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Recibimos casos interesantes y retadores, desarrollo mi práctica profesional con énfasis en arbitraje doméstico para dispuestas en infraestructura, construcción, seguros y energía. Asesoro también a múltiples clientes nacionales en procesos administrativos sancionatorios, procesos de responsabilidad fiscal y seguimiento a la ejecución contractual de contratos de infraestructura y concesión.
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Managent is terrible, cant keep anyone

The management is all at 1 year of employment or less. The pay is sub par to the current market. There is no appreciation at all and it's basically a high school drama fest steer clear from this place if you have other options.
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Delivery driver

Overall easy job! Takes a little while to get assigned a consistent route. They guarantee 44 hour minimum. If your looking for easy work this is the place.
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Ok job if you wanna be local

I was hired for a specific account and never got to run it always something different everyday. Low pay and no room for growth. No night dispatch so basically your own boss if you work nights
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Lots of hours

Teamsters. Lots of hours normal pension and benefits. Low hourly wage. I like the job but not having to work most weekends and holidays for 19.99 an hour overtime but no double pay.
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Stepping stone employment opportunity

If you have no other options available to you at the moment a quick job running local in SoCal. State your needs from the beginning and MAYBE you'll be ok. Day shift dispatchers are completely different from the night shift operations.
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Management has no clue

Former employee who is just being honest they have dedicated accounts that place orders sometimes. So on those days with no work they either start you super early or send you far away. Not worth that little pay with overtime after 40hrs.
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Dead end Job

This place has horrible management they claim room for advancement yeah after waiting years for someone to retire even then you still need certifications can't get raises or make more than the person above you false promises.
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Good depending on who you work for

I had a wonderful first three years here but it quickly went downhill when I came to my managers for help. They held it against me and fired me, even though I had come to them. I was never written up or disciplined prior to my termination and was given no severance pay.
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Ok place , will move when better comes along

My wage 1250.00 weekly, as new hires are starting at 1350.00 weekly so if I quit and reapply will I get the 1350.00 . Is it worth it to find out , times get hard , you will work hard and long days as close to your 14 hours as they can get
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Lots of Hours

Start my day around 8 am and finished at 8 pm most days the job its pretty easy only driving and no touch freight equipment is very good nice trucks and trailers always taken care by technicians


Easy Job


Long Hours
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Decent pay.

Sh*tshow micro-management. Equipment is junk, mechanics suck, profits over safety. You want to get thrown under the bus? This is your spot! Never enough at this place, just more & more & more. Go work somewhere else!
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Ask a lot of questions, even the ones you don’t know to ask

Job pays $5200 less than advertised (87k vs 82k) My scheduled days off were changed within first 100 days. Now, no weekend days off at all. When a company that fancies themselves to be an industry leader tells you something, you expect them to hold up their end of the bargain. Thus far, they have not. You certainly expect them not to lie. I still work there. Things could get better. I’ll give them a little while longer. But not much longer. The ball is in their court. And my patience is wearing thin.


Decent pay, bennies, equipment. Just decent.


Will tell you anything to get you in the door. out.
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Have to work every weekend. I understand the nature of the job, but we could rotate weekends so drivers can have time with family. Have 4yrs experience but started me like someone with 6mo


No touch freight. Guarantee is low, but paid weekly


Working every weekend
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Safe and productive shop to work at.

Safe and productive shop to work at.on the job training was good .Great manager to work for and will always have your back!!Company has been in business for over 100 years
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Nothing else who do I want you cuz I'm not sure

Bad work day.. I learned nothing the management was not the right people for the position the workplace culture was not a good thing everybody was always antisocial the hardest part of this job is just doing it there was no enjoyable part about this job

Pros say not good


nothing else to say no not good
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Not a bad place

Good work environment. Sometimes very fast paced other times a bit slow. Nothing overly complicated, if you know how to drive a forklift and do it safely with no accidents. Management is very good. My only complaints is lack of raises and time off.
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It’s better than most.

The people are generally decent overall. Top to bottom. Always work. Lots of long hours. Equipment kept in good working safe order. Pay is not as good compared to other places, but competitive, and close. The work environment makes up for some of that.
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A good opportunity as a class b driver

When I was hired in I had my class A but didn't have the over the experience to drive a tractor trailer,But I was told that I would be trained on the job and moved up eventually,that never happened,then I was told I would have to go to Mexico for six weeks to be trained,then the management changed and the company went straight down hill
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Decent company to work for.

Driver facing cameras are a no go for me. Other than that, they are a good place to work. Management listens for the most part. Look after their employees.


Newer equipment


Driver facing camera
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Productive workspace

Great company, good leaders, support the community , excellent offices, comfortable, growing business, support to achieve goals, encouraging employees to succeed
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