You will be tested on things not discussed in training, so you have to study. If you bomb to many QCs you're out.After training is what they call Staging. Where you are waiting for an interview. Even in Staging the training doesn't stop, though now the training is in client on interviews. If they can't get you an interview within two weeks of completing training they let you go. Its the most crushing thing I've ever experienced. After making it through training and QC, " oh we can't find a client for you, so we are letting you go" without any further explanation.
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Good company as the last option to get into IT

Job posts state many locations onsite across the US, however, the training os conducted remotely. Read carefully your contract. They give you a 5-day contract opt-out without obligations in case the training does not meet your obligations. For those without programming fundametals, the training may be overwhelming, and they will break the contract early due insufficient performance. Overall, their concept is not bad but could be improved.
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A way to get your foot in the door but definitely not the best choice for everybody

This company is a way to get your foot in the door if you're out of options. Diverse environment and a good idea in theory. The execution could be improved. They offer you the chance to connect with clients and that can happen if you work really hard but it's not exactly a stable option; especially now.
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Last option available to you

Training and the instructors were solid and that's just about where it ends sadly apart from a few other good staff from working with there. You train and sit on the bench waiting for a client at minimum wage, once getting a client you are then docked a quarter of your pay for the first year "to pay back the instructor" for 3 months of training. WILL NOT RETRAIN if they are unable to find you a client or another one after being released from. I and a few others in my batch raised this exact concern from the start and was assured that this would never happen but exactly this did happen to a few of us in our own batch where they would rather just lay off.Communication is lacking between staff and often times your emails to them will be ignored. Clients can drag their feet on interviewing and accepting your contract for over a month+, so you're essentially stuck in limbo until such time. Clients can also require you to move to the state then just as quickly release you from them meaning you're now stuck in a new state.


training, health care


lack of communication, job security
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Not bad

Revature has really great trainers, but I noticed that a majority of people already had CS degrees. I, unfortunately, was at a huge disadvantage because I needed a pre-training program to help me and I wasn't placed in it. They also don't tell you your tech stack, so it is hard to prepare for it. They use a lot of Java. Being a beginner coder, it was hard for me to grasp. It is nice because they do pay you minimum wage, but if you begin falling behind, you will be screwed.
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Ruins its workers’ lives

Garbage company. The skills I learned there were mostly useless. Gave up my 50k job to work minimum wage for 6 months. Their hiring stats are 100% bogus sales pitch. More like 10 % selected, 90 % let go. Revature like all Indian IT companies will put its American workers into poverty. Even if you’re hired and relocated, the pay bump won’t cover rent. Don’t gamble your future away with this company b/c you’ll probably be let go in 6 moths. Complete suckage.


Paid training


Post training activities, poverty pay, silly interview practice
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Remote and pays while training essentially

Revature has a lot of positives and some negatives. First, it allows you to work remotely for about 3 months while being payed about $15/hr., afterwards it's dependent on where you get selected to work for. It also teaches you quite a bit. The negative is you dont choose what programming language you learn and you are locked in to relocate for potentially 2 years (if you leave you have to pay a large fee, though it's only really incurred if you actively decide to leave without a good reason because they'll assume you got payed to train by them just to work for another company). Overall it's a reasonably good company.
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Question your hiring rep

I'll admit the company did help me finally get into the IT industry, which I was not having a lot of luck on my own. They train you and put you to work with one of their partners on a two year contract. However, regardless of what technology stack you applied for they'll train you on what they consider is most relevant at the time for them. I applied to learn to program in Java but ended up being taught the Salesforce platform. The worst part is that you're only told what you'll be learning after you're fully in, which means that your only option if you don't like the tech stack would be to quit and be jobless.Also it's hard to rate Revature as a workplace because even though they sign my checks they're not the company I'm actually working for. So this review is mainly to warn folks of how they may not get out of if what they thought. Make sure to question your hiring rep to have a full idea of what you'll be learning.
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It's a great place to start if your trying to get into Software Engineering

It's a straight forward deal. They give you the training and a sub-contract opportunity. That's all there is to it. The only hard part is that the training is pretty brutal if you have never done programming before but it can be done if you take it seriously and try hard, I'm sure it will change your life for the better.


Great starter for your new career


I don't like suits but thats just me and it's understandable. The other is the work can be hard, even for a seasoned engineer.
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It was good to start your tech career. Training is a bit fast and not grasping if you have no backgrounds at all. But if you keep learning you can take out what you want
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